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Toronto RustFest VI
(Sep 7, 1997)

Your Host - Zain Love in Mind Patel

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Zain Love in Mind Patel....

YOTH will be playing at the Toronto Film Festival twice:
  • Sunday, Sept. 7 at 11:15 pm (yes, pm) at the Uptown Cinema
  • Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 10:00 am (yes, am) also at the Uptown
The Uptown is on Yonge St. just south of Bloor St., in downtown Toronto.

Ron Pretli posted a couple of messages a week or 2 ago, asking those interested in going to contact him (unfortunately, he himself won't be able to make it). About 13 Rusties plan to go to the late Sunday screening, along with some friends, for a total of 21 people. The tickets for those who contacted Ron Pretli earlier have already been purchased.

Tickets for all films at the fest go on sale to the general public tomorrow (Wed.) at 9:00 am at the Cumberland Terrace (at Cumberland and Bay). If you're interested in joining us, and didn't contact Ron Pretli before, you may want to consider buying a ticket on your own ASAP. We all plan to meet a couple of hours beforehand at the Spotted Dick, which is a pub just around the corner. See you there!

If you need any more info, just e me (not Ron, please).

Zain (bp199@freenet.toronto.on.ca)
Love In Mind

Zain's Fest Report

Thanks to all the Rusties & other friends who showed up to Sunday's screening of Year of the Horse at the Toronto Film-Fest, as well as our pre-film booze-fest at the Spotted Dick. In no particular order:

  1. Andy Strote (thanks again for the pix of Pine Knob)
  2. Mary Maguire
  3. Kato Kitamura
  4. Allan Tong
  5. Trish Richardson...
  6. ... & Brian
  7. Dave Fielder (who drove an hour from Kitchener)
  8. Ron Nusca...
  9. ... & Christine (who drove at least an hour from Ancaster)
  10. Mike Caplan (who drove a couple of hours from London, Ontario)
  11. Mark Klus (who drove 8 hours from Philadelphia!!)...
  12. ... & his sister ...
  13. ... & two...
  14. .......... friends
  15. Ray...
  16. ... & Colleen (I don't know how long they drove)
  17. Greg Vandeheuvel
  18. Jason Abram
  19. Dave Bolan & ...
  20. ....f
  21. .....o
  22. ......u
  23. .......r   friends
  24. John Carter...
  25. ... & Cat (Kat?)...
  26. ... & her friend, who met some of us in line
  27. Myself
Not a bad turnout!

Special thanks to Mark Powderfinger Klus, who trekked up from another country to join us. Great to see you again, Mark! I have yet to meet a more devoted Rustie than you.

Also, thanks to Ron Pretli who decided to have the fest in the first place and began to organize it, before discovering he wouldn't be able to join us. (I guess now you're glad Neil didn't show up, eh Ron? ;)

Thanks again everyone - especially for paying me for the tickets! ;)

Love In Mind

Slug's Report

Well, another great gathering of Rusties has come and gone, this one to celebrate the Toronto premiere of Jim Jarmusch's film Year Of The Horse. As usual, it was great to see many familiar faces, as well as putting some new faces to familiar names.

Slug Goes Off On A Tangent pt.1: First off, a personal note. Last weekend was the first anniversary of my very first time meeting members of the Rust community at the Pine Knob show. What can I say? It has been a fantastic year! Everyone I've met has been REAL cool (except a couple jerks, but we won't talk of them.   :)   Special thanks go to my pals in the Toronto contingent, I love ya all, but extra-special thanks to Zain, whom I knew before Rust. If it weren't for his months of gentle persuasion ("ya wanna be a loser all yer life?! Join the list!"), I might not have met any of you. Thanks, Zain!

Back on track, now. Some personal thank-you's from last night:

  • Zain - AGAIN?! Well, Zain, you were nice enough to stand in line for four hours to get us the tickets, and after being hit by a Mack truck even! Also, thanks for the pix and your always brutal honesty & goofy remarks. "I was thinkin' bout me and me..."

  • Lonesome Whistle - for just being you! And for your hospitality (thanks for the DC! Cool pad!), insightful comments, that beautiful smile, and your infectious exhuberance!

  • Cutlass Supreme - for that beautiful smile!   ;)   Thanks for your stories "from the road", for not letting me eat rhubarb, and the great pix! May the Stones play a gig in your basement!

  • Powderfinger - for travelling eight hours(!!) to see this flick! Great to see ya again, reminisce, and share thoughts on all things Neil!

  • Caboose On The Loose - thanks for the tape! Great to meet you & your wife, hope we can talk more at the next fest!

  • Kato - what a guy! Too bad you're going to be bludgeoned to death soon for more of those "Glen Campbell" remarks, such a shame!   ;)   Kato, is there anything you don't know about music/TV/movies?!

  • Allan - Siskel and Ebert all rolled into one (how'd you fit Ebert in there?)! Thanks for reminding us this was a movie, and your always enlightening, although wrong about "El Topo", comments and criticisms.

  • Roadeye - for making the trip from "a town in southwestern Ontario" to see this flick! The "anti-social" Rustie? I think not!

  • The Spotted Dick (aka The Spotted Penis) - for the cold beer, salty fries, and putting up with us! Cheers!

    And thanks to everyone else whom I met but did not mention above. Believe you me, you are not forgotten.

    Okay, the movie.

    Several years ago, Stephen King made what he called a "moron movie", called Maximum Overdrive. He said it was "the loudest movie ever made". Sorry, Mr.King, but I think you've been outdone.

    Year Of The Horse is an amazingly loud movie. Much to my surprise, it is more of a history of Crazy Horse than just a Neil Young film. Lots of vintage footage from 1976 & 1986 is interspersed with interviews & performances from last year. Through the interview segments, Crazy Horse's history is traced from it's early Danny & The Memories days up to the present.

    The interview segments aren't particularly enlightening. Pancho is evasive to most questions, and Billy mumbles a lot. Surprisingly, the most insight comes from "the quiet one", Ralph, as he describes the Horse's history, it's appeal, etc. Neil's talks are humourously confusing, but his dad is clear & concise.

    I got a good laugh out of one Spinal Tapish scene, where they try to work out the harmonies to Cortez! Also, there are some scenes (apparently from Muddy Track) where Neil hurls verbal abuse on the guys for their performance that night.

    Of course, the music is the main attraction, and we are treated to lots of footage of such tunes as Barstool Blues, Stupid Girl, Slip Away, Big Time, etc. Interesting choice of songs, seems to lean more to the lesser-known material than previous live Neil films.

    Anyways, my bottom line is it is a great film. See it! Preferably with other Rusties.

    That's all folks!


    Roadeye's Report

    5:00 am, I just got home, gotta post...

    Had a fantastic time in Toronto tonight. I know I am going to forget some people but here goes, on hand were Mary, Mark, Kato, Zain, Dave, Andy, Mike, Jason, Ron and his wife, and many others. We started gathering at the bar around 7:00, by 10:00 most were there and off we went to wait in line (wouldn't want to miss any stars of the movie who might be going in the front door!)

    Waiting in line, and just before the doors open, out walks the director of "Roger & Me". Someone (not a Rustie) says, "Hey, there's Roger Moore." Sure enough, Michael Moore, looking as disheveled as he does in the movie and on TV is walking down the sidewalk, but now the line is moving, so we head in. Moore, must have turned around and come back into the theatre, because next thing I know, Mary is chatting with him... Don't know how the conversation went, because I was dashing up the stairs to get the good seats... Actually so was Mary, Michael wasn't.

    The Rusties gathered in front of the reserved seating hoping that someone with the last name "Young" (Neil or Scott) would be sitting there. No one was there yet. Just before the film started, Jim Jarmusch was introduced. He mentioned he had just flown in from Vienna and (wait for it...) boy were his arms tired! (insert rim shot here). He also said that he had picked up a chest cold and that he probably wouldn't end up staying through the entire screening. He didn't take any questions.

    OK, now like I said, this is only my opinion, so let me ask you, when was the last time you applauded at a movie? When was the last time you danced at the movies? Well for me, it was about 5 hours ago. I didn't go in with any preconceived opinions, no real expectations, just anticipation. I wasn't disappointed.

    Highlights for me were Fuckin' Up, Tonight's the Night, Sedan Delivery and Like A Hurricane (WOW!!!) I enjoyed the intertwining of the interview and performance sequences and I think with repeated viewing, the significance of the positioning may become more apparant. I was too involved with the whole experience to really analyze the film.

    Afterwards there was some discussion about what the director was trying to illustrate. To be honest, I really don't know. I thought I had an idea, but thinking about it on the way home, I decided I really needed to see it again (and again) to really form that opinion.

    Anyway, Neil didn't show, Jarmusch left after about 20 mins. There were a few empty seats, but those were the seats that had previously been reserved.

    This was only my second time meeting with a group of rusties and it reinforces for me the sentiments that I expressed after the Pine Knob show, this is a great community. What a great bunch of people. I really don't know any other way to say that. Sorry to be so long and rambling, but let me finish by saying, in case it wasn't already clear, most Neil fans will enjoy this film on some level. The performances themselves are worth seeing, but make sure the theatre turns up the sound!!!!


    Mr^Pink's Mini-Report

    Last night was INCREDIBLE!!! Thanx to everyone there for making it so memorable. If YOTH returns to T.O. in limited release, I hope we can get together again. If you haven't seen YOTH -- go see it! If you have seen it -- go see it again! Last night was also great because I got to meet Michael Moore. How often do you see celebrities alone, and without security guards by their sides to ward off fanatics like me? Coooool!

    Jason Abram, aka Mr^Pink in IRC

    The Ray & Colleen Micro-Report

    Excellent film!
    Excellent evening!
    Excellent rusties!

    Ray & Colleen

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