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Deer Creek RustFest II
(July 25 & 26, 1997)

Your Host - Ted Still the Searcher Wilson

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Ted Still the Searcher Wilson


It is with great pleasure that I present (drum roll...) "Deer Creek RustFest II". (cymbal tink!)

Last year we had one of the largest known RustFests in the world (well, the largest reported to the Rust List anyway. Pictures can be found at my site).

This year promises to be a special weekend - Neil plays Friday night, and the WHO plays Saturday night! (We can sleep when we're dead.) So the fest this year has been officially dubbed: WHORDE Festival (aka WHOosier RustFest '97).

So everyone come on over and have some fun. There is plenty of room if you want to camp out Friday and Saturday nights.

I have created a WHORDE / WHOosier RustFest '97 page that contains information on both the HORDE and WHO shows and fest. The page will be updated regularly as more information becomes available. Please send me a note if you have any info, questions or suggestions about this event or fest page.

*** So who's going to make the WHOrde tee-shirts? :)

See ya there, er, here!

Still the Searcher
Ted Wilson (ted@in.net)

ps. For planning purposes, please send me a note if you plan on attending, and let me know if you are going to camp out for the WHO show. Thanks.

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

Well, it's Wednesday evening (after the Friday Dear Creek show) and I still can't think of the words to describe DBTR. It was a (long) transcendant moment to be sure, only to be followed by an equally mesmerizing TTN. These two songs alone were worth the price of admission; put me there anyway.

And this fest-hosting thing has turned out to be really lucrative.   :)   I scored a bottle of Maker's Mark and an excellent quality Neil video (Rusted Out Garage '86 - thanks Tom & Bob!), one of NEIL's PICKS (thanks Greg!), and a tape of the show, not to mention the laughs and good times! And after last year (ahem) it was nice to have someone chauffeur us.

Two shifts showed up pre-show; some went early to catch the stealth gig (it didn't happen - I probably would have never forgiven myself for not going early if it had!)

After the show, about 15 people showed up and partied on the deck till about 3 or 3:30, including the ubiquitous Leo E. (19 shows, 1st row, etc - you've read of him before!), who jammed with Sean Milligan, Bob Hanna, and others after the show on the deck.

We watched Dead Man on Saturday morning. Well it felt like morning, but it was actually after noon. Every time I see this movie it gets better, and now I think it is officially my favorite movie ever. It was cool to watch it with fellow Rusties, and DM virgins at that.

So there we are recovering from HORDE (not quite yet ready to stoke for the Who), 5 hours sleep, hangovers, staying indoors in the air conditioning because it's the hottest fucking day in two years (99 degrees and 90% humidity!), and our farmer friend calls to tell us we need to bale hay today! ohhhh noooo. ("Smell the Horse", my ass! What about "Feed the Horse", "Bale hay in HELL for the horse"... sorry - got off on a rant there;) Fortunately, Mitch "Trans Man" Bracey gave us a hand and helped us load the wagon. I told Mitch to stay upwind, cause I thot I was gonna puke for a moment surfing that wagon. Recovered quickly tho when we got back, showered and plowed down some jumbo shrimp and steak, and got, uh - prepared, for the Who, which was also an awesome show.

I put a few pictures of the Friday fest on my web site. I'll add some captions as soon as I catch up on sleep. The dude laying on his back rolled off the deck onto the ground at one point, but was apparently unhurt or well anesthetised...

As always, the best part of these get-togethers is meeting fellow Rusties. Ginger and I have met and made friends with some really cool people!

The following people attended at one point or another (please forgive my faulty memory chips if I left anyone out):

  1. Tom Transformer Man
  2. Bob haven't had a TV in ten years Hanna
  3. Greg ...just think of me as one you never figured... Wolff
  4. Mitch Trans Man Bracey
  5. Joe The Loner Berkemeier
  6. Joe Thrasher Crane
  7. Joe's wife (and friends)
  8. Sean Nomad Milligan
  9. Sean's wife
  10. Leo Muddy Track Echavarria...
  11. ... and Frank (19 shows!)
  12. Kirk 6pak drinkur Brewster
  13. the dude that fell off the deck (and still had a smile on his face!)
  14. and of course myself, Ted Still the Searcher...
  15. ... & Ginger Wilson
...and a few others I didn't get to meet.

Support your local RustFest!

Still the Searcher

Transformer Man's PostScript

What a great week. Brother Bob and I trekked to Deer Creek and the show was fanatastic. We thoroughly enjoyed Ted and Ginger's Excellent RustFest again this year. Their hospitality is a model for us all. And Bob didn't mind driving 'em to the shows at all, given that Ginger's route for us last year took Neil a bit too literally -- that part about heading to the ditch. :)

Tom Hanna

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