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NeilFest RustFest I (Raleigh, Nov. 12, 1993)
Celebrating Neil Young's 48th Birthday

Your Hosts - John and Linda Meckley

Pic of John & Linda Meckley

The Pre-Fest (short) Notice

John posted to The Rust List...
Some of the Raleigh NC area Rusters are getting together tonight at my house to celebrated Neil's birthday. There will be live music (are better), a cake, at least one birthday balloon, and other Neil related stuff.

This could end up being an annual event. I'll post a report of the festivities (is this a Neilfest?) next week.

Happy Birthday Neil!!


The Fest Report

First, here's the attendee list:

  1. Steve House
  2. Steve's friend Preston
  3. Steve's friend Laurie
  4. Chip Roberson
  5. Chip's friend Julie
  6. Chip's friend Mark
  7. Steve Vetter
  8. Jay Smith
  9. Jay's friend Rich
  10. Bill Cortright
  11. Linda Meckley
  12. John Meckley

Well the First Annual Neilfest was held last Friday and it was quite a success. It was a pleasure to meet Steve House (and friends Preston and Laurie) and Steve Vetter. Also attending were Chip Roberson (and his friends Julie and Mark) Jay Smith (and his friend Rich), Bill Cortright and of course my lovely wife Linda.

Here's what happened: Jay, Linda and I played dominoes while listening to Freedom, drinking Canadian beer, and wondering if anyone would show up. Then Steve Vetter arrived with his acoustic guitar and the framed Raleigh setlist and framed guitar pick from the same show. Steve House arrived just after that with the cake, a couple of friends, an acoustic guitar, a black Les Paul, and a tape of the Raleigh show. So we listened to the Raleigh show, a few more folks arrived, drank more Canadian beer, browsed through some of my Neil vinyl collection, and decided to tune-up the instruments.

What a great jam/singalong! We played and sang Neil songs the rest of the evening. If my memory is correct we started with Down By The River and ended about 3 hours later with Are You Ready For The Country. We weren't the best band who ever covered a Neil tune, but 4 guitars, one piano, and 12 strong voices can sound pretty good.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. It was a fine tribute to a fine man -- Neil Young. See you next year.


The Photos

These photos are provided by John Meckley. The size of each is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> Jam time: John Meckley, somebody??, & Steve Vetter. (27K)

 --> Blowin' out the candles: Jay Smith, Julie ???, Linda Meckley, Steve Vetter, Steve House, Bill Cortright, Chip Roberson. (32K)

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