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Bay Area RustFest (Feb. 16, 1996)

Your Host - Barb Hardaway

Fest Report

The participants were:

  • Brian cortez Summer and...
  • ... his friend Brian (Whew! 2 Brians!)
  • Michael gift of wonders Hagmeir and...
  • ... his lovely Kamala.
  • The Hip Drag Queen and...
  • ... his ever lovely Kim.
  • And me, Barb (no handle) Hardaway

The first plus was: the weather held up so I could scoot the dog herd into the backyard. Butch loves to stand on your shoulers and give major kisses, which makes it hard to play a guitar.... :-)

I forgot to pick up the microphones for recording which bummed me out and when the Brians showed up I decided to make a run to Target (French pronunciation) to see if they had really cool, wonderful microphones that I might purchase...heh heh

The Brians went out to my backyard and serenaded the dog herd so they wouldn't feel dejected while I was gone....

The very best for a RustFest: Two very wonderful Kareoke mics with big plugs that wouldn't fit my receiver. Brian noticed my old tape deck had big mic holes, so we hooked it up to see if it would record. Wallllllla! It records but doesn't play. Tried playing it on the new deck and all was well. So now we're wired for sound. Yeeeeesssss!

Michael and Kamala were next to arrive with two bags of didjeridoo's, click sticks and a drum. I had my trusty rainstick and we were set to bring the neighborhood down.

After chowing down on a variety of vegetarian goodies, we gabbed and got to know each other. The Brians strumming away on their guitars. Mostly impromptu stuff with everyone joining in on their respective instruments. Singing at the top of our lungs.... Forturnately some of the voices actually could carry a tune (mine not being one of those). After a few requests, Southern Man for me and Cinnamon Girl, Cowgirl in the Sand, others I can't remember off the top of my head ... Brian (not Brian) and I did a duet on Old King trying to read the lyrics off the CD liner... Needless to say it was hilarious. Brian would make up words 'cause he couldn't read the liner and that would set me off laughing.....too funny!

We really got into Southern Man, Cowgirl, and Cinnamon Girl ...... Jam City. I think we were all slightly amazed at the intensity of what happened... Big smiles all around. The didjeridoo added a whole new dimension to Neil's work. We've decided Michael should be included in the next Bridge show. Lookout Mama, I'll send you a tape.....

Kamala's drums and my rainstick also added a different sound to our wonderful jams. Needless to say the vocals were out of this world..... Muppets all!!!

Clyde Merritt would be slobbering with jealousy..... Or maybe he's just rabid!!

About this time Jeff (Hip Drag Queen) and Kim showed up. We were in a slow down chatting mode, so we discussed whatelse...... Neil.

I am truely amazed at the trivia this group came up with. We also discussed some odd subjects such as Those Darn Accordians, Tuvan throat singers, and Pat Paulsen running for President again...amongst great peals of laughter.

About this time we got a second wind and started in on some more songs with Jeff and Kim adding their voices to the mix. Since Jeff and Kim were sitting between the microphones they comes across very clear ;-}

We did a POC for the up and coming tribute tape which I will send off to Kato to add to the wav files he is accumulating.

By now everyone was getting a little sleepy eyed...long day for the Brians with all that school stuff, Michael and Kamala driving from Portland, Jeff and Kim had a long day with work, school, etc and myself from angsting over having a RustFest at my house :)

We decided maybe we should go our Seperate Ways, but it took a long time for everyone to finally make it to their respective vehicles. Hugs all around, more discussion on the front porch, more hugs, more discussion.... I think you can probably get the picture......

Once again Neil has brought a group of people together that I believe could now be considered good friends. In fact I think I'll adopt the Brians.... I need some sons to offset the daughters.....

This rustie is more than a little pleased and now that I've made the first forey into RustFest mania, I'm going to do it again when the weather clears up and we can RustFest on the deck...... No worry Brians! I'll clean the deck off first....heh heh

. . . . . Barb 'rusting in happiness' Hardaway

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