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Hamburg RustFest (July 13, 1996)

Your Host - Christian Uncle Matilda Zieser

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Christian Uncle Matilda Zieser....

Hey everyone -

After a few mail exchanges with fellow Rusties who are going to be at the July 13 Neil & Bob show in Hamburg, I am proud to announce the...

Official Hamburg RustFest!

Since I am (as it seems, correct me if I'm wrong) the only Hamburg Rustie at the show, I thought it would be best if we meet at the main entrance. There will be two possibilities, one before the show - around 1pm - and the other one directly after it. I thought it would be a good idea to meet at the entrance and then find a place to have a few beers (or cokes - or coffees - or pina coladas - or...).

Anyway, to make it possible for you to find us I decided to wear my personal jewel, the black Bob Dylan t-shirt I got at last year's Bobshow that night and hang around the main entrance at 1pm and after the show. Any rustie who's going to be at the gig is warmly welcome to join us.

BTW - a few of my friends will be at the show as well. Are people who are true fans of Neil but do not have internet access supposed to call themselves rusties?

Rust on folks, I can't wait to see that muppet!

Uncle Matilda aka Christian Zeiser


Hamburg RustFest update, reminder, & directions

Just wanted to pass a few more info on (and remind you all of) the upcoming Hamburg RustFest on July 13. Looks like a nice bunch is going to gather that night: A few German rusties (Nobby, Andi and Johannes) will be there, party bringing with them a bunch of, well, offline rusties. Also, there will be Pete and Audrey from New York, so we'll have a real international crowd there! Anyone who wants to join us is of course enthusiastically welcome!

A few more notes on how to find the venue: if you arrive by car, the easiest way would probably be to leave the motorway A7 at the exit Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, turn left (if you come from the south, that is - if you come from the north, you have to turn right, of course...) directly after the exit into the "Osdorfer Weg", turn right at the next *big* crossing into the "Ebertallee", and stay there until the road ends. Then turn left into the "Luruper Chaussee", and voila - the Trabrennbahn's parking lot should be directly to your right. Should be easy enough to find. For those of you who come by train, the thing will be a bit more tricky. You should leave the fast train at Hamburg-Altona. That train station also has got a large bus station next to it. Go there and take the next bus #188, bound for Schenefeld or Lurup. If you see the Trabrennbahn to your right, get off. Should be a bus ride of 20 or 30 minutes from Altona to the venue, so take your walkmen with you, alright?

The main entrance of the venue is left to the huge parking lot. There's a sign at the entrance saying either "Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld" or "Trabrennbahn am Volkspark", I can't remember exactly. Anyway, that's where I will be waiting for Audrey from NYC at 1pm, so anyone who wants to meet up with us can do so. I'll be wearing a black Bob Dylan t-shirt to make it easier to find me, btw. Another chance to catch us for those who can't be there so early will be after the show, when we'll have another gathering at the main entrance.

Hey - if the wheather's real fine, we might not even have to find ourselves a bar but could have our RustFest at the park, how's that?

Hope this helps most of you. If not, e-mail me, okay? C ya soon!

Uncle Matilda aka Christian Zeiser


Fest Report

The participants were:

  • Johannes Massolle (with a bunch of friends)
  • Norbert Knape
  • Norbert's wife (and kids)
  • Audrey Taub
  • Audrey's friend ?
  • Pete Culliney
  • Charlie Meurer
  • Andi Schwartmann (with a bunch of friends)
  • Markus Wobisch
  • Christian Uncle Matilda Zieser (with a bunch of friends)
  • Christian's girlfriend, Viola
Greetings everyone out here in the home of the Young --

Having hardly recovered from yesterday's Hamburg gig I'd like to provide you with some notes on our RustRow/RustFest.

Although the whole thing was rather chaotic (I wrote in my announcement that I was the guy with the black Dylan t-shirt - har har, there must have been hundreds of them    %-}   ), we met each other quite easily. All in all (I haven't counted exactly) we must have been about fifteen to twenty people gathering at the show, though we didn't meet Andi and his gang until after the show and at the same time missed Nobby who had to leave for the camp site with his family.

Of course it was impossible to keep the whole crowd together during all of the show, but we met up again after the concert had finished and said goodbye to Johannes and Pete, who left for Muenster together. The remainder of us - Charlie Meurer, Markus, Andi with his gang, Audrey, her friend, Viola (my girlfriend), and me - left for a pub in rather-central Hamburg (Kick & Company, for those of you who are familiar with Hamburg-Ottensen...) and spent a few hours having some beers (you *really* need that after nine hours on a horse race venue, believe me!) chatting about Neil and Bob. It was funny how many of those people I know from Rust turned out to be lurkers on rec.music.dylan as well!

Viola and I left the gang (who just didn't seem to grow tired) at 2:30 a.m. The latest living sign I have of them is them saying that they'll probably head for St. Pauli's Reeperbahn to spend the rest of the night there.

It was great to meet a few of those people whom one usually just knows from Rust. Also, I'm proud to announce that I have recruited a new list member: Audrey - who hasn't been on Rust so far - will join us as soon as she has returned from her six-month trip all over Europe.

Andi agreed to post a review on the show (which, to make it short, was great!) as soon as he's home again. So stay tuned folks, more stuff on Neil riding The Horse in that horse race venue is to follow soon.

. . . . .Uncle Matilda aka Christian Zeiser

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