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Glasgow RustFest (July 20, 1996)

Your Host - Sam Tennent

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Sam Tennent....

Hi Folks,

Here is the second call for the Glasgow RustFest. Details below:
DATE:20th July 1996
VENUE: The Glendale Arms, Glengarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
TIME:From 1.30pm till showtime!
FORMAT: Meet and have a chat and a drink with fellow Rusties. Neil music & videos. Guitars if anyone feels inclined to have a jam!
TRANSPORT: Trains run from Glasgow Central Station to Glengarnock every 30 mins at a quarter to and quarter past the hour. Journey time is approx 20m. Glendale Arms located adjacent to Glengarnock station.
By car, e-mail me for directions.
If anyone needs more specific directions or has any questions please e-mail me...

. . . . .SamT (samt@hpsqf.sqf.hp.com)

Fest Report

The attendees were:

  1. Ewan Milne
  2. Martin Conelly
  3. Sam T's friend
  4. Sam T's Brother-in-Law
  5. The Brother-in-Law's wife (Sam's sister?)
  6. Sam Tennant
  7. Sam's Wife

(Sam Tennant's Report To be added some day...)

Ewan Milne's Fest Report

Having travelled up from Bristol on Friday to my in-laws in Fife (my wife had to work over the weekend - she was sooo upset at missing Neil heh heh heh), I headed over to Glasgow in the afternoon. Realising I in was in good time to go out to Glangarnock, I whizzed straight through Glasgow on the M8 and made to the fest about 3ish. Sam greeted me like he'd known me for years (after checking who I was of course), so much so that his friend who was coming along to the show asked me how I knew Sam. "Errm, we've never actually met before, but....".

The fest was pretty low-key but friendly, with Sam, his friend (sorry Sam, I'm awful with names) and I relaxing in the back bar with some Neil boots playing. When we got to swapping first-Neil-show / how- we-got-into-Neil stories Sam surprised me by digging up memories from the 70s, and I realised this guy looks at least 5 years younger than he is (hey, just buttering you up to get that Bluenotes tape y'know :-).

Most other Rusties attending the show were travelling up from England that day so we weren't sure if anyone else would make it, when the intrepid Martin Conelly arrived. He updated us on the Phoenix show, and indeed the 5 previous European shows he'd been at. "Never again" Martin said when we asked him how travelling to so many shows was going. But he looked like he was enjoying every minute, so I wouldn't be so sure.

A little after 6 we decided to head for the show -- the others (including Sam's brother-in-law, our king host for the afternoon, and their wives) going by train while I drove. Having made fatal "down the front" or "at the mixing desk" style meeting plans, I of course never saw them again.

So thanks for organisising the get-together Sam, and please pass my thanks on to your brother-in-law for supplying the venue and the sarnies, it was much appreciated.

Cut to the SECC: Only just after 7 when I approached, the traffic going in seemed busy already. This was confirmed as I entered the hall - damn, there was a sizeable crowd in front of the stage already at 7:20! I immediately forgot about checking the merchandise and headed straight in, managing to squeeze in to a respectable spot just off centre about 35 feet back. In front of me the crowd was more densely packed and I'm just too polite in these situations. I was pretty happy though, and remained there through Kula Shaker's set (their frontman is the actor Hayley Mill's son, fact fans!) which was pretty good but short, leaving a lengthy gap before Neil's set.

During this time I got chatting to some of the people around me, but things soon got a bit embarrasing when people realised I seemed rather knowledgable about what Neil's been playing so far in the tour. When asked how I came by my information I had three options:

  1. Lie, and tell them I've been to every show so far
  2. Lie, and tell them "Actually, me and Neil go back a long way..."
  3. Tell the truth, and tell them I'm an internet geek.
Option 3 it was, to some amusement and not a little confusion (one woman thought I was in touch with Neil himself through the internet, and I had to prick her bubble when she wanted to know where he was staying that night).

I toned down my smart-arse act, and kept amused by watching all the people bugging Larry to get him to wave or give us a tune on the banjo. Well, it passed the time. And then, finally (I know, that's you're thinking now too), at 8:50 the guys were on...

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