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Madison Square Garden RustFest (August 19, 1996)

Your Host - Lauren ~the ocean~ Giglio

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Lauren ~the ocean~ Giglio

Here are the details:

Where: Houlihan's Penn Station (the one near the Long Island RR if there's more than one).
Time: 6:00 pm, or come early
Comments: "Rusties in MORE BARN shirts will be descending upon Houlihan's in Penn Station starting mid-afternoon. Bring friends, cameras, trade lists and any other essentials... ;-)
Contact: Lauren ~The Ocean~ (ocean@pluto.njcc.com)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

The results are in...

20 Rusties + 15 friends/sig-others (sorry... those with multiple personalities/handles only count once). Official Attendance List:

  1. bh aka bsi fka ~lw~ (Barb Heinsohn)
  2. Blind River (Graham Dresden)
  3. Cap'n Kennedy (John Hoppenthaler)
  4. Chris Williams and...
  5. ...Amy Williams
  6. FiL Wisneski
  7. Jerry Keselman
  8. John Bosco and..
  9. ...Jennifer Bosco
  10. kato (John Kitamura)
  11. Loose Change (Joseph Bianco)
  12. mood code (Aaron Lieber)
  13. *OLD KING* (Rich Rini)
  14. ordinary person(s) (Les Tuttle and...
  15. ...Marie Tuttle)
  16. Paolo Demaria
  17. Pete Culliney
  18. Purple Wordses (Cathy and...
  19. ...Bruce)
  20. schoolboy (Roger Weiss)
  21. Shakey (Jack Mullins)
  22. Stupid Girl aka Buff aka CbarRose (Carol Buff Rosenthal)
  23. ~The Ocean~s (Lauren and...
  24. ...Steve)
  25. YOUNGster (Mike Young)


  26. Jim Duffy
  27. Frank Zychowicz
  28. Ed Kelly
  29. Jim Dalto
  30. David Garcia
  31. The Weasel
  32. Jeremy Turner
  33. Barry Mize
  34. William S. Jones
  35. Patrick Mallon
Lots of MORE BARN! t-shirts (here's hoping the pictures turn out ok!)

Best Shirt: Stupid Girl for her 'No MORE BARN Yet!' shirt.

Rustie who traveled the farthest: Paolo Demaria from Italy

Rustie-to-the-rescue: bh, who made sure Paolo got in after a ticket SNAFU

A few more notes:

  • Rusties had NOTHING to do with the bathrooms overflowing... Really!

  • NO ONE flamed Mood Code! Mood, are you disappointed?

  • Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning!

  • Special thanks to Neil & Crazy Horse (OF COURSE) for an amazing show! Tonight's The Night!!!! Incredible... Lauren
    ~The Ocean~

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