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Farm Aid RustFest (Chicago Area)
(October 4, 1997)

Your Host - Cliff Zelinski

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Cliff Zelinski....

For all planning on attending Farm Aid who would like to get together before the show...

RustFest in the outdoor area of Gambone's Restaurant in Tinley Park on Saturday, October 4th from 1:00PM or earlier if any prefer.

Gambone's is located at 6820 W. 179th St. in Tinley Park, at the corner of Oak Park Ave. and 179th St. You can enter the World Music Theatre from Oak Park Ave. at 191 St., only 1.5 miles south of Gambone's.

The menu there has moderately priced sandwiches and pizza with a good selection of imported and microbrewed beer.

Gambone's allows all ages, and the large outdoor area has a canopy to protect from the elements. We have a reservation under the name "RUST" and they will provide extra wait staff for our party. If you plan on attending, please respond to me so I can give the restaurant an approximate head count.

I-80 to Harlem North.
Right (east) at the first light, 183rd St.
Continue east one block to Oak Park Avenue.
Left (north) onto Oak Park Avenue
Gabone's is on the left side at 179th St.
Phone only if necessary: 708-429-4949; Lynette is the manager who is handling our party.

Cliff Zelinsky (DrConcert@aol.com)

Fest Reports

(Also see the Show Reviews)

(Anyone have an estimate of how many people showed up?)

Scott Yeager's Mini-Report

I'd like to start by thanking DrConcert, Cliff, thanks for all the work and time invested in organizing the row, you did a GREAT job, even with the added hassle that short notice gave you.

This was my second Farm Aid and also second live Neil show, but my first since being on the list, so I was real excited about this oppurtunity to meet a bunch of you all. Since I only have about a dozen fully functioning brain cells I can only remember a few names, but your faces are all crystal clear in my mind.


Hippy Girl's Smile's Mini-Report

Attended the RustFest at Gambone's. Met several Rusties including Moe the Sleaze, Laughing at the door, Zbar, Cliff, RICHARD NIXON'S SOUL, and I cannot remember any other handles right now. It was great to meet all of you. I had waited in the lobby for Mr. and Mrs. Fred No More to show on Friday night. Sure enough I met them. What a great Neil-headed couple.

Guess who popped in from Canada for Farm Aid? No, not Neil's dad or even Young Neil's dad (not from Canada). It was that Lonesome Whistlin' Mary. Also met a German rusty, Juergen, who is here on buisness in Boston. A Very nice young man indeed. He really enjoyed Neil too.

Hippy Girl's Smile

Juergen's Micro-Report

Hi there, I'd like to say THANX to all of you that I meet at Farm Aid. It was amazing to come to Gambone's and be treated like an old friend. Thanx to Cliff for managing the whole thing, and to Fred No More and his wife for the exellent sunday afternoon.

juergen ....and I'm gettin' old.......

Fred No More's Micro-Report

For all the rusted units I met - that, as always, was a thrill. Especially getting to spend some time with Hippy Girl and Mary and Juergen. That was great. Met many others but only too briefly - missed meeting some. To all of you - hope we get together again.


Zbar's Micro-Report

Thanks to Cliff for getting us set up in Chicago. Seats were excellent. I had a great time at Rustfest, met some great rusties and signed the Ordinary People banner.
Chris Becraft

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