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Charlotte RustFest (August 15, 1997)

Your Host - David Get Gone Herndon

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by David Get Gone Herndon

Anyone who's interested in a "get together" (as we say in the South) before/after the Charlotte HORDE show, drop me some mail and let me know and I'll get a list together.

I'm offering some sort of crash space to anyone in need. It'll most likely be a nice cozy campsite in my yard, but maybe that's better than a rest area.

I live out in the country, right outside of Charlotte, in SC. So we can crank up Neil as loud as we want <g>. Anyone with musical instruments, plan to bring them along too ... we'll have a NeilJam before/after.

Dave. (dherndon@southernsystems.com)
Get Gone

More Details:
The Charlotte RustFest is on! Below are the general plans.

I will arrive at Blockbuster Pavillion around 11:00 on August 15th and attempt to park as close to the center and front of the pavilion as possible. They may be directing traffic very strictly, so I could wind up being anywhere to the left or right, but I should be close to the front. I think I have a scheme which will allow everyone to find the "Festers". <g>

The early native American Indians had Totem Poles. I will be constructing a "RustEm Pole" to guide all the Rusties showing up for the show to my Jeep. So, look for a Gold Jeep Grand Cherokee with a RustEm pole flying overhead. The current design plan is for a large broken arrow on top of the pole with some other appropriate ornamental decorations.

Christie and I are going to prepare some classic Southern delicacies for everyone to munch on (no, no grits, pigs feet, chitlins or anything like that). Everyone should plan to bring whatever beverages they prefer and can leave small coolers in my Jeep during the show. Please plan to bring CUPS to hold your beverages and remember, no glass or beer cans in the parking lots at Blockbuster.

The gates supposedly open at 2:00 with the first band at 2:15. We will need to check upon arrival to see exactly what times the gates open so we can get in there ASAP in case Neil starts playing early acoustic sets again. I would imagine we will need to move to the gates at 1:30.

Plan to hang out after the show for a while to let the traffic disperse. Anyone who needs a place to crash can follow me back to my house in South Charlotte. Bring at least a sleeping bag and possibly a tent. If you play an instrument, please bring it along but be aware that you will have to lock it in your car during the show and it WILL be hot that afternoon almost guaranteed. Heat works (horrible) wonders on a guitar.......

If some folks have other sleeping arrangements but want to stop by on Saturday for some socializing and maybe lunch, again, let me know. I will email you directions to my place.

** Wear your Rust Logo shirt or your MORE BARN! Shirt!

!!!!!! Get Ready to Party and See Neil and the Horse !!!!!!

David Get Gone Herndon (dherndon@southernsystems.com)

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

Had a great time on Friday. Met tons of great people at the RustFest. I'm not sure of the exact head-count, but I would estimate the number of Rusties that stopped by somewhere between 20 and 30 all total.

The day started off rough. Got to the pavilion at around 11:30 to find it completely EMPTY! The jerks running the parking lot did not have the parking lots open yet. They claimed the show started at 4:30 instead of 2:00... "Check your ticket" he said, I did, and it said 2:00... Drove into an open parking lot anyway to see what was going on. Found Leo, Hope and Diana and their crews and then got ran out by the parking lot guys... So we regrouped in another lot <smile> where they later gouged us for an extra 5 bucks for parking: "Leave and come back at 2:00 for $5, or pay us $10 now..." No kidding, that's what they did!

Anyway, once the initial parking was out of the way, we put up the RustEm pole and proceeded to Fest.....and sweat! The Ordinary People banner showed up and a bunch of folks signed it. We got some pictures of the whole gang holding up the banner...should be good ones. The banner is AWESOME, Robin! What a beautiful piece of work... We had it laid out on the grass/hill right beside the road so everyone driving into the show could see it.....

You've already seen the reviews of the show itself... It was a great show...

After the show it was getting late in the parking lot and the Pavilion personnel kinda told us to leave so they could clean. Everyone pretty much dispersed fairly quickly and we didn't get to hook up afterwards anywhere.

The world famous "Leo" crashed at my place but was on the road at 6AM for the Virginia show! What a trooper! Leo it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you a safe journey for the rest of your trip. BTW, Leo took the RustEM pole (minus the Neil pics taped onto it) with him as a souvenir from Charlotte HORDE... Maybe it will fly high at a show near you soon!

Thanks to everyone who came by and I hope we can do it again next year to the tune of a new album! My prediction is that Neil will cut an acoustic album next......his acoustic set in Charlotte was just soooooo good. I kinda wished he had just done the rest of the show acoustic...



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