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Raleigh RustFest (August 12, 1996)

Your Host - John Meckley

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by John Meckley....

Welcome to Raleigh!


I'll be organizing pre- and post-concert Rust gatherings for the Walnut Creek Show. One pre-show "fest" will be at my house. I live about 15 minutes from "The Creek". Also, will organize someplace to meet at the show between opening acts. And finally there will be a post-show party at my place.

Send me a private email and I'll keep you posted. No need to clutter the rust list.

Also, I'll put together a list of local hotels if there is an interest.

. . . . . --john meckley meckley@dg-rtp.dg.com

Further Details

Let's party at Walnut Creek from "gates open" 'til Neil. There is an area directly to the right of the stage (as you face the stage) that has restrooms, food vending (Hardees, Dominos, etc), and picnic tables. This area is close to the Rustrow, Gold Circle, and Reserved seats and is also not that far from the closer lawn seats.

Lets try to meet at the picnic table(s) closest to the stage before/between each of the acts. I'm assuming the order will be Ben Folds Five, Jewel, NY&CH. I'll be wearing my rust@death T-shirt and wearing my NYAS pin (if I can find it). Also look for a small sign that says "rust". I may be holding it,wearing it, or it may be on a table. Note that cold beer IS sold at The Creek.

. . . . .--john

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

First, here's the list of attendees...

  1. Shakey
  2. Youngster
  3. Thrasher
  4. Todd Engler
  5. Lookout Mama
  6. Locator
  7. SWMBO
  8. Syscrusher
  9. Friend Dave
  10. Dave Katz
  11. Electro~Tech (Jay Smith)
  12. Friend Liz
  13. Sean Dail
  14. Sean's Wife
  15. Big Red Beacon
  16. Mark Stefaniw
  17. Patti Stefaniw
  18. Mike Fiorito
  19. Lisa Fiorito
  20. Mark Wilding
  21. Lori Wilding
  22. Jim McKelvey
  23. Jim's son
  24. My Wife Linda
  25. Me

Sunday night, Shakey, Youngster and Thrasher (hereafter referred to as the Mobile Rust Unit -- MRU) rolled in. We had just seen them the day before at Locator's as they headed off to the Atlanta show. They had been on the road for 3 days and were already worse for wear. We chatted for awhile and then they were ready to crash.

Headed off to work Monday with the MRU holding down the fort. They had some errands to run and then were gonna check out Walnut Creek. Still haven't seen Shakey's post about this MRU brush with greatness.

I left work a little early in time to be back home at 4:00 as Todd Engler and Lookout Mama were due to arrive from Florida. They got there about an hour early and were hangin' out on the deck when MRU rolled back in. It was great to finally meet Sheila. Shortly after 4:00 Locator and SWMBO rolled in. Julio (Syscrusher) and friend Dave arrived next.

Soon my garage turned in to a rusted out garage jam session. Here's a sample photo (22K). Dave Katz arrived and everyone pulled out their guitars. My friends Jay smith (Electro~Tech) and Liz arrived.

So there was a jam session and assorted partying and photo ops with the ECHOS signs (29K) until about 6:00 pm were we convoyed over to Walnut Creek. Not much traffic. I guess most lawn folks waited for the rain to pass.

A the show we met up with Rusties Sean Dail and wife, Big Red Beacon, Mark and Patti Stefaniw, Mike and Lisa Fiorito, Mark and Lori Wilding.

Before the show my wife talked with Zeke and I believe she is the person responsible for starting the Zeke-Rust connection. I've already posted the details of these encounters. You can find the details on HyperRust.

The show was great. Reviews have been posted. The highlight of the show for me was holding up the ECHOS sign and getting Neil's attention. There is a great photo, taken my Jim McKelvey, of the ECHOS sign inside Walnut Creek. I should try and get it scanned and put on HyperRust.

Then it's back to my house for the aftershow fest. Big Red Beacon, MRU, Electro~Tech, Liz, Syscrusher and Dave, Jim McKelvey and son, Lookout Mama, Todd Engler, Linda and I, Locator and SWMBO were there.

There were many stories to tell. The ECHOS sign story. The Locator-Poncho connection. The backstage stories, The Zeke story. Julio had his drumhead. Once again there was much partying and jamming in the rusted out garage.

I closed up shop about 3:30 am. Shakey, Thrasher, Youngster, Todd, Sheila, Locator and SWMBO crashed at our place. Quite a crew.

The next morning everyone was on the road by 10:00am. The MRU was headed to the DC show that night. I dropped Todd at the airport on the way to work. That's all.


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