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Holiday RustFest
(Minneapolis, MN, December 27, 1997)

Your Host - Chuck Moe The Sleaze King

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Chuck Moe The Sleaze King....

Twin Cities Rusties,

Wolfgang Deimel will be visiting Minneapolis from Germany over the holidays. Sounds like a great excuse for a RustFest, right? I'm curious about how many of you would be interested and/or available to get together sometime during the week between Christmas and New Years (Saturday 12/27 perhaps?). I'd also like to hear some suggestions for a gathering spot.

Please email me if you are interested in getting together and/or have some ideas.

Let's give Wolfgang a warm welcome to the frozen tundra!

"Moe the Sleaze"
a.k.a. Chuck King (cking@minn.net)


As reported earlier, Wolfgang Deimel will be visiting Minneapolis from Germany over the holidays. So without bothering with a poll, I've decided to host a RustFest (international!) to celebrate the occasion!
Those of you who want to escape from the Christmas carols for a few hours and listen to some Neil!
Watch Dead Man and/or Neil Young videos, chat, party, etc!
At my house in Champlin, MN about 15 miles north of downtown Minneapolis. Contact me for directions.
Saturday, December 27th, 7:00 till ?
I told you, Wolfgang's in town!
If you plan to attend (or at least hope to), please get in touch with me before the 27'th. Note: I will be away from my email over this weekend 12/20-21 and will be hopefully setting up a new computer on Monday. I should be back on line by Monday evening. Feel free to call and leave a message if I'm not there. My number is: 612-323-6889.

"Moe the Sleaze"
a.k.a. Chuck King (cking@minn.net)

Chuck's Fest Report

There isn't a real lot to report, it was kind of a quiet evening. Wolfgang, his friend Lani, Denise Pollack and her roommate Adam were the only guests. We watched Dead Man, Rust Never Sleeps and most of In Berlin.

Wolfgang's Trip Report

Hi there folks, I don't have to tell you I'm back because it is obvious that I'm back because I write this, right? I started in Minneapolis on Monday morning about 7am local time, and arrived here just a few hours ago, that makes roughly 22 hours of traveling, and since I'm still up I somehow missed a night of sleep. That explains a bit of possible incoherences in my writing, right? ;-)

I maybe had the most adventurous 13 days in a row in my life, I'm not quite sure, but probably that's it. Many things were good, some were bad. Like someone bumping into my car while I was waiting before the intersection. Or driving to a new friend's on Sunday night while the weather just couldn't find out if it wanted to be more of an ice rain or more of a snow storm. The local newspaper yesterday spoke of several hundred accidents within just a few hours in the region.

Otherwise, I've got fresh Habaneros and Jalapenos now in my fridge, and 8 neat bottles of hot sauce are lined up in my kitchen. Go figure!

But let's get to the Fests right now. I made 2 International RustFests on 1 tour! Is that the record? I guess so.

On Saturday after Christmas we drove out to Chuck King's and gathered for talking and watching Neil --> laser discs (cool!). Attendees were Chuck, Denise, Adam, Lani, and me. So that's number one. Number 2 took place yesterday (well, for me it's 'today' since I haven't slept yet after that) in New Jersey on the airport. When I was coming out of the gate with a 45 or so minutes delay, I immediately spotted the signal-colored hair&beard of Pete C., and I assumed the tall guy next to him would be the legendary Shakey "I'd rather forget my testicles than my guitar" Jack. Which was, indeed, a correct assumption as turned out soon.

Great to meet all you folks on both "fests" (although I was a bit stressed out in New Jersey). Thanks to Chuck for hosting and the IRF sticker. Thanks to Shakey for the tape. Thanks to Pete for the beer and the you-know-what-I-mean. ;-)~

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