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Reading RustFest (England)
(Sep 13, 1997)

Your Host - Matt Cottingham

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Matt....

If there are any UK Rusties with nothing planned this weekend, how about having a few drinks with Andy Thomas, Mark Snowden and me at my house near reading? Maybe we will even achieve RustFest status! Give us an email if you fancy it. A shame it's such short notice. It would be great to have a large UK rustfest one year....

Well, hoping to see some replies despite it being only a few days away!
Matt (matthew.cottingham@brasenose.oxford.ac.uk)

Fest Report

Hello there, last Saturday we had a UK micro-RustFest consisting of Mark Snowden, Andy Thomas and I, at my house near Reading. It was great!

We met in London and drove to Reading in Mark's car, with a Roxy 73 show on. Then we went to the off-licence, and then the pub to chew the fat about Neil. And a bit about some other things too. Got home, had a sing song and more drink. I played guitar and we all sang. In no particular order:

  1. Cortez The Killer
  2. Natural Beauty
  3. Ordinary People
  4. Look Out For My Love
  5. Razor Love
  6. No More
  7. Goin' Back
  8. Sugar Mountain
  9. Like An Inca
  10. The Weight
  11. Drove Old Dixie Down
  12. Interstate
  13. Cowgirl
  14. Mr Soul
  15. Four Strong Winds
  16. Broken Arrow
  17. Mid-East Vacation
  18. I Am A Child
  19. **Computer Cowboy**
  20. Everybody's Alone
  21. Needle
  22. Give e Strength
  23. Campaigner
  24. RitFW
  25. When You Dance
  26. Out on the Weekend
  27. Slip Away
  28. Scattered
  29. Big Time (in Cockney :)
  30. Days That Used To Be
  31. Human Highway
  32. Inca Queen
  33. Helplessly Hoping
  34. Will To Love
  35. I'm the Ocean
  36. Words
  37. One Of These Days/Dreamin' Man
  38. Crime In The City
  39. Computer Age
  40. Alabama
  41. Albuquerque
  42. Borrowed Tune
  43. Yellow Submarine
  44. Lookout Joe
  45. Here We Are In The Years
  46. The Losing End
  47. Pardon My Heart
  48. Helpless/Too Far Gone/H/TFG/H/TFG/H/TFG
  49. Hey Babe
  50. Hold Back the Tears
  51. Lotta Love
  52. Man Needs A MAid
  53. After the Gold Rush
  54. Stringman
  55. Captain Kennedy
  56. Long May You Run
  57. Don't Be Denied
  58. Sail Away
  59. LA
  60. On The Way Home
  61. Clancy
  62. Last Dance
  63. Winterlong
  64. Time Fades Away
  65. Mellow My Mind
  66. World On a String
  67. Pocahontas
  68. Dance, Dance, Dance
  69. BoxCar
  70. DBTR
  71. Journey thru the past
  72. Dont Let it bring you down
  73. Shots
  74. War Of Man
  75. Ride My Llama
  76. Thrasher
  77. Evening Coconut
  78. New Mama

    Attempted By Mark:

  79. Transformer Man
  80. Oh Lonesome Me
  81. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  82. Come On Baby Lets Go Downtown
A pretty good LMIB I think! We made it through till 9:30 next morning. And I still don't know how Mark made it home in his car.

We are planning to meet again sometime before Xmas, so I will try to advertise that one to see if anyone else can come along -- which would be great!

Cheerio then

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