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Atlanta RustFest (August 10, 1996)

Your Host - Tom Music Arcade Semans

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Tom Music Arcade Semans....

I just got off the phone with Lakewood Amphitheatre. I will pick up the Rustrow tickets tomorrow! Looks like we'll be sitting in section 102 (LOWER level, center) rows Q&S. Row R was already sold, so we'll have a row between us(maybe we can adopt them as Rusties). I think these are EXCELLENT seats!

I got confirmation from Shakey and Thrasher that they'll meet at the Firehouse Bar & Grill for a RustFest, so perhaps we can all get together around 5pm? I'll post directions after I scope things out at Lakewood tomorrow, just to make sure I give everyone correct info.

We're seein' Neil & the Horse and we're down center! WOO-HOO!!    :-)

. . . . . Tom Music Arcade Semans (tsemans@mindspring.com)

More Pre-Fest Info

Okay, first thing to do is to get to the Lakewood Amphitheater's BACK parking lot. (Here are directions.) You can tell you're in the back if it's dirt (the front one is paved). The back parking lot is closer to the Firehouse Bar & Grill.

As you are arrive in the parking lot, you will notice slightly to your left some buildings on a hill. These buildings make up Lakewood's Exhibition Halls and flea markets. On the hill you will see 2 large buildings with tower-like structures on each side of the building. In the middle of these two buildings is the Firehouse Bar & Grill. (The phone number there is 404-622-8722.) Just walk on up the hill and I'll see you inside.

If you end up parking in the front of the Amphitheatre (the paved lot), simply walk to the right of the amphitheatre thru the Exhibition halls until you come to the bar at the end of all of the buildings.

I'll be arriving at the bar around 5pm. I do want to check out Ben Folds 5 and Jewel so I'll be out of the Fest by 7:15. Hopefully I'll be wearing a MORE BARN T-shirt. If not, Son Volt.    :-)

If you need to contact me other than e-mail (tsemans@mindspring.com):
. . . . .home: 404-892-7040
. . . . .work/voice mail: 404-733-4755

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

Ok, Ok! I've been away from my computer the past few days and was in NO CONDITION to report on Sunday.


  • Rodger Wygant
  • Susan Wygant
  • Thrasher
  • Shakey
  • Mike Young-ster
  • Fred No More
  • ???, (Fred's Wife )
  • Tom Hanna
  • Lou Ladinski
  • ???, (Lou's Female Friend)
  • Steve Vetter
  • Mr. Chuck Singer
  • Gary Peters
  • Tom Semans

A good time wuz had by all at the Firehouse Bar & Grill before the show. Many MORE BARN shirts in attendance. Some of the folks at the Firehouse included Rodger & Susan Wygant (wygant@ibm.ne), The infamous trio of n'er do wells, Thrasher, Shakey, & the Young-ster, Fred "no more" and his lovely wife, Lou Ladinski and his lovely female friend, Steve Vetter, j.mullins1@genie.com, Chuck "you do alot of posting" Singer, Gary Peters, and a few more that my brain cells refuse to divulge to me right now.

I was a little disheartened when I read Shakey's one liner about the show being "sub-standard", but, I guess he would be one of the standard bearers as he's seen em' all on this tour, so far. In any case, I'll take a substandard Neil & the Horse concert over a LOT of standard shows by many other artists.

One of the hilights for me was Big Time. Thrasher handed me the binocs he had during this number & I just became transfixed on the incredible jammin' I was witnessing. It was a great thrill to see these old geezers (I'm quicky approching 40, so I'm allowed ;-) ) get down to business and play some SERIOUS KICK-ASS ROCK AND ROLL!. F%&kin' Up was another hilight. As was LAH and Sedan Delivery. And of course I loved hearing Neil play Music Arcade.

The lowlight was (as Fred described) when at the end of roll another number some dickhead threw something on stage and Neil sort of ducked and looked pissed. He was about to go into another number (Powderfinger?) but instead raised his guitar up and broke all the strings and left stage.

It seems to be a disturbing trend here in Atlanta for one jerk to ruin the happiness of many others. I wish it would stop; And if you happen to be next to anybody exhibiting this behaviour, would you please slap them silly for me?

Anyway I had a great time and it certainly was a pleasure to meet some great people. I hope that all of you folks I met keep in touch and hopefully we can do it again.

To those of you still waitin to the the Man & the Horse, you're in for a treat.

Take care,

Music Arcade

More on the Fest, by Fred No More

HotLanta RustFest was a blast. We met up at a little hole in the wall type bar/grill (my kind of place) that is next to the amphitheatre at about 5PM.

Many rusties were there - Tom (the provider of the rustrow who also deserves a dinner at Atlanta's finest but unfortunately only received a beer from me), Mr Chuck (he and I agreed that we both post too much to this list), Roger and Susan Wygant, Steve Vetters, Thrasher, Shakey, and Youngster (who had just arrived from Charlotte), Tom Hanna, who else - my burned out brain fails me.

I had intended to let another make a report since i noticed notes being taken of who all was there). Anyway, the important thing is that a great time was had and as expected - all the rusties there were the finest kind of people I know - even if somewhat misinformed... (No, I do not and never have played bass... ;} ) There were group shots taken which should get scanned and posted as soon as possible.

There was no after the show RustFest but I did get to visit with a friend who brought his son Neil (age 12) to the show to see the guy he was named after for the first time. I asked him how it was and he said "he was cool". Got to visit with Roger and Susan again the next morning at breakfast (we stayed at the same motel) and discussed Neil and lots more - nice folks.

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this show and the RustFest and all the Rusties I met. I heard of a couple more barn shirts elsewhere in the amphitheatre that weren't at the RustFest and regretted not getting to meet them too. I came home from HotLanta one happy (but much poorer) rustie.



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