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Paris RustFest (July 4, 1996)

Your Host - Serge MoMo Gironnay

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Serge MoMo Gironnay....

"Paris July 4" rusties...

Thanks to Armin for providing the "Paris Show Rusties" names:

  • Jon Massey (etljnmy@etlxdmx.ericsson.se)
  • Stephane Coudert (coudert@world-net.sct.fr)
  • JON (jonathan.patterson@reedbooks.co.uk)
  • And any others rusties who will attend the Bercy show...
To paraphrase RE*AC*TOR, we will meet my wife, my brother, my sister-in-law and my mother (it's not a joke) in a cafe near Bercy (I have the opportunity to have the afternoon free before the show). We could discuss, trade, have a drink and I could have my video recorder and get some pix we could forward to HyperRust. Please, contact me privately,

. . . . . MoMo (100440.1215@compuserve.com)

Come and visit MoMo's Homepage

Fest Report

The participants were:

  • Jonathan Patterson
  • Jon Massey
  • Serge MoMo Gironnay
  • MoMo's wife, Catharine
  • Momo's brother.
  • MoMo's brother's wife

The day did not start well: a rainy day and a morning at the office. But as soon as I left for Bercy the afternoon turned into a sunny and nice day. However, it's not so easy to get things in order for a RustFest...

The first meeting time passed with the other Rusties still fighting traffic. Later Jon told me the time that they reached the meeting point and it was just 5 minutes after we'd left!

But my brother, his wife and I did what we had decided to do. We visited our preferred bootleg store in Paris. Some new ones since last time, and about 15 different NY CD boots are available now. Then we went to another shop - no boots there, but lots of blues and jazz LPs and CDs. I found some Hot Tuna and Jorma Kaukonen I'd never seen before. We chatted with the owner about the most recent concert in Paris (The Band) and the next to come (Eagles on next Monday).

Soon it was time to get to Bercy and find Jon and JonM. Hmmm... should not be difficult to find them: they'll be wearing a NY T-shirt.... Jesus!!!! All the guys are wearing NY T-shirts in this place! But somehow, and I don't know how, I just glanced at a group and our rusties were there!!!.

We discussed Paris, their trip from England to Paris, previous concerts and so on. We officially exchanged (looked like a soccer match starting) a nice NY poster from JonM and my contribution was the NY&PJ concert in Stockholm last year.

After eating and drinking some beers, it was time to get in. Catherine, my wife, joined us, but since she is not tall enough to be in the first rows (she almost vanished during the last concert), we arranged two nice places for her and my pregnent sister-in-law. Our dear Rustie visitors were already in the first rows somewhere, but I did not see them again.

Even though we did not spend enough time together, it was nice to see that we, Rusties, are not only internet nerds... .

. . . . . MoMo

MoMo's own Neil Pics page (including RustFest pictures)

The Little Punk Rock Bus - Paris '96
Jon's Fest Report

Well folks...

Just got home about half an hour ago after spending all night on a bus back to London from Paris..and all I can say is that the person who said the 'Horse weren't playing well, saw a different band to me....but I'm getting ahead of myself!

I welcomed Rustie JonM into my flat on Wednesday and we listened to boots and shot the breeze for a while before getting a relatively early night as we had to be up at 4.30am to catch the coach to Paris.

A few hours later we blearily made our way to Victoria station and got on board to be greeted by Sid Vicious! The Sex Pistols were also playing in Paris last night and so we had all the retro punks on the Bus, vomiting and drinking and having VERY spiked hair, and generally adding a bit of flavour to the occassion.

Most of the journey passed without incident and also no music, but someone downstairs soon saw to that and shortly we had the Pistol's 1st re-union gig in London blasting us, followed by the Damned etc... But no Neil the whole way to Paris, which I guess was quite a good thing in retrospect.

We dropped the punks at the Zenith and made our way to the Bercy Sportspalais, and arrived there at about 4pm... which sort of screwed up our plans to go shopping for Neil odds & ends. We hung out trying to catch snatches of the soundcheck, gave Larry C a quick wave and just hung out 'til the appointed RustFest time of 6pm, when JonM and myself had arranged to meet MoMo (sorry, we didnt make the first time - traffic y'know :) )

It was really nice to put some faces to e-mail addresses, and also we met MoMo's wife and some of his family - by the time we had a bite to eat, a couple of cold ones and some ciggies it was time to go into the hall.

. . . . . JON

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