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Tel Aviv RustFest I (Israel)
(July 8, 1997)

Your Host - Aaron mood code Lieber

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Aaron mood code Lieber...

although the final location has yet to be determined, let this stand as the first notice of the first(?) asian rustfest. myself, Ehud Friedman, Yoni Molad, Gil Golany and a few other rusties wll be gathering somewhere in the beautiful city of tel aviv the night of July 8th at approximately 9pm local time. I'll be wearing my new rust logo shirt and humming "you can't always get what you want" ;)

exact location details to follow - should be a cool time

-mood code (aml7y@server2.mail.virginia.edu)

Fest Report

the first ever asian rustfest took place in tel aviv on the night of July 8th. the following Rusties were in attendance:

  1. Yoni Tall White Mansion Molad
  2. Ehud Powder Freedman
  3. Gil Golany
  4. Gil's friend Dov
  5. Michal Zionov
  6. Aaron mood code Lieber
  7. and I brought along the mood codette, Rachel Lieber.
after thanking the heavens that the bar served Corona (so i could stop drinking the local stuff) I joined the group in discussing:
  • Neil Young (you knew that one was coming)
  • Eric Clapton
  • The Rolling Stones
  • the Israeli Government
  • Lighnin' Hopkins
  • why neil young is never on the radio in america
  • the spice girls
  • the american tax structure after 1981 (don't ask)
  • muddy waters
  • the shortcomings of CSN
  • Willie Dixon
and about a thousand other blues musicians who i knew one song each from and so i could follow along with the conversation ;)

I personally had a great time meeting some of the israeli rusties and I also enjoyed roaming around the country for two weeks. and if anyone needs trans i saw it on sale for 39 shekels ($11). I can give you the location of the store for the next time you're passing through :)

I'm sorry I can't recall more of the rustfest happenings, how about some help from the others in attendance? at any rate, thanks to everyone for coming and i hope to hang out with you all again next summer if i can find some way to get back into the country for a language course (or tank commander's course)

at this point i open the floor to israeli rusties who want to flame me in case i insulted their nation/nation's musical taste/favorite color/etc.

i honestly can't remember - damn those coronas were good!

-mood code
aaron mark lieber

The Tall White Mansion PostScript

Aaron Mark Lieber wrote about the Israeli rustfest:
a whole bunch of stuff
to which I reply:
couldn't have said it better myself!!!!
Except that the Carlsbergs were better then the Coronas :)


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