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Long Island RustFest II
(May 17, 1997)

Your Hosts - bh and Doriann

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Doriann....

Hey there Rusties...
Thought I would send out an early call to try and get a RustFest going. One of our overseas Rusties, Andy (Poncho) from London will be coming to New York in May. Since he is finally going to be on our side of the pond, we thought it would be a great idea to try and get a RustFest going. Looks like the weekend of Saturday May 17th would probably be the time. The place is to be decided. So New York and New York area Rusties, how about it? If anyone is interested please mail me privately. Thanks.
And the specifics were soon decided and announced by bh...
Party time...NY area rustfest

May 17th, early afternoon, Long Island. Music by Shakey and schoolboy and maybe Em7.

bh aka
brown-skinned indian

Fest Report

Attendees, in order of appearance (kinda):

  1. schoolboy
  2. Hippy Girl's Smile
  3. bikeralane
    Ordinary PeopleBanner
  4. neesah
  5. Handful of Thorns
  6. Doriann
  7. Poncho (Andy)
  8. Jamie
  9. RAM>ROD
  10. Loose Change
  11. Shakey
  12. dangerbird
  13. Kirstie
  14. computer cowboy . . surprise guest flew in from Ohio for the day!!
  15. Pete
  16. Chris
  17. Cathy
  18. CarolAnne
  19. Linda
  20. Powderfinger
  21. Vampire Babe
  22. and me.
  1. RITFW . . R>R
  2. Comes a Time . . Shakey
  3. Roll Another Number . . schoolboy
  4. Needle . . R>
  5. I'm the Ocean/Fallen Angel . . Sh.
  6. Old Laughing Lady . . schoolie
  7. Berlin . . Sh.
  8. Powderfinger . . schoolie
  9. > > > More Than a Feeling . . R>
  10. Long May You Run . . R>
  11. Love Art Blues . . Sh.
  12. Days That Used to Be . . R>
  13. Down by the River . . schoolie/Sh.
  14. Helpless . . R>
  15. Big Time . . Sh.
  16. HHMM . . R>
  17. LAH . . schoolie
  18. Ohio . . R>
  19. House of the Rising Sun . . R>
  20. Knockin' on Heaven's Door . . R>
  21. Shelter from the Storm . . R>
  22. Dead Flowers . . R>
  23. Music Arcade . . schoolie
  24. Human Highway . . Sh.
  25. World on a String . . schoolie w/ Sh. on harp
  26. F@#kin' Up . . Sh.
  27. Capn. Kennedy . . schoolie
  28. No More . . Sh.
  29. Goin' Back . . Sh.
  30. Tonight's the Night . . Sh.
  31. Old Homestead . . Sh.
  32. Albuquerque . . Sh.
  33. Bite the Bullet . . Sh.
  34. Field of Opportunity . . schoolie
    Shakey's late night set: (TFG)
  35. On the Way Home
  36. Razor Love
  37. Ride My Llama
  38. For the Turnstiles
  39. New Mama
  40. Pardon My Heart
  41. Winterlong
  42. Thrasher
  43. Too Far Gone
  44. LA
  45. Vampire Blues
  46. Interstate
  47. Out on the Weekend
  48. Alabama
  49. Shots
  50. . . Change Your Mind
  51. . . Cowgirl in the Sand
  52. . . Fontainbleau
  53. Old Man . . (computer cowboy)
  54. Southern Cross
  55. 4+20
  56. Carry On
  57. Word Game
  58. Give Me Strength
We had fun. Thanks, everyone!

Wait till you guys see that BANNER! It is absolutely unbelievable!!!

bh aka
brown-skinned indian

ps - Powderfinger brought some pics along from other fests that included some close up shots of the MB banner. What we noticed was that Shakey had signed it: "1996 - Year of the Horse." Hmmm.

RustFest addendum: Rustie Awards

Following is the awards ceremony from yesterday's party....

  • Rustie who traveled the farthest: Poncho (Andy) from England.

  • Rustie who showed up by surprise via air travel (I almost typed "via air mail"): Computer Cowboy from Ohio. (Note: I suspected he might pop in. As he said, "Cowboys never were capable of sneaking up on indians.")

  • Rustie who drove the furthest: Hippie Girl's Smile from Utica, 6.5 hours.

  • Rustie who juggled work schedule the most to make it here: neesah.

  • Rusties who did NOT get lost or stuck in traffic entering Long Island: None. (As Bikeralane says: "After a while, it's all one road.")

  • Rusties who video-taped a majority of the fest: Bikeralane, Hippie Girl's Smile and Computer Cowboy. (cc set up his camera on a tripod and we forgot it was on after awhile.)

  • Rustie who helped with coordination, planning, sending of directions (to some folks 3 times :) : Doriann. (Thanks for all your help!)

  • Newest Rustie: Handful of Thorns. (Sorry you couldn't stay longer, but thanks for getting the jam going :)

  • Rustie who is always calm, cool, collected and mellow: dangerbird.

  • Rustie who arrived first: schoolboy, 11:45am Saturday. (RainKing, we missed you and need you to complete the Mod Squad.)

  • Rusties who lasted the longest: Powderfinger and Vampire Babe, 5:30pm Sunday. (We even took a trip to the Fire Island lighthouse on Sunday and came upon a child of god on a nude beach out there... whoa...)

  • Rustie who makes every RustFest complete by leaving something behind: RAM>ROD. (You left a jacket and a denim coat this time... Contact Powderfinger, who took them back to Philly for you.)

  • Rustie who can play more Neil songs than Neil can: Shakey.

  • Rustie with the Rustiest vehicle: Hippie Girl's Smile. ("Keep on RITFW - Neil 89" painted on the back of it.)

  • Rustie who swears he heard someone play Ordinary People last night: Loose Change.

  • Rusties who were really smokin' on No More: schoolboy and Shakey. (Yes, it is on video...)

  • Rustie whose true identity was discovered: garfong123@aol.com.

  • Rustie who headed off to San Francisco after the fest and will probably be lucky enough to catch an OPL gig Monday or Tuesday night: (Hint: this very same Rustie happened to catch 5 shows in Germany and 5 US shows last year...) Pete C.

  • Overnight Rusties: Powderfinger, Vampire Babe, Computer Cowboy, Shakey, Loose Change, RAM>ROD.

  • Rustie who "when we woke up, he was gone": RAM>ROD aka out of the blue and into the black.

  • Rusties who kept the setlist: Loose Change, bh, neesah, Powderfinger.

  • Rustie who was afraid to go to sleep because of what we might do to him (and rightfully so): Powderfinger.

  • Rustie who got the least sleep: computer cowboy. (Early flight out at the crack of dawn.)

  • Rustie who got the most sleep and hence the most abuse: RAM>ROD.

  • Rustie instigator of the whipped cream episode: Vampire Babe.

  • Rustie not-in-attendance who caused the only non-Neil music to be played by sending me a tape: Mr. Chuck (Jethro Tull's Lesser Known Gems)

  • Rustie who had prepared a short list of requests for Shakey (about 40 tunes): bh. (Btw, he covered most of them :)

  • Rustie with the practically-hallucinogenic-garfong: Anonymous. (But trust me, there was one, and the stuff was wild ...... I warned you, jm.)

  • Rustie who followed in YOUNGster's footsteps (aka Loosest Rustie by night-end): Loose Change.

  • Rustie guest performer: Computer Cowboy.

  • Rustie who apparently coined the phrase "YOTH" before Neil, as evidenced on the More Barn Banner: Shakey.

  • Rustie who DAT recorded a portion of the LMIB, complete with crowd noise and rain chants: Poncho.

  • Rustie who really played More Than a Feeling: Shakey. (hehehehehehehe)

  • Rustie who was missed the most for not being there: Every Rustie who wasn't there.

  • Honorary Rustie: Ordinary People Banner. (Just wait till you see this work of art .... I'm telling you... Immediately upon its arrival I nailed it up to a wall for easy viewing.)

  • Rustie of the Spring Season: Bikeralane, for creating that extraordinary labour of love.

  • Special thanks go out to my neighbor, Bernice, for not banging on my ceiling/her floor during this fest.... especially during the 3am set which ended appropriately enough with Give Me Strength.

  • Additional thanks to those non-Rusties in attendance and those in our daily lives who tolerate our Neil-fetish.

  • And thanks always to Neil.

    bh aka
    brown-skinned indian

    Computer Cowboy's mini-RustFest Report

    Mini because I haven't slept much since Friday. If my head hits the keyboard, I hope it hits the send button...

    You've seen the attendee list - what a great bunch of Rusties!

    You've seen the set list - what a boatload of music!

    If you've only seen the picture of the Ordinary People banner - you haven't really experienced it yet!

    First of all - it is enormous. And hand sewn by Bikeralane from end to end. And she hasn't simply sewn scraps of material into the letters - she's embroidered names, added little symbols such as cowboy boots :), broken arrows, Canadian flags, MORE BARN! remnants, etc. bh called it a work of art - I'm not really qualified to judge art, but I think she's right (don't tell her I admitted that).

    Bikeralane - what a rustie you are!

    When I arrived at 7pm (fashionably 5 hours late), schoolboy, Shakey and RAM>ROD were jammin away. The music died down about 2am? I don't know, but I know I crashed at 3. Fifty-eight songs I think. Shakey - I think he has a teleprompter implanted in his head - it's amazing that he remembers how to play all of those songs, even more amazing that he can also remember all the words. And play for so long - wow.

    schoolboy - as you saw on the setlist he was a major contributor here. I'm also impressed with the depth of his Neil repertoire - also his ability to pick up a song on the fly and supply accompaniment.

    RAM>ROD - the first time I'd met R>R, and he played his ass off. R>R, we watched the video and caught you hammin up to the camera   :)   :)   I'll make sure you get a copy!

    Between Bikeralane and I - much of the music is on video! Some of it is kinda grainy - it was pretty dark in the room after sunset, but I think it's watchable. The daytime stuff is great! Really recorded well.

    Bikeralane also took some additional non-musical footage for the JTTF - and from what she's told me it sounds pretty cool! I got some non-musical stuff too, such as the discussion about video's inability to record scents...

    :)   It was very late, but a rust moment.

    Loose Change - bottle that energy you've got, and the sales to me alone will keep you comfortable for many years! Rusties are all friendly, but you are especially so. And hardly opinionated at all   :)

    Powderfinger - who finally got to go to bed at 3am, only to awake at 6 to drive me to the airport, and show R>R how to get outta town. Your generosity was very appreciated. Thanks man, I'm glad to know you!

    Pete C - you dog. Get Neil's autograph for me!

    Hippie Girl - Hello again. For those of you who haven't met this live wire yet - don't wait!

    bh - what a great hostess. Plenty of food and drink, comfortable places to perch and a heart of gold. Thanks for a great party - I told you I wouldn't miss the next one, and I'm glad I didn't.

    Yeah, I know I forgot stuff, but you guys gotta post somethin   :)


    Hippy Girl's Smile's PostScript

    As I drove down thru NY City (expressways and expressways- it really is all the same road), I thought "Gee, I hope that I can find this place on Long Island!" Finally with the help of a couple of locals (it is interesting that the locals do not know where to go either - the road is all the same there, too) I found the place.

    The day was great. Barb knocked herself out to accomodate everyone. Thanks again, bh. It was my first RustFest and am looking forward to more. Everyone is so rusted that it is incredible! Some of the "major posters" to Rust were there, so when I got home my mailbox was a little lighter than usual.

    The "three rusted-out tenors" did a great jam (Shakey, Schoolie, and RamRod). You guys were excellent!!!!!!! It was a pleasure to finally see faces that go with the handles, although it would have been totally too intuitive to have gone there actually knowing who anyone was. The only person that I'd previously met is cmptrcwby. What a nice surprise to see him again.

    I accept my two awards (for my vehicle, and the 6.5 hour drive) with great Rustie pride. Have a great day out there in Rustland!

    "In A Trance"
    Hippy Girl's Smile

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