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Vernon Downs RustFest
(Western New York, Aug 5, 1997)

Your Host - Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple

Hey all you Rustiesattending the Vernon Downs HORDE festival... The second best reason to gather: RustFest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be hosting a RustFest before HORDE on 5 August 97. Everyone can come to it, then we will leave in tandem for VD. It will be held at Marcy Canal Lock Park which is a state park located one mile from my home. Bring your fishing poles, guys, if you are into this sport. Will have my boom box and some Neil.

Would any other area Rusties care to help out for this? Maybe someone from Syracuse or Ithica??

Time and directions to follow... We will have fun only as Rusties can.

Hippy Girl's Smile (HipyGrlSml@aol.com)

More Details:
Okay, here are the details for the Fest. The Fest will start at 10:30 AM. Everyone is to bring their own beverages. There will be hot dogs furnished by me (rolls too, and the condiments). Maybe we can all get together on this to alleviate the expense. For example someone bring hamburgs or pickles or chips or something they would like to grill themselves. I have a grill volunteer who has said he will have barbeque impliments in hand as he drinks a beer with the other one. Or did he say something different??? Will also furnish a potatoe and a macaroni salad.

Please note that there is a convenience store down the road from the park enterance. They sell beer and soda as well as other beverages.

We are going to need to leave the Fest by 1:15pm to get to the Downs and wait for the gates to open so that we will not miss the acoustic set. Although he has not done it at every venue, the occurence of him doing it has been more than not. We will be prepared anyway.

If you can play a musical instrument, namely a guitar, and you can play Neil, bring it with you. I will have a boombox with all sorts of Neil to play.

There will be balloons tied to the end of the driveway to the Canal Park. RSVP me to let me know if you are coming, to better estimate how much food to get. Any other help like directions is available as well.

Hippy Girl's Smile (HipyGrlSml@aol.com)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

Rusties in attendance at the park were:

  1. Soldier Steve Swatsworth
  2. Steve's friend Eric
  3. Tony Country Home Wagahoff
  4. Shots
  5. Mark Powderfinger Klus
  6. Mary Lonesome Whistle Maguire
  7. and your's truely
We chatted and had a pleasant but short time. Soon it was time to leave but guess whose truck would not start??? A hint: the Neilmobile had been rockin' through the whole fest... It was fixable however. Thanks to Tony and Steve, my truck was running in a heartbeat.

We braved a torential downfall plus a humungas detour on our way to Vernon Downs but we got there. The HORDE festival was spread over the center of the race track.

Check out the show reviews for more about the show. This festival is a wonderful experience for both young and old and in between. There's something for everyone there.

So long folks

Mary's Mini-Report

I left Toronto at 7:30 this morning, pulled into the RustFest at 12:30 and found Powderfinger, Paul, Tony, Hippy Girl & Steve. Had a couple of cold ones before heading out to the show. Got caught in a rainstorm on the way here, took a long detour around hell's half acre, and arrived at the racetrack to find Leo, Frank & Marilyn waiting patiently for Neil...

]]]]] Lonesome Whistle^ [[[[[[

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