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NeilFest RustFest II (Raleigh, Nov. 12, 1994)
Celebrating Neil Young's 49th Birthday

Your Hosts - John and Linda Meckley

Pic of John & Linda Meckley

The Pre-Fest Notice

John posted to The Rust List...

In addition to the posts on the Rust List, I've received several private emails expressing interest in attending another Neil B'day celebration, Neilfest, rust@death reunion, or what ever you want to call it, so it looks like we're on again for this year.

Last year we had a good turnout of local rusters. This year I'm hoping to see some out-of-state rusters. Folks coming from out of the state may want to stay over Saturday night. That can be arranged. I can host some number of people and perhaps some of the other local rusters can as well.

Again: I'm hosting the Second Annual Neilfest on Saturday November 12, 1994. All rusters are welcome. Please send me email if you are interested in attending, want more information, or have a suggestion. I'll periodically post status information.

--John Meckley

More Details:
Neilfest II will take place Saturday November 12, 1994 in Raleigh NC at the home of John Meckley (that's me). Neilfest is mainly a social occasion -- meeting fellow Rusters that are just an email address for most of the year. We will most definitely hold a Saturday Night birthday party (49th) and jam session -- bring your instruments. We may listen and/or view selected audio and video.

The Fest Report

Another Neilfest has come and gone. Thanks to all who attended:

  1. 'Thrasher'
  2. Mark Johnson
  3. Mark Wilding
  4. Steve House
  5. David Akers
  6. Chip Roberson
  7. Karly Sheerin
  8. Walt Davis
  9. Susan Van Arman
  10. Jody Page
  11. Erich Schreiber
  12. Mark Stefaniw
  13. Jay Smith
  14. Linda Meckley
  15. John Meckley
I was excepting to see more folks from Rust however it seemed to be one of those weekends where people had other commitments. But hey, there's always next year.

What made this years Neilfest was that fact that Thrasher and Mark Johnson cruised down from Washington DC and Baltimore MD. Thrasher brought along a lifesize poster of Neil from the '87 European tour which we hung at one end of the room. Thrasher also brought along some of his extensive video collection and the RocknRoll Cowboy CDs.

In between jam sessions we watched video of the '93 Raleigh Show, some BS stuff, two interviews with MTV's Kurt Loder on the This Note's For You video, the BlueNotes at Cleveland (Ain't it the Truth), and much more. Thrasher has some really great stuff.

Mark Wilding brought a CD that has Aurora by the Squires. That was a treat as most of us had never heard it before. It really is surf music!

Once again we had a great jam session featuring

  • Mark Stefaniw on acoustic upright bass, mandolin, guitar and vocals
  • Mark Wilding on acoustic guitar, acoustic and electric bass, and vocals (an especially good job on Don't Cry No Tears)
  • Steve House on Electric guitar and vocals
  • Erich Schreiber on electric ( thanks for taking those solos ) and acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Jody on electric guitar and vocals -- great job on Ohio and Rockin' in the Free World, and a very tasteful solo on Comes A Time
  • Walt on Acoustic guitar
  • John Meckley on Acoustic guitar, piano and vocals -- the official Jam Master
We started out with Too Far Gone and ended with Long Time Gone (for David Crosby) and along the way did:
  • Down by the River
  • Don't Cry No Tears
  • Sugar Mountain
  • Are You Ready For the Country
  • Heart of Gold
  • Harvest
  • Southern Man (in A minor)
  • Rockin in the Free World
  • I am a Child
  • Roll Another Number
  • Losin End
  • Comes a Time
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Needle and the Damage Done
  • Powderfinger
  • Ohio
  • Only Love Can break Your Heart
  • Out on the Weekend
Thanks to Steve House for once again bring the birthday cake -- 49 candles produce a lot of smoke!

And a very special thanks to my wife Linda for helping out in the preparation for and hosting of the party.

A great time was had by all. See you next year!


The Photos

These photos are provided by John Meckley. The size of each is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> 9:55pm - Steve House, Mark Stefeniu, John Meckley, Mark Wilding. (19K)

 --> 10:12pm - Mark Stefeniu, somebody, Mark Wilding, John Meckley (18K)

 --> 10:32pm - Thrasher adjusts the mic. (12K)

 --> 11:00pm - Steve House, somebody, Mark Stefeniu, John Meckley (29K)

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