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SPAC RustFest II (Saratoga, NY)
(August 10 & 11, 1997)

Your Hosts - Capital District Ordinary People

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Marilyn neesah Miller....

This is to announce the long-promised, second annual SPAC RustFest!!! If we can expect you, please email me, and I will put you on the mailing list for future announcements. I will be glad to answer any questions. Hope to see you there!
Your Hosts:
The Capital District Ordinary People (CDOP) ---
Old King, Wondering Man, and neesah
August 10, Sunday
High Noon (If anyone can make it before noon, please let me know. We want to be able to claim the site, and if someone can be there earlier than noon, it sure would be nice!)
Karista Pavilion (see directions below)
neesah (mmiller@francomm.com)
Your own food, drink and musical instruments. There are places on the site to cook, if anyone would like to bring charcoal and other picnic stuff. There is no alcohol allowed in the venue or in the parking lot of the Performing Arts Center. However, you can bring beer into the picnic area where we will be gathering. If you fear we won't have enough music that day, someone could bring a boombox. We hope that some nice people will bring some guitars.... Let me know....
Here's how you get there:
  • Park in the main lot at SPAC on Route 50.
  • Walk to the box office/entrance to SPAC. DO NOT GO IN!
  • Look to your right and you will see a cement wall about 2 feet high.
  • Beyond the wall and curling down toward a stream is a paved path.
  • Cross the wall, take the path and follow the stream for one-quarter mile until you hit the picnic area.
That's where we will be. Look for MORE BARN! shirts and Rust Logo shirts straight ahead!!


And there's more...
I am having a bunch of Rusters staying at my place after SPAC and before Jones Beach, so I decided that I would invite whoever may be interested to RustFest on August 11. We can cook up some stuff, have a simple supper, people can bring their own drink and some food or something to share. I have room for tents outside, the music can be loud! as I live in the country, and we won't be bothering a soul. Musical instruments are a plus!

Anyone who is interested can drop me a line...

(marilyn)   mmiller@francomm.com

Old King's Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

We had a nice group of folks show up at the SPA State Park for the Saratoga Rustfest, sponsored by the CDOP (Capital District Ordinary People): Neesah, Wonderin Man and Old King.

Wonderin Man with camcorder and daughters in tow arrived extra early to secure "OUR" spot which was the same one we had last year. BikerAlane brought the, by now, holy Ordinary People banner and spread it out on the grass for all to sign and oogle.

Music was of course necessary and well provided by Pauly Double Drop D Rask and Frank The Shepard Dymond. All though it was the first time they had met they played together as if they had known each other for years.

As the gates to dusty old crowded SPAC opened at 2PM the party was fairly brief, but there was enough time to gather around the banner and snap a few pictures. If I'm not mistaken Hippy Girl had about 6 cameras around her neck all at once.

Rusties In Attendance (Please forgive omissions and misspellings):

  1. Steve Swatsworth
  2. Dennis Steward...
  3. ...and Friend
  4. Marilyn Neesah Miller
  5. Ray Caliguire
  6. Dee and...
  7. ...Fred Vanderburgh (and Friends)
  8. Marc...
  9. ... and Mrs. Jaffe
  10. David Wonderin Man Guay...
  11. ... and daughter Becky...
  12. ... and daughter Jennifer
  13. Mark...
  14. ... and Rhonda Williams
  15. Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple
  16. Dave Bolan and...
  17. ... friends Matt...
  18. ... and Jason
  19. Robin Live To Ride Delnero
  20. Paul DDD...
  21. ... and Judy Rask
  22. Frank The Shepard Dymond
  23. Doriann
  24. and me......*OLD KING*
Hope Neil tours again next year so we can have RustFest III, but I'd prefer if he came alone and left the surfers and moshers and stage rushers on their own.

Wonderin' Man's Report

My 2 daughters and myself left home about 10:00AM for Spa State Park where the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is located. We arrived at the Karista Pavillion at around 10:30 AM, and all was well. No one was around and the area was available for us to use. We proceded to get the picnic tables set up and of course put some Year Of the Horse on the boom box, so that people would hopefully hear it and know that we were there.

At about 11:30, Rusties from near and far started showing up. Dave Bolan and his 2 buddies from Toronto were the first to show up. Then came Double Drop D and his wife, and Bikeralane (the maker of the BANNER). Next came Neesah and Hippy Girl's Smile and friends. As Neil would say, "Things were looking much better".

Along with Neesah came the Ordinary People Banner. It was unfurled and laid out on the lush green grass for all to behold. (GREAT JOB ROBIN!) What a sight that was.

"Look at this", Neesah said. "Zeke signed it yesterday right here". As she pointed to a spot in the center of the BANNER, of course everyone was craning their necks to see it. Ralph and Billy signed it earlier in the tour also. Alas, No Neil Sig. yet.

While this was going on many other Rusties were showing up. If I don't mention you, please forgive me. I believe Old King has the roster. Next thing I know there is about 25 people there. Paul Rask and Frank Dymond (The Shepherd) broke out the guitars. So much for the boom box. Live Music Is Better, Bumper Stickers Should Be Issued was heard. On that note, Paul broke in to Long May You Run. He was soon joined by Frank and they played DBTR and The Loner, among others.

While this was going on, Rusties were having lunch, renewing friendships, or making new ones. Speaking for myself, it was really cool to finally see the faces of the people I have been talking with, and who I have seen posting on the list all the time.

Old King finally showed up after awhile, and my 2 daughters did a little cheer for him about Neil, and throughly embarressed him in the process. It was all in fun, and all who saw it seemed to enjoy it.

Of course all in attendance had a chance to look over the BANNER, and sign it. Then many pictures were taken and we all got together and got some pictures with the BANNER in front of us. Check this one out. It was funny watching people run back and forth to get pictures. Finally one of HGS's friends volunteered to take some pictures, and all of a sudden she had 5 or 6 cameras in her hand, and people were running back to get in their places for the pictures. Everyone say RUST...

Shortly after that we broke camp and headed to the gates to start our day at HORDE. All in all, IMHO a good time was had by all, and some very nice vibes were flowing everywhere. Thanks to all who showed up, and to those who missed it, maybe the next time Neil plays at SPAC we will see you then at the SPAC RustFest III.

David aka Wonderin Man

The Shepherd's Fest Report

I'd really like to thank all the Rusties who made me feel like a life long friend to you all upon our first meeting. There is a bond I felt amongst Rusties that cannot be broken, and you all exemplified an aura of class, respect, and true camaraderie for each other, and for the music, that is rare in these times.

Thanks to those who have posted kind remarks regarding the music Paul Rask and I played that day. Rich (Old King), said it best when he stated that we played like we had known each other for years even though we just met. I felt exactly that emotion when I got my guitar and Paul welcomed me to join him, with a smile. (Thanks Paul.) It was my pleasure to be a part of it.

It is indeed unusual to go to a party where you have never actually met anyone, yet feel at home. Rusties are the greatest people in the world and I am proud to consider myself one of you. I hope Neil comes to SPAC next year so we can consider a RustFest III.

I will reserve my comments on security and overpopulation of the grounds for a later date, as I want this to be a positive post. (Trust me, SPAC is usually a fantastic place to witness a concert, despite that day's debacle.) My favorite part of the day was meeting Rusties at the park, sharing Neil's music through Paul's spirited guitar, his welcoming me to join him without hesitation, signing the banner, taking pictures of you all and talking to you later at SPAC like we grew up in the same town. Rusties are family.

As for Neil's performance, although there were no surprises, he was intense and spirited as usual. He is more than a professional. He has the fire in his belly. Like a "horse" that won't ever be totally broken by man.

Frank Dymond
The Shepherd

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