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Bridge RustFest I
(Mountainview, CA, Oct. 28, 1995)

Your Host - Rob Martin

The Fest Call

Rob posted to Rust...

I have a boat in Docktown Marina in Redwood City (10 miles from Shoreline). There is ample parking right in front of my slip. Would you all care to meet there for a get together before the show? No problem with the hours, the locals, or the man. I am going to the show with my lovely woman and also plan to be at the boat up until the time we head for shoreline. How about 3pm at my marina?

Rob's Fest Mini-Report

Thanks to all who came to the pre-bridge gathering at my boat... Locator, Richie Hand, Hip Drag Queen, Calistar, Schleppy, SWMBO, all the extra friends, sorry if I missed any handles (drop me a line and let me know who else was there)

I must confide in you that Bridge95 was my first Neil concert ever. I have listened to him for 25 years, had a bunch of his records, but I never made it a point to see him in concert. (I have probably been to six concerts in my life, I was more of a stay at home kind of guy.) I joined the rust list about a year ago and now it is the first thing I get to in the morning, and I sure get an itch to see what's been happening on the list when I am out of town for a week. Getting to Bridge was a must.

Inviting you all was a pleasure for me. Having you accept and take the trouble to get together before the concert was one of those special moments in life. I think the chinese say all you can count on in life is pain, disappointment, and death - so when life is going well, cherish it for it will not last. I was cherishing as we all sat around and talked, and Richie brought out his Martin and teased us with song snippets, then played Little Wing! (with excellent harmonica by Paul).

Calistar's Fest mini-Report

Wow!!!. What a day, what a night, what an experience...

At 1:30pm, Mrs Calistar and I began our trek up highway 101, heading towards the Rustie Gathering in Redwood City at Rob4ever's Boat.

On the way there, we noticed that we were low on fuel, so we started to search for a gas station...and we searched...and we searched.... ..and finally we were getting a little frustrated, which caused Mrs C to exclaim "I don't see no 'Freakin' Beacon"...(Beacon Gas stations are normally very plentiful in California...but to hear Mrs C say that was scary!....and for those of you that met Mrs C, you know just how scary that can be! ;-)

When we finally got some fuel and got to the Marina, the Rustie get-together was in full swing. Richard Hand (and guest Harmonica player) were serenading about 15 or so people. Some of the first people that I met were Locator, and Hip Drag Queen, and Rob4ever. (Plus Spouses, mates and friends). I must admit, that I was a little nervous at first meeting all these "new" people, but everyone was really cool and welcoming...

Note: For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of hearing R.Hand perform, you should...the guy can play some guitar and *sing Neil*...it was the perfect way to begin our Bridge experience.

Question: How many Rusties does it take to sink a floating Dock? Answer: about 20...(Not that we know or anything... :-)

I also want to take this oppourtunity to thank Rob4ever (and wife) for their hospitality. They were just great hosts...

The XFMR-man Fest Report

Hello all. Sorry to take so long to post, but I'm just startin' to come down. I did come crashing down for a few minutes when Dave L. & I thought we had lost our tickets! Kids, don't try this at home....after about 5 min. of old nightmares, they were disovered and all was cool again.

Dave & I would like to thank all of you who allowed us to interrupt your lively conversations for a few minutes to let you hear some things that we like about Neil. For the record we recall doing these songs:

  • XFMR's digression on Don't Let It Bring You Down (anyone hear the low note?)
  • Evening Coconut with explanation of Neil's unique chording...
  • Powderfinger with goofed lyrics for Jeff's friends...
  • I believe Long May You Run from Everybody Knows This Is rust@death
  • Little Wing which I believe Jeff liked...
All songs were done with accompaniment from Dave Lechner.., a contributer to our *Sacred Roots* endeavor.

Dave & I enjoyed meeting Locator, SWMBO (thanx for the help), and re-meeting Cowgirl & Jeff (Hip Drag Queen). Rob4Ever was a great host and the venue for the meeting was perfect. I'm still envious of Calistar and his great seats.

It was cool to meet the people in the Rust Row and I could see everyone was having a good time pre-concert. Sorry to miss Damon & the Shurtzes. There were so many new names and faces. Margaret, Marty, and of course, Giri!

I'm sure I forgot others. We are slowly taking over the Bridge. By next year the entire place may be filled with Rusties..!

( *SR*...XFMR Man...*SR* )
"It really don't matter much, which way I go"

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