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Munich RustFest (July 12, 1996)

Your Host - Armin Big Bird Gienger

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Armin Big Bird Gienger....

Hi Munich-Rusties,

It seems that we will have a rather big international Rust meeting in the capitol of Beer, Weisswurst and Gniedeln next Friday. People from 4 countries (Germany, USA, Italy and Bavaria) will meet and probably rust in the rain.

For anyone who wants to join:

Meeting place is the Theatron at the little Olympic lake, next to the Olympiahalle at about 4 pm (or later). You will recognize us easily, just look for some good-looking guys with Horse T-Shirts, caps, red hair and beer glasses.
See you
. . . . .Big Bird Armin (ae54@iamlasun4.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de)

Fest Report

The participants were:

  • Martin ? (from Dresden)
  • Hans-Helmut Hirsch
  • Pete Culliney (from New York)
  • Francesco Lucarelli (from Rome)
  • Armin Big Bird Gienger

It was a little bit chaotic since we didn't meet some of the guys. I came there with Martin and met Hans-Helmut and Pete Culliney at about 4:30 pm. After waiting some time we went to a beergarden and had some drinks in the afternoon sun. We talked about, of course, Neil and Music and life in general. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

At six we went back to the meeting point still no other Rustie in sight, so we headed down to the Olympiahalle to meet Francesco and his Italian friends. Francesco was very busy in organizing things so we couldn't stay together during the concert. Maybe next time in Italy.

I'm very sorry we didn't meet up with Rainer and Stephan, but anyway they must have enjoyed the concert as much as we did.

We went inside the hall at 7 pm very hungry and thirsty, so we had some sandwiches and some more beers. This got us into the right mood for the show. Hans-Helmut had "seat" tickets, so Peter, Martin and I left him and entered the "Arena" floor, getting us a nice place left of the stage maybe 8 meters in front of it.

At 20:45 Dave matthews started on time. I don't care too much for support bands in Neil concerts and I found their music quite boring. At least they did a great job in increasing the tension before Neil. As we all had seen Neil at leat one time on this tour, we knew that after Larry put on his white coat and opened the beer bottle (did anyone see what kind it was?) and placed it for Neil, the show would start immediately.

As for the concert, all songs were standards, but many of them I hadn't heard in my previous two Neil concerts. I think there's just one word to describe this show: P E R F E C T. Neil and the band were really into it in every single song. It was several degrees better than the show I saw in Konstanz (even though in Konstanz there was Dangerbird, Stupid Girld and Barstool Blues -- but you can't always get what you want). It's just amazing with how much energy and harmony these old guys are still able to produce.

From a really terrific show I want to point out three parts:

  • Slip Away. This is one of my favorites off BA and I was a bit dissapointed about the version in Konstanz. But this time it was just like I imagined it could be. During the never ending solo at the end of the song, with Larry at the tambourine, I really did slip away.

  • The acoustic part: Very heartful versions of all three songs (TNATDD, HOG, SM) especially SM with long harmonica and acoustic solos. Before HOG Neil said: "This is for my girlfriend... she's 12 years old.. but that's not for the National Enquirer..."    What does this mean?

  • Like A Hurricane: This was the ultimate version. Feedback at the beginning, feedback in the middle, feedback at the end. It was nothing like I ever heard in my life. Sometimes I thought my head would explode and I wouldn't get any breath. Billy was kneeling down, his bass on his legs and bongoing like mad on it. Poncho was producing weird howling sounds from the keyboard. Neil was swinging Old Black through the air all strings torn off. The whole thing lasted at least 20 minutes... After that we just stood there and couldn't say a word.
After the concert we sat down on the floor for 10 minutes totally exhausted. We slowly went out of the hall and met Hans-Helmut again. Peter and Hans-Helmut went to their hotel as Peter had another big trip the next morning to Hamburg. Martin and I had two coffees at 'Munich's Diner' and then also went to our hotel.

That was it, my second and last NY concert for this tour. I can't imagine how Neil could do any better! If he keeps it up at this level, I'm sure you all will see one of the best Neil Young concerts in your life.

. . . . . Armin

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