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Barnathon RustFest (Reading, PA, Nov. 9, 1996)

Your Host - Tom Stutzman

Pre-Fest Notices

The Fest Call was put out by Tom Stutzman...

In celebration of Scott & Rassy's gift on 11/12/45 and the conclusion of the Canadian leg of the 1996/1997 NY&CH Tour.....announcing the:

First Annual
Linear Valley
Rust Never Sleeps
Harvest Moon
Go to the Country, Eat Hot Dogs
a.k.a. Battle of the Barns
Broken Arrow Ranch EAST

Saturday, November 9, 1996
Noon til ?
rain or shine

Broken Arrow Ranch East, established 1981, is located in the exurbs of Reading, Pennsylvania, about one hour NW of Philadelphia.

*** Music / Films / Videos / Nolde Forest ***
*** Hot Dogs / Live Rust Exibits / Games / Prizes ***

Rustovision Eyewear recommended. Sponsored by Group Antioxidants, LTD.

Pennsylvanian, contiguous and otherwise ambitious Rustie travelers interested are invited to e-mail privately for more details that will include jpeg attachments.

Please use "Details-Barnathon" in subject.

Tom Stutzman (stutzman@early.com)

And then the fest was sorta cancelled...
Today was the deadline for confirmations on those planning to attend Saturday's first annual Barnathon at Broken Arrow Ranch EAST. Since I put out the Fest call about two months ago--before the Hartford/Buffalo dates were announced--there were more than enough interested Rusties to make it a party. But over the last week, initially confirmed attendance (15) has fallen off to next to zero for one reason or another with the best reason being that some rusties will instead be in the swim with Neil & the Horse.   :>)

So, regretably, the Barnathon is cancelled for Saturday 11/9.   :>(   I should have realized that with Neil playing so "close", it was a tough date, sandwiched between Hartford & Buffalo. A Saturday close to Neil's birthday originally seemed like a good date.

I'll be here working on the ranch if anyone does manage to show up.

And some folks DID show up (see below).

Fest Report

My girlfriend and I were the only attendees at the RustFest at Mashed Potatoes' Broken Arrow Ranch East. He showed us some classic videos, and we listened to some tapes from the '96 tour. It turns out he's been a Neil fanatic since before I was born! After the Fest was cancelled because of lack of interest (?) I realized that I would be able to make it. It's a prime location for a Rust gathering. There's even a barn with a pond next to it. Next time he hosts a Barnathon, I strongly encourage anyone to attend. We had a great time. Thanks Tom.


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