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Cherry's RustFest
(Beltsville, MD, Nov. 10 & 11, 1995)
Celebrating Neil Young's 50th

Your Host - Cheryl Cherry Garcia Bedard

Thrasher's Fest Report

I can definitively say that Neil's 50th birthday was properly observed and celebrated.

Things got off to a good start on Friday evening at Cheryl's in the Maryland suburbs of DC. First, happy birthday Cheryl! (I don't think I ever managed to work that in!)

In preparation for Cheryl & Neil's birthday, a pre-party was staged for the out-of-towners passing south on the way to the Raleigh, NC, NeilFest. Ms. Thrasher and I headed out to Cheryl's where we met a bunch of RUSTies for a great start.

The Wes-man of Animal Shelter fame was tuning up as we arrived. Cheryl treated us to some fine micro-brews and we proceeded to settle in. We met Kim the Unknown Legend from Toronto. U.L. introduced us to the other RUSTies she came down with - the legendary Shakey and semi-legendary Mike Young.

I had met up with Shakey in New York City some years ago but had not seen him since. Although I heard Shakey on the R@D Tribute tapes, I can say that live music is better. (Maybe bumper stickers should be issued?)

Anyway, Wes & his band proceeded to jam through numerous Neil tunes including T-Bone, Are You Ready for the Country, Hurricane (15 mins) and the always requested TNATDD. A rockin good time. And the boys were quite loud, as Thrashette can testify.

We hit the road in order to prep for the next road trip. Reports had it that Shakey and Wes continued until 3 AM!

(Continued in the NielFest III Fest Report.)

Wesman's Fest Report

I had a great weekend at Cherry's Neil's 50th. I finally got to meet Shakey -- plucked him up from the fatigue of driving and had BIG fun jamming; Unknown Legend -- she's a beauty, guys; Mike Young -- if you ever need an idea, Mike's your man; John Kearney -- he rescued me when my throat died and had more big fun jamming; and Crazed Idiot -- who is remarkably contrary to his handle. I am disappointed that Les Tuttle was there and managed to escape without us getting introduced!

I think we unwittingly helped kill the house power -- we played Like A Hurricane, and sure enough, the wind starts whipping up all frenzied and mad and then the power goes out completely after the next song! Public compliments to Cherry for instantly producing over 500 candles!!!

Thanks for a great weekend Cherry!

Wesman 14-nov-95 17:02 EST

The Crazed Idiot Fest Report

I just wanna throw in my bit on this past weekend's festivities. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Neilfest III in NC, but I made the 2-hour or so drive up to Beltsville MD for Cheryl's party which I have to say was great! Animal Shelter rocked not only on the Neil tunes but also on their originals. As Wesman will tell you, I was highly impressed by his sweet black Fender Jazz Bass. I heard that the previous night's jam with Shakey was something else and it's too bad I missed it. Also, thanks Wes for letting me use your guitar during the acoustic jam (after the power put an end to Animal Shelter's gig). I would have used mine, but it was tuned down a step and I didn't feel like fiddling with it -- besides, Wes's was closer :) . I also want to thank Cheryl for her hospitality and her pork barbecue. Me and a guy named John jammed for a while, some tunes I knew, some I didn't so I hope I didn't throw him off (or the listeners) too much.   :)   Thanks once again Cheryl. And a good time was had by all.....


The Photos

These photos are provided by Kim Mutcher, aka Unknown Legend. The size of each is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> Mike Young, Jack Shakey Mullins, Cheryl Cherry Bedard. (25K)

 --> Thrasher, Mike Young, Unknown Legend & Shakey. (28K)

 --> Animal Shelter: Billy, Ron, Wesman. (35K)

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