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Albany YOTH RustFest
(New York, Nov 15, 1997)

Your Host - Marilyn Neesah Miller

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Marilyn Neesah Miller....

The CDOP (Capital District Ordinary People) will be descending upon the Spectrum in Albany, NY for a Saturday, November 15th showing of Year of the Horse. (Are they ready for us??)

We plan to have a bite to eat ahead of the show. Times and places are not yet decided on. If you would like to be notified of times and places, drop me a line, and when I know, you will know. We have quite an expected group so far...


neesah (marilyn)

Neesah & Chasing The Moonlight's Fest Report

just got back from seeing the flick!! wonderful...

and the snow starts to fall as we leave the show..let up so that rusties could descend upon albany...were they ready for us?? i don't quite know...we were the loudest group there...well, we were the only group, come to think of it....

in attendance:

  1. old king
  2. roger (otherwise known as otto13)
  3. tim
  4. hippy girl (isn't she everywhere)
  5. wondering man...
  6. ...and wondering wife
  7. scott
  8. chasing the moonlight
  9. and me, neesah!!!
(missing and remembered: doriann and paul r and wife....snowed out....)

everyone seemed to have a good time, i know i did. great to have gotten my neil/ rustie fix, i can rest well tonight...


Hey all!!! As Neesah says, we are just back from the show. It was awsome.

We met a guy who lives in Albany who met Neil on the blues tour. When asked what he said to Neil, he responded "Oh, I told him I was going to see him tonight". Neil replied, "Oh, that's good." We were all interested in his story. He didn't quite understand when I told him that we all met over the "Net". Oh well. He did say that his mother had a computer, so we gave him the address.

The movie itself was fantastic. I just love the "burning bush" in the beginning. The look on the woman's face as she sees the mess those guys were getting into. Well, if you haven't seen it yet, you will not understand this. Let me just say, it is definitely worth a trip to go see. It is humorous. We actually got them to turn it up a bit. So we were jamming. This is definitely a "must see".

In Peace and Rust,
Chasing the Moonlight

neesah here: chasing the moonlight was the reason they turned up the sound! she went up and pointed out that the movie poster says, "Crank it up!" they complied....and we all appreciated the effort....

Wonderin' Man's Report

Hey all you Rustaholics,
Here is a quick review of the evening. The CDOP gathered to see Year of the Horse tonight at the Spectrum Theatre in Albany N.Y. In attendence were: Rich (old king) Rini, Marilyn (neesah) Miller, David (Wonderin Man) Guay, Wonderin Man's Wife Rikka Guay, Kathy (hippy girl's smile) Popple, Scott Longstreet, Otto13 (sorry I am terrible with names), and one other who's name I didn't catch.

We all met at the theatre at about 6:40 and renewed old and made new friendships. I showed off my new SWIMMIN' T-Shirt to one and all. (Brad, it was a big hit..!!) Into the theatre we went, still talkin' and letting everyone know that the Rusties were there.

My Review: First off, Siskel and Ebert don't know their ass from their thumbs.! Nuff said about that. The film was gritty, sometimes out of focus and very raw in spots. In another word, It Was Neil & Crazy Horse. That for me sums up what they are.

The set list was not for the faint of heart. It was FABULOUS if you ask me. Old King really loved the footage of Big Time, too. The concert footage was really great. Most concert footage was from the 96 & 97 tour.

The way that J.J. started Like a Hurricane in 1996, and switched back to 1976 without skipping a beat was really great. First the Neil from today, then the Neil of the days that used to be. The interviews were recent, with sprinkles of snippets from 76, and 86 tours and all in between.

Neil and Billy really got into it backstage at one point during the 86 tour, but like family, they got over it and moved on. There was a segment about Danny Whitten with all members saying what they remembered about him. Also a segment about David Briggs. And a segment about Neil stealing Ralph, Billy & Danny from the Rockets in the early days. Scott Young made some appearances also with his insight about Neil and the Horse. That was very interesting I thought.

It was fun to see Neil and the Horse in 76, so young and vibrant, in 86, when they argued alot about vocals and harmonies, and 96, when they seem to really respect each other.

I thought the part about the burning flowers was hilarious.

All in all a MUST SEE for any and all Rusties. From all us CDOP, have a good one, and Keep On Rustin' In The Free World...!!!

David aka Wonderin Man!!!

Hippy Girl's Smile's Report

Those of us doing dinner together met in front of the theater and noticed immediately that we were standing amidst a cluster of gourmet dining. There was Chinese, Americanese, Au Bon Burrito, and Chicken a la Motoroil. Actually the Souffle de la Taco Salad sufficed here but more importantly the fellow Rusty diners were much fun.

YOTH was every bit as good as the first time that I saw it in Manhatten. Chasing The Moonlight "Slipped Away" during FU. Apparently she went to tell the projectionist to CRANK IT UP!!!!!!!!! and the person *did* "C.I.U.", to the approval of at least half of the 20 people in attendance.

Our group included Neesah, *OLD KING* jumped into a chair, Dave and missus Wonderin' "Bridge" Man, Roger Otto13, Tim with no handle, Chasing The Moonlight, and another guy who I thought that I remembered from SPAC HORDE. You were very much missed Doriann, Jamie, Bob, Bikeralane, and the Powderfingers. U2 bh, Sufferin Shakey, Lonesome Whistle, Northern Man, The Rasks, Jennie, and Tired Eyes.

Most interesting of all is the fact that Neesah and I definitely saw Leo standing in the crowd at the 96 GORGE show. Yes we saw him pointing and that hat with the Neil Young license plate was a dead giveaway. Boy Leo you really don't miss any shows do you?

All I can say is that it was great seeing everyone again and meeting new Rusties. A freshly fallen shroud of snow prompted an early end to the evening.

As an afterthought, the "flowers on fire" scene is funny but I think that I also really like the part where Billy is being frisked after he stuffs shit in his coat in the convenience store.

Hippy Girl's Smile
92 miles back upstate from Albany now

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