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Great Woods RustFest (Boston Area)
(August 8, 1997)

Your Host - Paul Double Drop D Rask

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Paul Double Drop D Rask

IT'S A GO !!!!

There will be a Fest at my house in Sturbridge, Mass on Aug. 8th, prior to the H.O.R.D.E. concert (which starts at 4:00 pm at Great Woods in Mansfield). The Fest will start at 9:30 am and run till about 1:00 depending on when we leave for Great Woods to catch Neil's acoustic set (if he does one). There will be food, music and friendship.

My co-host is none other than Robin (Bikeralane) - our Ordinary People banner lady. Drop me a line if you haven't already -- we'll have a great time.

Lets make the most of this summer !!!!!!

Paul (PRask@aol.com)
Double Drop D

Here's some more info...
The major road thru Mass is the Mass Pike, and I am the first street off of it in Sturbridge, in south-central Mass. I think the location will work.

Actual directions:

    Take Sturbridge exit off Mass Pike
    Take first exit off that road
    Take first right on New Boston Road.
    The house is one half mile on left -- number 101.

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

I want to thank everyone who went out of their way to attend the RustFest held in Sturbridge. It was great to see all those smiling faces coming with their MORE BARN! and Rust Logo shirts on, and all their delicious goodies in hand: rolls, snacks, danish, pies, salads and more -- thanks!

The Ordinary People and MORE BARN banners were laid out on the front hedges for all the world to see (and all the Rusties to sign). We partied hardy with the following Rusties:

  1. Kathy Popple (Hippie Girl's Smile)
  2. Jim Maguire (Bound For Glory)
  3. Marilyn Miller (Neesah)
  4. Marilyn's sister
  5. Doriann Neiditch (Unfulfilled Moon)
  6. Robin Delnero (Live To Ride)
  7. Robin's husband Mike (Urban Gorilla)
  8. Andy Strote (Cutlass Supreme)
  9. Janet Eells (Such A Woman)
  10. Leo Echavarria (Muddy Track)
  11. Kathy Schnell (Muddy's Honey)
  12. Paul Van Denburgh (Down By The Hudson)
  13. Bob Ballerstein (Helpless)
  14. Bob's female friend
  15. Mary Maguire (Lonesome Whistle")
  16. future Rustie Ted Covill (he told me we'd see him on Rust)
  17. Monica
  18. Terry
  19. My wife Judy, along with five of our six sons:
  20. ...Jason
  21. ...David
  22. ...Joshua
  23. ...Nathan
  24. ...Aaron and
  25. ...Aaron's girlfriend Elizabeth
  26. Our future daughter-in-law Naomi
  27. Me
and a black lab named "Billy" (if I'm missing anyone, please forgive me).

Robin, my co-host, was such a big help in helping me prepare for this and making it a success - thanks Robin!!!!!!!! Many thanks to my wife Judy, who spent so much time preparing and working in the background (she really loves Neil and got her fill at Great Woods and SPAC).

Leo brought his guitar and mouth harp and we had a great jam session of playing and singing with the help of all in attendance.

Many thanks again to all who participated !!!!!! The pleasure was all mine.

Paul Rask
Double Drop D

Check out this photo of some of the group.

Live To Ride's Fest Awards Report

Friday morning we were all up early here! A caravan headed for Paul/Double Drop D's house in Sturbridge. When we arrived Paul and his lovely wife Judy and their boys were there to greet us! Paul and Judy are so down to earth! They made everyone feel so welcomed! The 2 banners were hung in the front yard for all Rusties to see upon their arrival.

Paul and Leo entertained us with some music! We all hung out and sang and had some great topics of conversation. All Neil of course! And what a feast! We had burgers, dogs, salads, pies, cookies! Wow!

We had a surprise visitor! A guy named Ted who has been checking out the HyperRust sight, and lives near Paul, droped by to check out a "RustFest". I think we have convinced him to sign on and become one of us. We tried to convince him to come with us to the show, but Ted had other commitments. Oh well, next time!

Here are the Great Woods RustFest awards:

  1. Rustie who traveled the most miles:
    Janet/Such A Woman -- arriving in from California! (Oh yea, Janet we never did get to hear you sing!)

  2. Rustie with most miles on vehicle:
    Ah of course that would be LEO !

  3. Rustie with next to the most miles on vehicle:
    Mary Magurire

  4. Newest Rustie on the block:
    Jim Maguire/Bound For Glory. Welcome Jim... (This was his first ever RustFest.)

  5. Best Supporting Rustie:
    Judy Rask, Paul's wife -- she really stands by her man...and it showed! She put out a great feast and really worked hard! Thanks Judy.

  6. Most unexpected Rustie:
    Ted. What a surprise, this guy just brave enough to come and meet a bunch of Neil freaks he has never even talked to!

  7. Rustie or Non-Rustie filmed the most:
    Urban Gorilla.... Attention JTTF film makers: that is Urban's armpit...don't forget to edit that part out! duh!

  8. Wildest Rustie:
    Hippy Girl's Smile Check this chick out! She really loves to dance and sing!

  9. Most Political Rustie:
    Bob....was that your poster that said "Neil Young For President"?

  10. Friendliest Rustie:
    Paul/Double Drop D. What a nice guy! Thanks for making all of us feel so welcomed in your home!

New Rustie Ted's Fest Report

Hi Folks,
This is my first post to Rust, so pardon me if it doesn't make much sense. A funny thing happened to me last week...

While lurking around HyperRust, I decided to check out the Great Woods info and see if there was going to be a RustFest for the show. (Mind you, I didn't even know what the a hell a RustFest was). To my suprize, a Fest was being held in Sturbridge, MA, the town next to where I live and work. I was suprised the the fest was being held so far from the concert site (about an hour's drive).

What happened after that, I can only describe it as... I felt like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I was drawn to this Fest and I didn't know why. I am not the type of person who likes to go places and meet new people, but I felt like I had to go. So the next day I contacted Paul and asked if I could come (even though I wasn't planning on going to the HORDE show). Paul said come on by.

I work about 5 miles from Paul's place, so I took an extended lunch hour. I figured I was dressed appropriatly (I thought a Tie was in order). When I got there I ran in to Paul's son in the road first, so he pointed out Paul to me. The rest was like meeting old friends.

In the short time I was there, I met a lot of wonderful people. I left the Fest in a great mood. I was persuaded to get on the list (which I have now done thank you very much). And I also got a great feeling that there are other people out there that share my passion for Neil's music. (I have been a dedicated fan for over 20 years.) I also felt compelled to go to HORDE on Saturday (yes folks I did go, kicking myself all the way because I was offered Rustrow seats at the Fest).

At the HORDE show I saw many familiar Rustie faces, but no one recognized me because I shed the tie. I had a great time. I wished the show didn't end, and I look forward to the next time Neil comes around (and the next RustFest). Well that's all for now.

Take my advice, Don't listen to me....


Hippy Girl's Smile's Mini-Report

We left in tandem from BikerAlane's house and ventured off to the Rask home. As we arrived, we were greeted by Paul. His wife, Judy, was busily preparing all sorts of good stuff in the kitchen. Went in to say hello to her. Those boys are the best. Paul has 5 or 6 sons.

After several banner pics and much Neil music (courtesy of Paul and Leo) it was time to go to Mansfield. It was a very nice time at Paul's and BikerAlane's fest. Thank you Paul and Judy and Biker. It was great.........
Hippy Girl's Smile

Neesah's Sister's PostScript

Hello folks! I was at the RustFest for Great Woods and want to thank you all for allowing me to enter the Rustieworld! I had a good time and enjoyed spending the the day at Great Woods with you all.

Anyway I thought the man played his ass off and I enjoyed the show -- I entered the Neil Zone. SPAC was almost a let-down after that!

Paul and folks in Sturbridge: thanks for excellent hospitality and family-like atomosphere. Never have I felt so at ease with a bunch of folks I hardly knew. Hey, thanks again see ya next concert season. If you want drop me a line, send it care of Neesa...

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