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New York RustFest I (Aug. 30, 1995)

Your Host - Pete Culliney

The Pre-Fest Notice

Pete posted to Rust...

Hi gang, I was chatting with our pal bh and she mentioned she was going to be in New York at the end of August. "I'll be there Aug 26 to Sept. 2.", she says. We thought it might be cool if we could perhaps get together with some local rusties. Shakey you playing in the area? LT? anyone else? Send questions, comments, or snide remarks to one or all! Maybe we will SEE some of you soon. Later,


The Attendees

  • Cathy Purple Words Frumerman and...
  • ...Bruce Frumerman
  • Barbara little wing Heinsohn and...
  • ...friend Phyllis
  • Jack Shakey Mullins
  • Les Ordinary Person Tuttle and...
  • ...Marie Tuttle
  • Mike YOUNGster Young
  • Pete Culliney

The Purple Words Fest Report

Hi everybody,

Last night several Rusties, whose previous contact had only been via the Internet, got together at a Manhattan restaurant to talk about life, love, dreams, computer programs, oh, and that guy Neil. On hand were Rusties Barbara (handle: bh) and her non-Neilhead friend Phyllis; Pete (who has such great hair he doesn't need a handle); Mike (no handle); Jack (handle: Shakey); Les (no handle) and his wife, Marie, a semi-Neil person; Bruce (no handle) and his wife, yours truly (now going through handle procedings).

One of the evening's highlights (along with an extended happy hour!) was a private, table-side mini-concert given by Jack, on guitar and harmonica. He played, guess what, Neil songs. And damn well, too. After giving up on any of us joining him all the way through a song, Jack went solo-- playing and singing, complete with unmistakably familiar facial expressions ; -)

I think it's really neat the way a group of people who otherwise would never have met, and who turned out to really enjoy one another's company, got together all for the love of Neil. And in the middle of New York City, a place that's gotten a bum rap for too long. BTW, Barbara and Phyllis get the award for people who traveled the farthest. They came in from Houston, TX.

Thanks, you guys, for being there. And thanks, Neil!

Purple Words (maybe)

Pete's Addendum

This is to follow up on Cathy's earlier report on "Rusties take Manhattan". All is true as she stated except that only bh is from texas -- Phyllis is from Long Island, NY.

Anyway, after we split from the bar, we headed over to my place here in NYC, picked up some more beers at those low, low New York deli prices, hit the apt, drank, smoked, listened to Neil and a little shakey guitar and let the BS flow. I think is was a really great time. It's amazing that people who know nothing of each other except that they all dig Neil can just meet, hang and have a great time. It was really a great experience and anyone else who has an opportunity to do something like this should make am effort to do so. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Pete Culliney
New York, New York

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