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Slugfest RustFest (Toronto area)
(Kitchener, Ontario, June 28, 1997)

Your Host - Dave Slug Fielder

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Dave Slug Fielder....

Hi-dilly-ho, neighbours!

This is the announcement for a little "get together" to be held on June 28th at my place. Nothing too fancy, just a chance to hang out with other Rusties and hopefully have a good time. There's still lots of time to drop all your other plans and come on down, and what could be more important than hangin' with your fellow Rusties?

This fest has been officially dubbed the "Slugfest" by our always radiant Mary Lonesome Whistle Maguire in reference to me, your humble host. Don't be fooled by that, though, it is still to celebrate Neil & NOT ME. Of course, if you want to celebrate me, I like my cake chocolate. ;-)

Here are the W5's for ya:

Chateau de Slug
22 Bonfield Place Apt.14
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (about a hour west of Toronto)
When: June 28th starting at 8pm
What should you bring:
BYOB and maybe some munchies
to celebrate all things Neil, to meet your fellow Rusties
If you would like to come, just let me know. I can give directions to anyone who needs 'em. Otherwise, just follow the smell of Oktoberfest sausages!

Any phone enquiries can be made to me, Slug (I also respond to the name "Dave Fielder"), at (519)743-2796.

So come on out. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Slug (davef@istar.ca)

Fest Report

Here's the list of attendees...

  1. Mary Lonesome Whistle Maguire
  2. Tipper Blue Eden Quigg
  3. John Kato Kitamura
  4. Zain Love In Mind Patel
  5. & moi
Ander here is the setlist for the "official" Slugfest:
  1. Violent Side
  2. Transformer Man
  3. Touch the Night
  4. Walk On
  5. For the Turnstiles
  6. See the Sky About to Rain
  7. Ambulance Blues
  8. On the Beach
  9. Mother Nature's Son
  10. I'm So Tired
  11. Blackbird
  12. A Day in the Life
  13. Cry Baby Cry
  14. Julia
  15. I Believe in You
  16. Traces
  17. Flying on the Ground is Wrong
  18. Sail Away
  19. Don't Be Denied
  20. Silver & Gold
  21. Eight Days a Week
  22. Dead Puppies
  23. Early Morning Rain
  24. The Fool on the Hill
  25. L.A.
  26. Love in Mind
  27. The Old Homestead
  28. Star of Bethlehem
  29. Tell Me Why
The performers:
  • Guitar & Vocals: Slug, Kato
  • Croaking Harmonies and Page-Turning: Mary & Zain
  • Percussion on Pringle Tin: Tipper
Here are mini-reports from the attendees:
Blue Eden:
Sure was fun... lots of cool things to listen too... neat cartoons... good tarts. Arrived at around 7:00. Mary, Kato and I and the rocking just hasn't stopped... Oh and I heard Ordinary People for the first time and they didn't play Sedan Delivery But I had fun.... ---Tipper
I'd like to say that I had nothing to do with the playing or singing of Dead Puppies. However, I did enjoy the delicious Slug-pizza and appreciated Slug overcoming the incredible heat and humidity of Kitchener to produce his famous microscopic butter tarts. And I did enjoy playing for some two hours with Mr. Slug himself.... ---kato
Love In Mind:
Well, I didn't really contribute much to this fest, except to eat Dave's munchies, enjoy all the tunes, and make lame jokes. Dave treated us to Boney M's version of Heart Of Gold (the disco mix), which I thought wasn't half bad, and we also listened to a rare take of Neil's unreleased song Sell Out (done by Yellow Hand). Thanks Dave! ---Zain
Lonesome Whistle:
Highlights of Slugfest were (in this order):
  1. the tarts
  2. Walk On
  3. Blackbird
  4. Watching NFB shorts (in honour of Canada Day)
  5. Don't Be Denied
  6. Arguing with Zain about sell out(s)
  7. Dead Puppies.
Dave? ---Mary
Please, help me get these people out of my apartment! I just had it de-loused, dammit!

Seriously, it's 3:30 in the morning and I must say that it has been my pleasure having these people over. Hey, anybody with Reese's Pieces, ju-jubes, Pringle's etc. is always welcome here!

Here's an Update from Mary & Tipper:
we've crossed the stupid-line. Good nidiofhght........nmlu6r.booze
Thanx for the update! Anyways, maybe it's just the beer talking, but I love these guys! Yeah, it's the beer...

But on a serious note,

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