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Halifax RustFest (Nov. 5, 1996)

Your Host - Steven Briggs

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Steven Briggs...

Hi Gang,

Here's the scoop on the Halifax Rustfest. I spoke with Hundred Foot Iron on this and we agreed on the so-called Liquor Dome. For out of townies, this is a glass walled, glass ceilinged (is that a word?) tavern between Lawrence of Oreganos and My Apartment on Argyle Street in Halifax. It is next door to the Halifax Metro Centre, our ultimate destination for the evening.

Not being sure who's getting into town when or who's working on the 5th, I suggest we start meeting there whenever we can starting about 4pm. Anyone wishing to begin earlier can hold enough tables for all of us.   :)

A few folks in the Rustrow may be bringing friends, and I'm also sending this to a few local folks whose posts I've noted over the last few weeks. The more the merrier.

Just so I have an idea on who is coming, please email me privately to confirm or deny attendance.

Steven (af464@chebucto.ns.ca)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews.)

The Rustfest at the Liquordome was not a resounding success. Some, hell, most folks I expected didn't turn up. A nice surprise at the last minute was my sister, Lorinda Barnett (cheers everyone for her first mention on HyperRust). I did get to meet new Rustie, Adrian Jordaan, from St. John's, NFLD, probably because I had his ticket.   :)   We talked for a while over a beer until he had to go to meet the people he was staying with. Met him later before Neil's set.

With the first act going on at 7pm and no sign of Mike Jones and the MORE BARN banner I was beginning to worry, and my sister was beginning to anticipate sitting in the front row with me (because I also had Mike's ticket). But, whew, he came in about 7:10pm. We had a quick look at the banner, wowing a few people at nearby tables, and then we were off.

Some time just before Mike came in, Hundred Foot Iron and Nancy Lee wandered through, saw me seated by the window, but left because they weren't sure if it was me. Must have forgotten what the More Barn shirt looks like, right Trevor?   :)   Sorry I missed you, but as you mentioned it was time to go in.

Trevor's Version

Missed the mini-RustFest (and I do mean mini) at the Liquordome. My girlfriend and I went in and walked around looking for the gang with the banner but didn't see them. It was after 7pm so we figured The Coroner et al already left for the show. After meeting Steven and Mike at the show, I'm pretty sure I saw Steven earlier at the 'Dome. You were sitting in the window weren't you, Steven?

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