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Star Lake RustFest (Pittsburg, September 3, 1996)

Your Host - Rob Gumby Hillard

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Rob Gumby Hillard....

Rusty friends:

The Star Lake RustFest is on... here's the details.

Cherry and I expect to arrive early to Star Lake, probably between 4 & 5. So we should be able to get a spot in the main parking lot up near the main gate/box office area.

We'll mark our spot with a GUMBY (either a small inflatable high up on a pole or a 6-foot version if I can find mine...). Should be easy to spot near the main gate. If possible, we're going to stretch a big blue tarp out for some protection from the elements (should be sun). So look for that too... There may also be some red/yellow helium balloons. I'll make it obvious, so no one will be able to say they couldn't find it...

I'll bring some snacks (chips, cheese & crackers, etc), a cooler full of ice, and a tune-box. Anyone who wants to bring anything, feel free to do so. And don't forget to BYOB.

If you're a musician, bring your instrument. It would be cool to have some live tunes in the lot before the show.

So I hope to see a lot of you there. We should be set up until showtime at least, possible even beyond that. It depends on how many folks are there and whether the consensus wants to go in for the opening acts.

BTW, I know it's a work day, but try to arrive at Star Lake early for your own benefit. Traffic can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare for a big show like this. Plus we all want to meet you, so come to the party early.

Any questions, please drop me an email.

CYA there,


Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

After weeks of looking forward to Crazy Horse's return to Western PA, the day was finally upon us. Having put up over $2000 for the Star Lake Rust Row, I was relieved knowing the row was sold out and all the necessary money had changed hands. Now to ensure our evening was in keeping with the Rust tradition, I had also volunteered to set up a RustFest for the Rusties who would be attending the show at Star Lake.

I'll start with a list of the folks who would join the Fest over the span of the evening (at least all those who's names or handles I can remember):

  1. Linda Sleeps With Angels Scott
  2. Linda's husband.
  3. Allen T.
  4. Substitute
  5. Tom D from Sector Z
  6. Danny O (from West Virginia)
  7. The Riddler
  8. Jay M.
  9. Bob from the Warren Tribune
  10. Andy from the Warren Tribune
  11. Cheryl Cherry Garcia Bedard
  12. Captain Kennedy
  13. Stan Southern Man Southern
  14. Kevin O
  15. pUNK
  16. Ken B #1
  17. Ken B #2

Since it was a work day for most of us, it was a bit late getting started, but shortly after I hoisted the Gumby windsock into the air, the Rusties began to gather: Sleeps With Angels and her husband were the first to arrive with their More Barn T's. There was also Allen T., Substitute, Tom D from Sector Z, Danny O from WVa, the Riddler, and assortment of other unidentified folks. Jay M. brought the cigars. Bob and Andy from the Warren Tribune stopped by, having seen the info on the HyperRust Never Sleeps web site. Bob was kind enough to bring along some photos he had taken of Neil over the years, at shows both in PA and OhighO. It was an impressive collection, and he was kind enough to give out his phone number to folks who were interested in getting a few pix for their collection. These two new friends were also happy to assist in bringing our two resident tapers into the show through the press gate.

Tapes and lists were exchanged, food was munched, brews were guzzled, cigars were smoked, as were some other bones of a more handmade variety. We opted to listen to the opening acts from outside, heading in once Steve Earle had taken the stage.

Arriving at the Rust Row, there was an onslaught of introductions, and faces to put with what had previously only been names: Cherry (MORE BARN!), Captain Kennedy (MORE BARN!), Southern Man (OPL T-shirt), Kevin O, pUNK, the two Ken Bs... many more I'm probably forgetting.

The show itself was outstanding, with Neil and the Horse coming Out of the Blue with an intensely powerful head of steam, and Rocking us In and out of the Free World throughout the night. Highlights were an incredible Cortez and a wonderful Dangerbird. Both the regular set and the second encore set ended with a blast of "old feedblack" distortional mayhem that turned me inside out and bashed my brain into the ground. First it was Like a Hurricane (and that it was), then Rockin In the Free World, a message that still rings in my ears several weeks later.

After the show, a few folks reconvened at my car, not wanting to let the night Slip Away too soon. We finished the food and the last cold brews, then it was time to say Hey Hey, bye bye... until the smell of the horse blows this way again.


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