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Minneapolis RustFest (September 7, 1996)

Your Host - Chuck Moe The Sleaze King

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Chuck Moe The Sleaze King....

Now, for the Rust Fest!...

I would like to host a RustFest cookout at my place the afternoon of the Target Center concert (9/7) starting about 2:00. Here's what I have to offer:

  • I live approximately 20 minutes from the Target Center. I'll post a map on the web in the next couple of days or so.

  • I have a stereo and a large selection of tapes.

  • I will supply hamburgers, bratwurst, beer, and soda.

  • Wanda has offered to bring vegetarian fare for the less carnivorous of you (not to mention her chocolate cake!).

  • I'm ready, willing, and able!
Please let me know if you plan to attend by Wednesday 9/4. Feel free to bring something (food or drink) to share but it isn't required. (Please keep it legal, my next door neighbor is the Chief of Police!)

Keep on Rustin'
Moe the Sleaze
a.k.a. Chuck King
( cking@minn.net)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

I think by all accounts the Minnesota RustFest was a great success! Apparently Neil couldn't find the time to attend, but that didn't stop the rest of us from having a great time.

The fest took place at my house in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. The guest list included a total of 31 rusties, friends and relatives representing five states and two Canadian provinces. That doesn't even count two recent transplants to Minnesota from Arizona and South Africa! The attendies were (Rusties marked with "*"):

  1. Monica Kindt . . (Sioux Falls SD)
  2. Joan ? . . (Prescott WI)
  3. Kim Butterfield . . (Sioux Falls SD)
  4. * Scott Hudson . . (Sioux Falls SD)
  5. Paige Dodson . . (Minneapolis MN)
  6. Diane Hoechert . . (Minneapolis MN)
  7. * Jeff Oliver . . (Winnipeg MB)
  8. Neal Baksh . . (Winnipeg MB)
  9. * Steve Pind . . (Winnipeg MB)
  10. * Mahlon Inksetter . . (Thunder Bay ON)
  11. Allison Warf . . (Thunder Bay ON)
  12. * Kurt Braun . . (Winnipeg MB)
  13. * Jay Ulku . . (Fargo ND)
  14. Connie Ulku . . (Fargo ND)
  15. Jason Ulku . . (Fargo ND)
  16. Tammy Clark . . (Fargo ND)
  17. Jeff Ulku . . (Orono MN)
  18. * Louis van Wijk . . (Cottage Grove MN)
  19. Mathilde van Wijk . . (Cottage Grove MN)
  20. * Derek Dickson . . (Duluth MN)
  21. * Nancy Jo Leachman . . (Rochester MN)
  22. Jimmy Leachman . . (Rochester MN)
  23. Rick Fryer . . (Winnipeg MB)
  24. * Ken Hoeppner . . (Winnipeg MB)
  25. Mike Manning . . (Lino Lakes MN)
  26. Britta Manning . . (Lino Lakes MN)
  27. * Bill Nalley . . (Maple Plain MN)
  28. Laura Posey . . (Crystal Lake IL)
  29. My wife, Lori
  30. My daughter Lisa
  31. * and Myself
I may have even missed some people due to a somewhat foggy memory of it all. Thank goodness we had a guest book for people to sign in! My one regret was there was not enough time for me to get a chance to really talk with all of you.

Here are a few pictures from the RustFest, over on my own web pages.

The time was spent eating, drinking, watching videos, listening to tapes, and looking over some wonderful photos of CSNY taken by Jay Ulku at the Met Center in Bloomington in 1974. Derek brought several Live Music is Better bumper stickers, a Broken Arrow poster, and a set of Duren tapes which were given away as door prizes.

Special thanks go out to Nancy Jo (Wanda) for bringing some delicious Vietnamese "Mock Duck" and other veggies for the non-meat eaters and to everyone else who brought something to share.

And very special thanks go to my wife, Lori, who not only let me throw this shindig, but spent a lot of time helping me organize it, and most of all had a great time meeting everybody.

Let's hope Neil gives us many more opportunities to do it again!

Moe the Sleaze
a.k.a. Chuck King

Still on a High...
Nancy Jo Wanda Leachman's Fest Report

I am still on a high, both from the concert and from the RustFest.

First of all, a giant thank you to Chuck and his family for hosting the RustFest. It was really great--laid back, and a nice connected-ness in the air. Chuck and Lori have a nine year old daughter Lisa. As is my wont, I asked her about what she liked to read. I also asked her who her favorite author is (remember, folks, I'm a librarian). To the latter question, she answered (after a pause), "I guess it's Robert Louis Stevenson." Music to the ears of a librarian. What a kid you & Lori have there, Chuck!

A great time was had by all. There were 5 MORE BARN! shirts, two original rust@death shirts, and one OPL Echoes shirt (worn by Derek, and also worn that night by Neil on-stage). I have some great pictures that I hope will find their way to HyperRust. The best one is of our host--Disco Chuck--looking like John Travolta in a MORE BARN! shirt. Actually, he was pointing the way to the highway to get to the Target Center. But his other hand is on his hip, giving him the Travolta look.

In response to the inquiries I've gotten, the Vietnamese Mock-Duck was from a St. Paul restaurant--Rose's. So I did not make it myself; wish I did have the recipe. C'mon guys, you were SUPPOSED to comment on my made-from-scratch, semi-famous chocolate cake, not the stuff a commercial business made!! Oh well, the ego takes another hit.   <:=)   (Don't try to make up for it with belated comments--it's too late!).

I'll say again it was a fantastic concert. And rust-fest. Wish I were repeating it all several times--- once a week for the next year would be fine.


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