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Long Island RustFest I
(December 22, 1996)

Your Host - bh

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by bh....

Please contact me if you're going to be in the vicinity on Dec 22nd. There's a party going on around here.

. . . . . bh (heinsohn@worldnet.att.net)

Fest Report

Thanks, everyone, for coming from near and far to the fest ... especially during such a busy season. (Some of these folks drove three hours from Philly to get here!)

  1. dangerbird
  2. R>R
  3. DeeDee
  4. PeteC
  5. Shakey
  6. Loose Chains   :)   (aka Loose Change)
  7. Mike YOUNGster
  8. Powderfinger
  9. Tish
  10. Phyllis
  11. Anthony
  12. Zoot
  13. (& me)
  14. (& Luke)
Sorry you couldn't make it schoolboy moon moon to defend yourself ... we were talking about you.

Live music is better and we got to hear a lot of it *thanks* to Shakey and R>R. I'm glad Shakey took the setlist home to relay it to rust. (See below.) It was a long one ... about 6 post-its. We tried to get the boombox to record but no such luck. (Note that the Ordinary People included in this setlist is legitimate, in spite of the fact that it was Loose Change who wrote it down...)

Thanks for tolerating Luke's bongo playing. He had a blast.

Once the party dwindled to Shakey, Loose, Mike and myself, we were wanting more than an audio of the event ... video would have been great. But I'm not sure that all of us last four would have felt the same way about such a permanent recording.   :)   (Guess that leaves a lot open for rusties' imaginations, eh?)

If you all recall, R>R had left his guitar here since the Jones Beach RustFest in August. I mailed it back to him about 2 weeks ago at the cost $35, much to his dismay. Would you believe that he came this [] close to leaving it behind again? Whoa. Thanks (Joe?) for reminding him.

Btw, I found a pair of eyeglasses in a black case on top of the TV. Any chance these are yours, R>R?? Or are they Zain's infamous glasses ... touring the Winter Fests just as the MORE BARN banner did this summer/fall?

It's so quiet here now. When can you all come back?

bh aka
brown-skinned indian

~~~the music matters~~~
         >>>---   --->

Shakey's Report

Wow, what a time we had tonight! I got up this morning all keyed up to meet up with Youngster and Loose Change so we could dash over to bh's Rustie Christmas Party. Mike came by, and we went to Joe's house. From there, he drove to Long Island and to bh's. Thanks again Joe for getting us to and from the Fest safely! We had some great discussions on the trip. The one thing that never fails to amaze me is how Rust is really responsible for all of us to hook up like we do. Think of all the good times that'd be missed if Rust hadn't gotten us together...

We get to bh's and already there we have Pete C., Didi (who brought her?), Ram>Rod, and Dangerbird. And of course bh. We strolled in, sat down and watched some videos courtesy of Loose Change, including the great Famous Last Words Interview which some of us had never seen before.

Not much later, Powderfinger and Tish show up. Nice to have these two here, as always. Soon after, the seemingly ever-present non-Rustie Phyllis came by with her husband Anthony, and the jamming soon began.

Here's a re-cap of the setlist, thanks to LC and bh. An * after the song indicates that it was NOT a Neil tune:

  1. Needle and the Damage Done (R>R)
  2. Big Time (Shakey)

    Then dinner was ready. Bh, what a great cook you are! The food rivaled the company.

  3. Love Is a Rose (R>R)
  4. Long May You Run (Shakey)
    Then we played together:
  5. Hey Hey My My
  6. Like a Hurricane
  7. Rockin' in the Free World
  8. Winterlong (partial)
  9. Ordinary People (partial)
  10. Ohio
  11. Knockin' on Heaven's Door *
  12. Tangled Up in Blue *
  13. Days That Used to Be
  14. Out on the Weekend
    Then I took a break, and left Rammer playing solo:
  15. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right *
  16. Shelter from the Storm *
    Then Ram>Rod takes a break:
  17. Hippie Dream (partial)
  18. Pardon My Heart
  19. The Loner/Cinnamon Girl
    Ram>Rod returns:
  20. Fuckin' Up/Tonight's the Night
  21. Natural Beauty
  22. Helpless
  23. Stupid Girl
  24. House of the Rising Sun *
  25. Lady Wingshot (Shakey)
  26. Dead Flowers *
  27. I've Been Waiting for You
  28. Soul Sister *
  29. He's a Dick *
  30. Harvest Moon (partial)
  31. Welfare Mothers (partial)
  32. L.A.
  33. Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze (partial)
  34. Down by the River
    (with some help from Loose Change and Anthony)   :-)

    And then the jam broke up, and we all talked for about another hour before Rammer, Pete, Powderfinger, Tish, Dangerbird and Didi left. After some conversation and laughter, I began to play again and we had a nice sing-along for a while there!

  35. This Note's for You
  36. Interstate
  37. Razor Love (partial)
  38. World on a String
  39. You and Me
  40. Mr. Soul
  41. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  42. 4 + 20 *

    Somewhere in here Phyllis and Anthony left. Anthony's percussion was missed. So was that of bh's son Luke at his bedtime, who, despite being 6 years old, has one hell of a rhythm!   :-)

  43. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes * (partial)
  44. Carry On * (partial)
  45. Word Game *
  46. Johnny's Garden *
  47. Haven't We Lost Enough *
  48. Southern Cross *
  49. Are You Ready for the Country
  50. Traces
  51. Winterlong again (partial)
  52. Just a Song Before I Go *
  53. Don't Cry No Tears
  54. Medly of:
    Pushed It Over the End
    Cowgirl in the Sand
    Heart of Gold
  55. Skybound * (original instrumental)
  56. War of Man (instrumental)
There were a lot of good memories being made tonight. Ram>Rod's playing, bh's cooking and the rest of the gang were fantastic! I was sorry to see it end. Youngster was in rare form, moreso as the night went on! There are definitely going to be some eternal stories from this Fest that will be retold at many later NYC area RustFests!

Where's a tape recorder when you need one?   :-)

I miss you guys already! We've got to do it again...really soon! But I'm exhausted. Good night!


Loose Change's Post Script

I knew I would be at a show where Ordinary People was played   :-)   Also, Winterlong was done twice due to my request. I wish everybody could hear Shakey do this one. It was awesome. I want the rest of the song next time, Shakey.   ;-)

Thanks again to bh, for the place to fest and the awesome meal.

YOUNGster, how you feeling?
. . .Loose Change

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