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Santa Cruz RustFest
(April 20, 1997)

Your Host - Bill Daddy's Gone Shaw

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Bill Daddy's Gone Shaw....

Greetings Rustafarians,

There will be a Fest at my house in Santa Cruz (CA) Sunday, April 20th, from noon until whenever. Any Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco area (or other??) Rusties are all of course welcome.

Although no band has been established yet for the day, we have space to play in, so musicians are welcome to bring equipment and we'll see what happens. Keg of beer, BBQ, music friends etc.

Please reply for details, directions, etc...

Fest Report

Well I had my first official "RustFest" this weekend, and it was great! It wasn't a RustFest exclusively, as only 5 or 6 of the 40 or 50 people in attendance were actually Rusties. Attendees from the list included:

  1. John Nobody Gabriel
  2. Tom Sugar Mountain Hambleton
  3. Devon Run Around Babe Thompson
  4. Ciaran fontainbleau (C.N.C.)
  5. Kieth Shumitsu
  6. and me Bill Daddy's Gone Shaw
Tapped our pony keg of Red Hook ESB at about 1pm Sunday, and fired up the BBQ. Threw Weld in the VCR and the fest was underway. Although the Rust turnout was fairly small, the general turnout was pretty good. By around 2:30 or 3 the party was in full swing. By the later part of the afternoon those of us who had instruments were feeling a little too toasted to try to get any jams going... maybe next time.

As the mystic moment of 4:20 approached, many a party-goer could be seen rolling another number and at the magic moment itself many cigars were lit to commemorate the day, the time, and the party. Cotton mouth must have set in soon thereafter as it wasn't long before the keg was drained.

Human Highway was also put on the VCR but even the diehard Rusties had a hard time staying interested for the whole thing. Personally I think the first 45 minutes or hour or so is the most watchable. Although the dream sequence is fun, I think it goes on too long.

Anyway the party was a definite success and a good time was had by all. It was nice to meet some familiar names/handles face to face.

Looking forward to meeting more Rusties and attending more RustFests...

Bill Shaw
-=Daddy's Gone=-

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