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Toronto RustFest IV
(December 14, 1996)

Your Host - Trish Cleopatra Richardson

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Mary Maguire....

Toronto-area Rusties:

We're having a house party (no, not MY house :) in Toronto on Saturday, December 14th starting at 6:00 p.m.-- a potluck-sort-of-thing.

All Rusties are welcome.

Neily music provided by Kato and crew.

Please e-mail me privately for details.

. . . . . Mary Maguire (maguirem@ca.cch.com)

Fest Report

Rustmas doo '96: What an amazing time!

I hate to get all sloppy & sentimental, but RustFests are just so special, unlike any other gathering known to man or beast: I swore I would never host another party after a sweet 16 went horribly wrong years ago, so the fact that one was held at The Shack is more incredulous than anyone will ever know....

And since nobody threw up in the laundry room like last time, I can honestly say I'd have you all back in a flash.

Here's the guest list:

  1. Zain Patel
  2. Andy Strote
  3. Hugo Roy
  4. Tony Wagahoff
  5. Kato Kitamura
  6. James K
  7. Dave Youngberg
  8. Dave F
  9. Allan Tong
  10. Brian
  11. Mary Maguire
  12. Trish Richardson

Shacked Up Rusties: The Lost Recordings
Sorry about that. My fault. Somehow I gave Brian the impression that DAT equipment was coming/preferred. Next time 'fer sure..... Uh like how about every weekend!?   : )

And now, the awards ceremony:

The winner of the Great Rustmas Doo Bake/Cook off is....: Zain for those amazing carrot & celery sticks. Nicely chopped, Zain (& thanks for *trying* to get them to play Down to the Wire. Next time it's mandatory for admittance folks, so start workin' on those chords).

Best decorations: Andy 'Cutlass Supreme' for bringing MORE BARN (and saying I could keep it forever, well......I'm touched, sniff, sniff)

Long Distance trophies: to Hugo (Mntl) & Tony (Rochester) You guys were like a breath of fresh air amongst all us cold, stodgy Torontonians.....well, Hugo was anyway. More like an ill wind that blew up from the U.S, but we still love you Tony, despite your many faults (ie. filling my glass w/wine all night instead of ice water as per your instructions).

And Hugo really, trying to claim you've never played w/anyone before. You meant Neil people I'm sure.......

Kato....what can I say.....*YOU'RE A GOD*. A bit of a taskmaster, keeping everyone playing & singing until the wee hours of the morning. "I don't care if it *is* 4am, we've only covered half the Neil catalogue. Now let's move people. Ready and a one, and a two..."

The rest of the band was on: James K., the newest & youngest (ouch!) amongst us; a man of many talents indeed. Great to have you aboard neigbour.

Electric Needle wailing away on harp, lookin' mighty fine in his Bay City Roller threads. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

Dave F., showing no mercy on guitar. It's funny though, I could swear you said you had brought butter tarts, but I never got a one!? (oh, and you were right, buck naked, nothing much shows though.....)

Thanks to Allan for arranging the post-fest get-together @ vortex (and you just *dabble* in drums!? Pretty darn good dabbling m'laddo) Hope you weren't up too late talking on the phone.......

Honorary rustie award to Brian filling us out on bass. BTW: he claims that was all an *act*, the slopping of the holy water & tumbling down in the closet!? I told you, he is always the first one off the wagon.......

Well, I could blather on & on all day. But I just wanted to say "geez you guys are grrrrreat"

If I forgot anyone, please shoot me.

Enjoying the leftover tequila & rum balls ,
~~ cleopatra ~~

Allan Tong's Postscript

Trish et al,

Thank you to all who attended last night's soiree. Extra thanks to Trish for hosting it and to those who travelled from out of town. And to Kato who plays a mean guitar.

Merry X-Mas,


P.S.: Cool drum kit.

Andy Strote's Postscript


Well just to add my $0.02 to the recent RustFest report posted here by Mary and written by the hostess (c'mon let's talk about Indians). As usual, it was a blast. Great music (4 guitars, bass, and drums!), great food (hey rusties, make sure you invite Tony Wagahoff to your next RustFest and get him to make that great dish he brought from down in the deep south), and it nearly goes without saying, great people.

It still stuns me how people who have maybe only met online, or perhaps a few times in person, can get on so well and easily. Jeez I left the joint at 2:30 a.m. and heard they still played a few more sets...

Anyway, could the following rusties who were there send me an email with their snail addresses so I can send some pix: Dave F, Allan, Hugo, and Zain. Mary, Kato, and Trish I'll see you or get in touch with you to give you yours. And hey, I'm going make some GIFs and hope REACTOR puts em on HyperRust.

Once again, I encourage people to organize RustFests in their area. Any excuse will do .... it'll be nothing but good vibes. I guarantee it.

Cutlass Supreme

Oh, and "Goddess-in-training" sometime, not right now, but sometime, I would like The Shroud back. That is if you're finished with it in the lobby of the legalist office.

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