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Toronto RustFest I (Dec. 1, 1995)

Your Host - Kim Unknown Legend Mutcher

Pic of Kim Mutcher

The Story...

On Friday, Dec. 1st 1995 some of the Toronto area Rusties gathered at the Yorkdale Holiday Inn. In attendance were: Zain Patel, Andy Cutlass Supreme Strote, John Kato Kitamura, Jack Shakey Mullins (who flew in from New York), Kim Unknown Legend Mutcher and Mary Maguire. All the photos were shot by me, with the exception of the two of myself, which were taken by Shakey. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.
- - - Unknown Legend

Here are some quotes from the participants:

"It was great to meet some of the people on the list, and although I kind of dread the thought of the existence of Andy's taping session, playing with Shakey was an experience to remember!"

- - - Kato

"For me and some of the others, it was the first time we had met fellow Rusties and as others have previously pointed out, it doesn't take long till everyone's on the same wavelength. For any other Rusties who live vaguely close to one another, I can thoroughly recommend organizing a RustFest. Well worth it."

- - - Cutlass Supreme

"I had a blast! Did you REALLY get Love Is a Nose on tape? Eek!"

- - - Shakey

"Unknown Legend and I were the ONLY Rusties ON the bed. It was a really nice time. Let's do it again."

- - -Mary Maguire

"While Mary and I were out getting the beer, Shakey and Kato had played all 11 verses of Sixty To Zero but they more than made up for it with the musical marathon that was to follow. For the next four or five hours, Andy, Kim, Mary, and I were treated to nothing but Neil -- released stuff, unreleased stuff, requests, you name it. It was really incredible!"

- - - Zain

"In the room, the message light was flashing and I thought to myself, 'Maybe Neil called!' But it was just the front desk wanting to know if the room was OK."

- - - Unknown Legend

The Photos

These photos are provided by Kim Mutcher, aka Unknown Legend. The size of each is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> Mary Maguire, Zain Patel (33K)

 --> Jack Shakey Mullins on the keys (23K)

 --> Group Shot: Zain, Shakey, Kato, Mary, Andy (45K)

 --> Andy the Audio Engineer (20K)

 --> Shakey & Kato in action (46K)

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