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Toronto RustFest III
(August 11, 1996)

Your Host - Allan Tong

Pre-Fest Notice

A Fest Planning Call was put out by Mary & Zain....

We'll be meeting on Sunday, Aug. 11 at the El Mocambo in Toronto for a showing of Human Highway (organized by Rustie Allan Tong). Time is 7 p.m., no cover, everyone welcome.

At the ElMo we'll discuss our concert plans for the Barrie show. Both Zain Patel and I are keeping a list of Rusties attending the Barrie show (both locals and out-of-towners). So far I have 20 addresses, but I'm sure there's more to come.

The day after the Barrie show, many of us will be heading to Pine Knob. Rick Stephenson is the rustrow coordinator in Detroit.

I'll keep you posted with more info.

. . . . . Mary Maguire (maguirem@ca.cch.com)
. . . . . Zain Patel (bp199@freenet.toronto.on.ca)

Fest Report

The participants were:

  • Allan Tong
  • Andy Cutlass Supreme Strote
  • Kato Kitamura
  • Trish Richardson, and...
  • ...Trish's friend
  • Sean Woody Woodward
  • Mary Maguire
  • Zain Love In Mind Patel

Report by Zain Patel...

Last night, 7 Toronto-area Rusties (plus 1 friend) met at the El Macombo club in downtown T.O. to be treated (subjected?) to Neil's 'Human Highway'. In attendance were Allan Tong, Andy Strote, Mary Maguire, Kato Kitamura, Trish Richardson (and friend), Sean Woodward (aka 'Woody'), and me. After chatting over drinks, we watched the movie, did some more chatting, and then headed over to a nearby coffee shop where we made tentative arrangements for the upcoming Barrie and Detroit shows.

Everyone was cool, the atmosphere was casual, the conversation was enjoyable and the movie was...well, everyone was cool. Don't know what else to say...it's always fun hanging out with fellow Rusties and talkin' bout Neil and stuff...I think we all had a great time. Special thanks to Allan for arranging for the movie to be shown, and to Mary for her diligent work in organizing our trips to the upcoming shows. Thanks a lot, guys, it was a fun evening! (Did I leave anything out?)

The Photos

These photos are provided by Andy Strote, aka Cutlass Supreme. The size of each is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> Downstairs at the El Mocambo. Zain Patel and Mary McGuire downstairs at the El Mocambo, to see Neil's Human Highway. Upstairs is where the Stones, Elvis Costello, and countless others played. (16K)

 --> More downstairs. Andy Strote, John Kato Kitamura, Allan Tong, Sean "Woody" Woodward. (11K)

 --> "Don't eat the tuna salad sandwiches!" In the heroin dealer's donut shop after the the ElMo Human Highway showing. Getting ready for Barrie are: Zain, Mary, Sean, Allan, Kato, Andy, Trish Richardson. (21K)

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