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NeilFest RustFest IV (Raleigh, NC, Nov. 9, 1996)
Celebrating Neil Young's 51st Birthday

Your Hosts - John and Linda Meckley

Pic of John & Linda Meckley

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by John Meckley....

Hi Rusters,

ANNOUNCING: Neilfest IV (aka Birthday RustFest IV), an annual celebration of Neil Young's birthday. This year we'll celebrate on Saturday November 9 at my house in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. There will be a jam session and a birthday cake.

Here are some photos from last year's fest.

Please drop me a private email if you want to be on the mailing list for this year's fest. You'll receive directions and more information in a few weeks.


Fest Report

Hello Rusties...

Neilfest IV is over. It was a great weekend.

Thursday: Locator stops in on his way to the Hartford show.

Friday: A planned visit with Jyrki Kimmel (The Preacher) during his stopover at the airport does not happen when bad weather cancels his flight. We had a nice chat on the phone instead.



  1. Julio Laliberte (syscrusher)
  2. Liz Nulton
  3. Meg Gallagher
  4. Mark Hoffman
  5. Maureen Hoffman
  6. Rose Hoffman
  7. Erich Schreiber
  8. Anne Schreiber
  9. Fiona Schreiber
  10. Jay Smith (Electro Tech)
  11. Mike
  12. Lisa Fiorito
  13. Mark Wilding
  14. John Currie
  15. Linda Meckley
  16. John Meckley

  • It was a slightly smaller group than last year.
    Neil was in Hartford Friday. Neil? ..or.. NeilFest? -- Neil wins.   ;-)

  • Got a call during the party from Shakey, Youngster and Locator. Thanks guys. We love you.

  • My wife Linda made the birthday cake in the shape of a Les Paul (with 51 candles).

  • Playing Locator's Les Paul on Powderfinger. I finally learned that lick on the Bm/C part.

  • Watching Syscrusher play the Les Paul on The Loner.

  • Syscrusher decided to crash at our place Saturday night, That's cool cause we get to visit more Sunday morning and early afternoon.

  • Doing a "rockin" version of Pocahantas with 2 acoustics, and veteran sideman John Currie on slide electric guitar -- just imagine it. Also, I added as much of the *extended* lyrics as I could remember: John E. and the First F, Ann M. and M. Ali, Madonna and John K.

  • The jam session was a blast as usual. We were really cooking on a few numbers.
      The Neilfest IV Jam Band
    • Mark Hoffman: Bass and Vocals
    • Mark Wilding: Bass, Vocal, Guitars
    • John Meckley: Guitar, Vocals, Piano
    • John Currie: Guitars, Bass, Piano, Flute, Percussion, etc.
    • Erich Schreiber: Guitars
    • Julio Laliberte: Guitars, Harps, vocals

  • Setlist (from memory):
    • Too Far Gone (the traditional Neilfest opener)
    • Mellow My Mind
    • Big Time (Aborted)
    • ALBUQUERQUE (what a great song)
    • Don't Cry No Tears
    • Cortez The Killer
    • Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    • Long May You Run
    • Sugar Mountain
    • The Loner
    • Cinnamon Girl
    • Are You ready For the Country
    • HH MM
    • Rockin in the Free World
    • Down By the River (with harmonica and flute solos -- very cool)
    • Pocahantas
    • Out On the Weekend
    • Downtown
    • Till The Morning Comes

    Sunday: Locator rolls back through with tales of the Hartford show (the best sound he's ever heard) and a dub of part of the Much Music Neilathon.

    That's all. See you next year.


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