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Hamilton RustFest (Oct. 31, 1996)

Your Host - Dave Electric Needle Youngberg

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Dave Electric Needle Youngberg....

Well Freekz, here we go again:

Neil swings by Hamilton on October 31. The official Hamilton RustFest will be held immediately prior to the show at Chester's Beers of the World (905-529-9568), located at 60 King Street East in downtown Hamilton.

Directions to Hamilton

Hamilton is located at the western most end of Lake Ontario (about an hour SWW of Toronto).


    If you are coming via the Detroit/Windsor area, you'll probably take highway 401 east thru London, then on to the Kitchener-Waterloo area, where you'll want to pick up Highway 6 south (to your right). Stay on 6. In about twenty minutes or so, you'll descend a long steep incline, where you'll notice Hamilton in the distance. Near the bottom of the hill, take the 403 WEST exit (to your right). Once on the 403, stay in the right hand lane. About thirty seconds later, take the York Blvd. exit (to your right). Go to section 4.


    If coming from Toronto and points east, grab a map and get yourself onto the QEW towards Hamilton. At the QEW NIAGARA/403 SPLIT, continue straight, onto the 403. A short distance further, the road will curve to the left. Take the York Blvd. exit (to your right) Go to section 4.


    If coming from the Niagara region or points south, take the QEW from Niagara Falls west to Hamilton. You will go through Stoney Creek. At the Stoney Creek/Hamilton Border, find the Burlington Street exit (on your right). Continue through the industrial sector (breathe lightly!!!). Stay on top of the raised sections of road where possible, as you will miss most of the lights. Keep going down Burlington Street until you reach James Street (James is quite a ways down, near the far end of Burlington St. If you miss James, turn around at Burlington Street's end and head back a couple of blocks). Turn left and head up James. If you are going directly to Copps, turn right at King St. Head down one block and turn right at Bay St. Copps is in that block on the right. If you are going to the fest, proceed through to Main St. instead of turning right at King. Go to section 5.


    Once at York Blvd., turn right. Continue across the high level bridge, past Hamilton cemetary to your right, and Dundurn Castle to your left. York will curve gently to your left; stay on York, don't right turn down Dundurn St. A few blocks later, you will pass by the north side of Copps Coliseum (Copps is at the corner of Bay Street and York Blvd). If you are heading directly to the show, look around the immediate area. There are plenty of parking lots and garages. Be prepared to pay for parking. If you are heading to the Rust Fest, continue down York one block past Copps to James Street. Turn right onto James and proceed through to Main St. Go to section 5.


    On your way up to Main Street, you will cross King Street. King and James is considered the centre of downtown Hamilton. Take a look to your left down King, and you will see Gore Park running down the middle of King Street (one way!! No left turn!!!). Chester's is located in that direction, a couple short blocks down on King Street's south side (that is, the side closest to Main St. between John and Hughson Streets, opposite Gore Park). Once you reach Main Street after travelling down James, turn left, find yourself a place to park, and make your way back to King. Then find 60 King East, and you have reached the Fest Headquarters!!!

  • Note:

    Downtown Hamilton is ALL ONE WAY STREETS, so if you are trying to get to a certain spot, you may have to "circle around" and come back to where you want to be. It can be frustrating, but keep trying. Eventually you'll get to where you want to be. WATCH FOR INTERSECTIONS NOT ALLOWING TURNS ON A RED LIGHT AND TRAFFIC DIRECTION!!! If all else fails, park and walk. Wherever you park, you are never very far from Chester's or Copp's! If you get totally lost, stop and ask someone how to get to Copps Colisuem, or King and James (near Chester's), and go from there. By the way, King East turns to King West at James. So if you find King and James, you aren't far from the fest or from Copp's..

    Feel free to add to or clarify this document (especially for Rusties travelling from afar) if you can! I've tried to make it as clear as possible.

    I plan on being at Chester's by 4 pm, maybe earlier if possible. I will post accomadation info in the days to follow...

    Hope see YOU at HamFest '96!!!

    =Dave Y. <-Electric Needle-(=

  • Fest Report

    (Also see the Show Reviews.)

    Where to start, Thursday seems like a lifetime ago. I was listening to EKTIN about 2 on Thursday afternoon (must have been a premonition), guzzled a few large swigs of rye to beat the cold (oh, who am I kidding.. head tuners!), puffed some low budget stuff, and took off down the street to Copps, disposable camera in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bus... maybe get some snaps? Hung aroung 'til about 3:30, froze my lips in the frigid 50 mph winds, watched the scalpers do their thing (best they had was row 8 centre... didn't get the price).. held out long as I could (no bus) then headed for Chesters.

    Barmaidperson sees the MB! shirt (thanx Brad) and sez a couple of yer friends were here, but they went for food. Turns out it was Rick Stephenson and his rusty buddy Matt. So I grabbed myself an ale and sat down. A few minutes later, Dave Fielder wanders in, we shoot the sh*it for a bit, then Rick and Matt, and it went on from there. I didn't know when I arranged this thing that it would turn out so cool. We had the back of a long thin bar all to ourselves. The owner busted a nut to drive screws into the dry wall to hold up the banner, $$ signs in each eye (a RustFest buys a lot of filler)! Altogether, I guess about thirty of us showed.. Lots of food, any beer from anywhere you want (sorry Dave, no Zima).

    So on the party went, until it was time to go. Some left to catch the openers, others waited for a while, but eventually we all slipped away.

    =Dave Y. <-Electric Needle-(=

    Barry Gillott's Mini-Report

    We got to Chesters around 4:30. Great to meet Dave Y, Mary, Trish, Andy, Matt, Mike?, Rick?, and that lovely couple from Liverpool. And everyone else. Send me some email, will ya?

    I watched several Rusties trying to unobtrusively hang the coveted MORE BARN banner and I jokingly remarked that I left my hammer out in the truck. Next thing you know, they're pounding nails into the beautiful moulding on the wall! So the banner is deployed. I signed it, an honorable experience. (Donated my black Sharpie - does anyone know if Neil subsequently used it!?)

    Dave Fielder's Mini-Report

    We had a super pre-show fest put on by Electic Needle, way to go Dave! All my fellow Rusties are the greatest, and I was glad to meet so many more of you. Sorry I didn't get to meet you all, fifty people at once is tough! Wow! I'm using way too many exclamation points! Really, going to Neil concerts is best with you folks, you know your stuff and are just great people, all of you!

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