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New York RustFest II (Sep. 30, 1995)

Your Host - Jack Shakey Mullins

The YOUNGster Fest Report


In attendence for all or part of the festivities. (In order of appearance):

  1. Mike
  2. Shakey (Jack)
  3. FiL
  4. Ram>Rod
  5. Ordinary Person (Les)
  6. Marie
  7. Pete
  8. Unknown Legend (Kim)
  9. Purple Words (Cathy)
  10. Bruce
Kim gets the long distance award for coming from Toronto with a 9:00 A.M arrival time.

The festivities started early with the pickup of Shakey at 8:30 A.M. We promptly headed for Lincoln Park in New Jersey where Shakey was to perform. Had plenty of time to spare. FiL showed up and was easily recognized by his RUST@DEATH t-shirt. Nice to meet you FiL and thanks for coming. Too bad you had other commitments and couldn't make it to NYC. RAM>ROD aapeared next. He a had a nice Mirror Ball T-shirt on and perhaps we should haved grabbed him sooner. But we weren't sure it was him. Same goes with you Ram>Rod, nice to meet you. Nonetheless it was getting close to show time and no sign of the others.

Well about 15 minutes before Shakey was to go on Les, Marie, and Pete arrived. The intros were quick and Les prommptly headed off to get some marathon practice in but he arrived back in plenty of time to setup the video recorder. Jack went on and played four tunes, 3 originals plus Sugar Mountain. (Not his favorite song but it fit the day) We all exited and Fil wanted to get a photo op. Fair enough. Then we made the plans to head down to NYC minus Fil.

Well, we made it to the bar and Kim was already there waiting for us. We had the place to ourselves and played a bunch of Neil tunes. Cathy soon arrived and we had a pretty decent time. Unfortunately Ram>Rod did not make it down. The jam session didn't happen. That's a shame. Bruce showed up later. I'm not going to get into the particulars. Perhaps someone else can do that.

It's getting late and my eyes are about to close. Once again nice to meet you all again and keep in touch.

. . .Mike

P.S. Barbara, you were missed and were in our thoughts.

Pete's Addendum

I just wanted to drop a line to follow up on Mikes earlier report on the second New York RustFest. It was of course a blast; talk about a great gang of people to hang out with. I mean you have to love a bunch that will walk to the pizza place order up some pies, tell them to deliver it and then split back for the bar. Which is just what we did.

Mike Simpson (thanks for the lead) who is somewhere on the Rust List has a nephew who owns this bar called the Koop down on Cooper square in lower Manhattan. It's a really cool place, Neil on the juke box, great bartender named Trevor good cold beer, etc. But we didn't just sit around and swill; we walked around Greenwich Village checking out the used record shops checked out some cool stuff, bought some cool stuff. It was just a really enjoyable day in the company of some really cool rusties.

It's too bad Ram>Rod didn't make it back to the city. We were all looking forward to getting to know him. Kim was, as Mike said, our long distance guest and definitely a real cool person. The Neil gene was evident. I only noticed in Mikes post that the crowd was the same as the last time except for the long distance guest. So, if anyone is coming by NYC or is looking for vacation ideas come on by the "Capitol of the World" {No flames please} and you know the local rustie contingent will show you a good time. {No, not that good.}

Keeping you informed on the advancement of Rustie Culture. If anyone has any additional insights to add, please do. And we did miss you bh. So long,


Les's Full Report

Hello, Rust Community... Forgive whatever redundancy may exist in this review of NY RustFest II held on 9/30. I've been away, and am now exactly 25 rust-digests behind in my reading, so am unaware of who else may have said what.

Saturday, September 30: Marie and I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and got video and photo equipment together in order to pick up Pete Culliney at our 8:15 AM rendezvous time in Manhattan. A few snags reared their heads, and our departure was delayed, so I called Pete and left a message on his machine at 7:30 saying we'd be a little late (I assumed he was in the shower at that time, and was actually right!)

We finally left, and had driven halfway into Nassau County when I realized I'd forgotten the piece of paper with the intersection we were supposed to meet at. I didn't feel too lucky about our chances of picking him out on any number of intersections in midtown Manhattan so, with a flurry of oaths, I turned around and went back home to get the info. It was about 9:45 when we drove down 2nd Ave, in neither of the vehicles I'd told Pete to watch for. I honked wildly, got Pete's attention, he darted into the car, and we were off for Lincoln Park NJ.

I felt we still had a chance to get to Shakey's gig on time, which was especially important since I was the designated cameraman. I've had bad luck in New Jersey with speeding tickets, and didn't feel too good as I passed a concealed trooper doing 70mph, but luckily he was in mid- donut and couldn't be bothered. Regardless, we reached the fair at 10:40. The good news was, Shakey was not yet on stage.

The setting was a suburban fairground with a stage and crafts vendors and even a miniature train ride for kids. Marie and I came rushing in (Pete had taken a different approach and I temporarily lost him) and we encountered Shakey; he seemed mellow and relaxed, perhaps in contrast to my own frenetic state. After hours of rushing like a maniac, it was time to enjoy the day. Waiting in the stands was Mike Young, RAM>ROD, and FiL Wisneski. Too-hasty hellos were exchanged and I literally ran off to relieve my bulging bladder, to the amusement of the Rustie assemblage.

When I returned, it was time to set up the tripod and camcorder to capture Shakey's performance. His unaccompanied acoustic set of 4 (or 5?) tunes started off with an original composition. Acknowledging the presence of the Rust group, Shakey introduced the next tune, "Sugar Mountain," and in the best Neil tradition, the audience was asked to sing along on the refrain. My own voice being somewhat deficient, I concentrated on periodically checking the camcorder and taking some telephoto 35mm shots, and I really only heard RAM>ROD singing along (well, maybe Mike, too.) In the best Neil tradition, Shakey commented wryly on our vocal effort, and gave us another chance.

I must comment that hearing this song at this time was a picturesque moment...at the fair, friends were there, there were colored balloons on the stage, and the miniature train went by with the little kids who'd all too soon find out that you can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain... Shakey's set concluded with 2 (or 3?) more original tunes, well-played & sung, and well-received.

Our group gathered afterward to socialize and plan our next phase. Unfortunately FiL, the only guy wearing a Rust T-shirt, couldn't join us for the city trip; the group posed for a photo and the rest of us planned the rendezvous at The Koop in the East Village.

Shakey & Mike arrived about the same time as Marie, Pete & myself at The Koop, a comfortable and rather informal watering hole on 3rd Ave and 6th St. We walked in through the open door to an absolutely empty bar. Not even a bartender. Shortly thereafter, not only did Trevor, the bartender, appear (from the basement, I guess) but also appearing was Unknown Legend, who had flown in from Toronto to join the party. This was a pretty cool surprise and we settled down to have a round of beverages & relax together.

The Koop is owned by Matt Simpson, nephew of Rustie Michael Simpson of Huntingdon PA, who was kind enough to help in the organization of NY RustFest 2 with the helpful info that enabled us to land in such an ideal watering-hole. The CD jukebox was well- stocked (including Decade) and Trevor put it on freebie mode, partially as an extension of hospitality to Unknown Legend, who'd been hanging out there waiting for the rest of us since 9 AM!

Michael had suggested we blow Matt's mind by anonymously ordering a round of a notorious and nondescript bar whiskey called Corby's (Colby's?) but this gag fell through when it became apparent that Matt wasn't there. I identified our group to Trevor, hoping for some drink specials, free rounds, etc. Trevor was pretty impressed: "Yeah, Matt LIKES Neil Young!" he said. In a while he had Matt on the phone who was incredulous about our group, Rust, and maybe even his cool uncle Michael. Finally he announced he might come by with a stack of CDs and asked how to s*bscribe to Rust; I handed the phone to the omniscient Shakey, who gave Matt the info from memory, the phone then went back to Trevor, who was instructed by his boss to give the Rusties a round on the house.

The cavern-like Koop had a beefy PA system set up facing a dance area and couch, and hopes were held out for a jam with RAM>ROD and Shakey -- the setting was certainly right. Unfortunately R>R was unable to find the place. However, Purple Words showed up in the early afternoon and was later joined by her husband Bruce. Expectations that bh would fly in from Houston to join us were unmet, although she was certainly with us in spirit.

Pete suggested a favorite nearby pizzeria, which we walked to, only to place an order & have it delivered back to The Koop. Considerable time was spent altering our consciousnesses, talking, and listening to music.

Shakey later suggested a walk over to Revolver Records, 45 W. 8th St, and the group went for a walk. Somehow we split into 2 groups, and it appeared that we'd seen the last of each other for the day. As darkness fell my group headed back to The Koop, and we spotted "Revolver Records" on the 2nd floor of a building across the street. We'd been unable to see it originally, at street level, and walked past it and throughout much of Greenwich Village. So we went in. This store MUST be added to any list of the best record stores in NYC, and I happily got 2 Iggy Pop bootleg CDs for $11 each, and Everybody's Rockin' on German import CD used for $8. Another good used record store was Gimme Gimme Records, 325 E. 5th St. We headed back to The Koop.

More cosmic conversation and consciousness-tinkering ensued at The Koop after darkness had fallen, but the long day was starting to tell. We gathered out on the sidewalk to get ready to head out on our separate ways. While I was getting something out of my car, a block away, there was a collision in front of The Koop involving a motorcyclist and a bicyclist who was delivering food. Rusties on the scene diverted traffic and phoned 911 for assistance. Several cars of the famous 9th Precinct showed up, and eventually, an ambulance. Luckily there were no serious injuries. However, problems were encountered when no one-- cops, EMTs, witnesses--seemed to understand the dialect of Chinese the deliveryman spoke. Eventually a translator (a child, as I recall) was found, and things were OK.

Another group photo was taken, and NY RustFest 2 was history. Except that the smell of that Chinese food at the accident scene made me hungry, and Marie, Pete & I went for some very good food at Ming's Delight on 3rd Ave between 38th & 39th Sts. You may consider this a recommendation.

I believe a good time was had by all.

Ordinary Person

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