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Vancouver RustFest (Oct. 22, 1996)

Your Host - Mike Lost Dog Currie

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Mike Lost Dog Currie...

This is the official announcement of the Vancouver Rustfest, hosted by myself and The Lovely Elizabeth, at our house in south Burnaby. We live near the SkyTrain route, so I suggest we take Rrrrrapid Trrrrransit to the show.

The show starts at 7 PM and includes two bands before Neil: Pete Droge, and Moist. I would like to catch Moist at least. Therefore, it sounds to me like we should leave our place by 7PM. This means to have enough time for a meaningful party, we should start by 4PM, or whenever you can get away from work (if ya gotta work). If there is interest, we will either fire up the BBQ or order pizza for dinner.

If you are interested in coming, please let me know what time you might come, how many guests you might bring, and what your thoughts are on dinner. I will finalize the arrangements after getting your feedback.

I would particularly grovel for people to bring their rusted out guitars, otherwise you may have to listen to mine! (That is my definition of punishment!)

BTW, I still have tickets left for the Rust Row. Please let me know if you are interested.

Lost Dog (and TLE)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

As noted in the odd post already, the Vancouver Rustfest was alot of fun.

Rusties in attendance were:

  1. Mike Currie (Lost Dog)
  2. Beth Currie, aka The Lovely Elizabeth (an honourary Rustie for the day)
  3. Steve Gollege
  4. Mike Joss (Rustman)
  5. Ruben Arellano (The Great Bullfighter)
  6. Sandra Berhoeff (Motorcycle Mama)
  7. Nolan Zak
  8. Patrick Abadi
  9. Michael Hirano
    And a whole bunch of friends:
    The Lost Dog party crew...
  10. ...Martin
  11. ...Janice
  12. ...Don
  13. ...Kami
  14. ...and Tim
    Steve's friends...
  15. ...Birgitte
  16. ...and Terry
  17. Sandra's husband Dave...
  18. ...and friend Jen
  19. Nolan and Patrick's friend Jenny
Not bad for a Tuesday night I'd say!

The Rustfest commenced at 4 PM. First arrivals were Nolan, Patrick and Jenny who had been wandering around Vancouver most of the day. Gradually, the others arrived. Everybody was here by about 6 PM. Many MORE BARN! t-shirts were present. Sandra and Dave proudly proclaimed that their t-shirts had arrived earlier in the day (thanks Brad!).

Steve brought up the MORE BARN! banner from Seattle. It had been couriered up from the Bay Area. Actually, there's a good story there that I don't think has been posted...

At the Saturday Bridge show, Jim the sax man gave the banner to Barb H., who was going to try to get Zeke to sign it, then give it back to Jim at the Sunday show. Well, it turns out that Barb had car trouble and didn't make it to the Sunday show, therefore, Jim never got the banner back. He frantically phoned all around (including to me) on Monday trying to locate the thing. He eventually made arrangements to get Barb to courier the banner to Steve, who would then brought it over the border to my place. Whew!
Pizza orders occurred at 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00. Kept that delivery dude busy! Many ales and a few scotches were consumed (with some spillage on the poor banner). My opinion is that the banner is taking on a neat appearance with all the writing on the front of it.

We took some photos of the group in front of our house with the banner on the roof. Hope they turn out, if so, they will be scanned for you all to see.

Many good Neil tunes were played, including some recent tunes from CalExpo and Barrie. A number of "rare" tunes were also played, including The Sultan, Aurora, Live To Ride, Ordinary People, Cocaine Eyes, Heavy Love, and many many more. Some of the folks seemed overwhelmed at my tune collection, even though it is modest by some of your standards!

Michael brought his guitar, but wasn't into a solo performance, even with our assurances of backup vocal support (if you could call it that!).

A good time was had by all. It was time to leave for Rrrrrapid Transit far too soon. By that time I had become so overloaded of organizing people that we all just drifted down to the show on our own.

Next time we have a Rustfest at this house, we will be able to be a little less rushed.

Cheers, and thanks everybody for dropping by. TLE and I really enjoyed the occasion.

Lost Dog

A Rust Row In Every City

Rustman's Postscript

Lost Dog and The Lovely Elizabeth (One is reluctant to call her Mrs Lost Dog) are due a big thank you for their hosting of the pre-concert festivities in Vancouver. A beer was thrust at you before you could take one step in the house, the pizza delivery guy wore a hole in the path with his frequent deliveries.

The company was great (should we be surprised?) and none of us got wet at this concert (the last time most of us got together was at the Gorge). Unfortunately as we had been spoiled at the Gorge so it was a bit of a let down both with the intensity and the time. However, we did get a great Powderfinger.

Rustman (Mike Joss)

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