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OPL RustFest II
Princeton-by-the-Sea, CA
(October 16, 1997)

Your Host - fontainebleau

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by fontainebleau....

Hi all,
Due to time constraints there will not be a planned visit to the Old Princeton Landing during the official IRF weekend of Fri-Sun 17th-19th October.

However, a RustFest will be held at OPL on Thusday night 16th October for those who are around. So far, myself, Run Around Babe, *SR* Richie, Lost Dog and Ten Silver Saxes will be in attendance.

If you think you would like to make it please drop me a note so that we can get an idea of numbers - and so that those of you from out of town can get some instructions on how to find this place or get a ride.

OPL can be previewed here.

Cheers, and hope yo see you at OPL on the 16th.

Fest Reports

(Also see the IRF Reviews.)

(Anyone have an estimate of how many people showed up?)

Pre-Fest Warm-Up Report

Lost Dog reporting along with XFMR Man, Fontainebleau and Run Around Babe in Palo Alto. Last night was pretty quiet down here (by design). We had some hot chicken wings, quaffed a few ales and were treated to live music by Richie and Fountain.

We've been scanning the Rust posts and await the arrival of all those en route to the Bay Area. The weather has been very hot today (relative to the Great White North). We'll be heading off for some dinner and beers at OPL very shortly. The canine component of my handle has been the subject of constant abuse, but I'm sure to change that around before I depart!

And, BTW, Happy Birthday to The Lovely Elizabeth back in Canada. We'll see ya tomorrow sweetie!

fontainebleau here... that Dog deserves everything he gets... like we went down to Target to get some shorts for the Canuck, and the mongrel comes home with boxers ! arf, arf !

*SR* Richie has the chords to Slowpoke down already and treated us to a fine rendition last night. Looking forward to thrashing the Canuck butt on the dartboard at OPL.

Run Around Babe has offered to sew up the access vent in the Dog's boxers...

Presently it's 93 degrees F in the apartment... phew!

Richie XFMR Man here: The Bay Area has responded with superb weather for the fest! Soon we'll be off to reminisce with friends at OPL, and then tommorrow is the IRF. Hope to see lots of Rusties partying their @#rse off!

Run Around Babe ici: Well it's me and the boys but no 50. (it's a Canadian beer but forget it). The music by XFMR Man and Fontainebleau has been mighty sweet. They serenaded me to sleep last night. I am still waiting anxiously to hear Lost Dog do his 'Devo does Albuquerque'! We did lose the Dog at the airport for a spell, but we have him on a leash now.

They are giving this mongrel a mighty hard ride... but we all know that a dog is man's best friend. What to expect though......I mean I myself am a Canuck.... but this dog has us shopping for pillows so he will be comfy while comatosed at the IRF tomorrow night.

Lou (the better half of XFMR Man) has provided us with many luscious calories, so we haven't had to cook yet. Just beer, biscotte and ferrero rocher! Looking forward to seeing Danger Girl (the original... you know like classic coke) tonight at OPL (her local). Not to mention the many other friends - old and new!!!!! Rock on!!!! Let the party begin!!!!

There you have it Rust people. Tune in tomorrow morning to see who requires the greatest number of tylenols to get going!

LD et al

John Bove's Fest Report

"Hello", croaks White Line as he downs another handfull of Extra Strength Tylenol.

Things I remember about the OPL Rustfest:
O.K.(drawing from a hitherto unknown cavity in my brain less affected than the rest of it by a serious onslaught of Guiness)....

Finally found Princeton and the OPL at 8:00 after driving past it about four miles in each direction. Sat at the bar with the other four people in attendance and shot out some inquiring glances in their direction. Very soon became aware that they were not those I had come to see (they started playing dice with the bartender). In walk an underage couple (repeat inquiring glance, no luck).

The lady next to me with a beer and a huge glass of whisky starts sharing with me her love for dolphins, shows me her dolphin necklace and ear-rings, then tells me how she's trying to sell the book it took her twenty-six years to write. Finally tells me that her cat, Cinnamon Girl, died a year ago.

O.K.! Is she putting me on here? No, the cat is a female and has a cinnamon-colored marking. I feel this is a good omen anyway.

Get tired of listening to the good-ole music they play in that neck of the woods and put on Stringman and Long May You Run from Unplugged, plus some more good-ole tunes.

While my back is turned, in walks Kurt Speakin' Out, the man who ends his posts with "My life's been funny that way" and their two lovely female companions. Also Gus from oot there in B.C., and his friend.

NOTE: Names have never been my forte, so everyone please forgive the lapses that have and will occur here...

This part of the fest is very subdued, no one talking very much. Our silence is broken by the approach of a heavyweight, who hands Gus a crisp C-note and asks if he would be out-of-line buying us a round of drinks, then admonishes "...and give me the fucking change!" Gus buys a pitcher and hands over the change. Half way through the pitcher, the Rusties in attendance decide they've had too much fun and leave me sitting there a little disappointed, but too apprehensive to go home (time: 9:30).

When I return from the restroom after bravely finishing off the pitcher, the RustFest has begun in earnest. My former companions have returned, the Ragged Glory tunes they put on about twenty minutes before have finally made their way to the top of the playlist, MoMo from France is there with his wife, Fontainebleau and Run Around Babe are there, and XFMR Man is there and is trying to figure out how to get the banner onto the roof of the OPL. There are also many more whose names... well, the beer had hit by then. ;-)

Had some great talks with some of the nicest people I have ever met, was very surprised by the number of sentences ending with "...,eh!", managed to cajole a free Guiness from the bartender, probably made a huge fool of myself throughout, and two o'clock came far too soon. Yes, there were a few rusties still standing! (Photographs and video footage are guaranteed, by the way.)

Drove around in the fog for a while before finding a way out of Princeton (pulled up to the gate of a military base? at one point) and made it to the Haight at around 3:30. No parking, had to move someone's car (which they helpfully left unlocked) to position myself into a spot, crept home and into bed.

Most fun I've had in a long time. Thanks to everyone...Now back to bed for a nap before I head down to the campground with my two guitars for some real punishment.

We missed everyone not in attendance. Looks good for next year, if you're still wavering.

White Line

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