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Hudson Valley RustFest I
(Albany area, NY, Dec 20, 1997)

Your Host - Marilyn Neesah Miller

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Marilyn Neesah Miller....


Doriann (Unfulfilled Moon) will be coming up to visit me on the weekend of Dec 20. So, I thought, how about a little rusted party in honor of my friend-in-Neil's visit??

I live in New York state, about an hour south of Albany. I realize it is a weekend that many will people will be busy, but if you are not, please know that you are welcome at my place!!

Email me for the particulars. I have plenty of floor space for those coming from a distance. Anyone is welcome to crash on the floor instead of driving home that night.

And, you lurkers...don't be shy!! Come on down!! For more info, ask!!

(bh...wish you were here and could come too!!)

peace, neesah (marilyn)

Dispatches from the Fest...

[13:39] Subject: music/guitar chord help

Can somebody tell me what the "sus" in a chord like A7sus4 means? Please help us freedom women from the great northeast figure this out!!!

unfilled moon

PS: Crazy Horse is in the backyard, running through the swamp....

[17:06] Subject: Report from Freedom Woman Of The Great Northeast

Okay guys - a Rustie, who shall remain nameless, sent us some cookies due to the fact that he couldn't be here today. We've been rolling numbers like mad and really need a sugar fix, so we think now is the time to eat these delectable looking cookies. Just in case the four of us are never heard from again we need one safe person not here at the fest to be told the name of the anonymous cookie baking rustie. Someone please mail asap.


[20:04] Subject: report

Set list for Hudson Valley RustFest:

  • Peace and Love
  • Over and Over
  • F*&%kin' Up (Biker called that -- how'd she do that??)
  • The Losing End
  • Driveby
  • (nuts, can't remember.......)
  • Cowgirl in the Sand
(Music from the cd player, all Neil, on random shuffle...)


[22:41] Subject: ~Words~

But walking still

Freedom Woman of the Great North East

P.S.: it's only 58 miles from Albuquerque to Santa Fe... definitely time to roll a number and rent a car....

[03:34 Sunday] Subject: Re: ~Words~

Freedom Woman of the Great North East wrote:

> P.S.: it's only 58 miles from Albuquerque to Santa Fe...
>       definitely time to roll a number and rent a car...
Or to roll a number and call a cab...........hehe
PS: Made it home by 1 AM.....I had a great time, Thanks.
[09:10] Subject: The morning after

Well, here we are, back down to the original two, unfulfilled moon and neesah. Biker flew off this morning, and hippy girl called a cab....

Anyway, we want to let you know that we had a great rusted time, and thought about you all alot!! Thank you for all the messages that were sent this way for the fest.

We want to especially thank my friend who sent us cookies (of the Christmas, perfectly safe and non transporting type). We really enjoyed them, and hope you took our teasing last night as a bunch of wild women having a good time.


[10:28] Subject: Re: The morning after

Well I am back from my Out-of-Body Rust experience (I think I am, anyway) ... It was surreal! I urge alla you Rusted Units to spend some time with your Rusted Neighbors anytime of the year, and you will not regret it....!

Thanks, Rusties, for partying along with us ~wild women~ .... We enjoyed your company! The percussion session is being treed at this very moment .... The farmers in upper-state New York will never be the same .... the roof blew offa Neesah's and we were left on the floor, with the whammmy bar... ...and F@#$ Up echoing through the atmosphere......

The cookies were awesome. Thanks to the kind hearted Rustie for sending them along... Sure wish you could have been there, if not, well at least a fly on the wall, you missed a good show!

Long Live The Freedom Women of the Great NorthEast......
Keep your spurs intact boys!
They will resurface again someday, at a Rust Fest near YOU!

(yea you....)

~Live To Ride~

[10:40] Subject: Re: The morning after

the neighbors have told me that they are contacting Neil and Willie... they want their own local Farm Aid now to repair the damage done to their farms last night here in the hudson valley.

cows that won't give their milk, horses that got well spooked.... well you can all imagine...

hounds howling, old ladies laughing while saying they saw this kaleidoscope character flipping around outside their window...(robin, was that you??)

(yeah, you...)

neesah (marilyn)

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