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New York City RustFest III
(January 10, 1998)

Your Host - Doriann

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Computer Cowboy....

Doriann just can't fest enough.

She has a big bash this past weekend...and still invites conductor and I over for a RustFest this coming weekend. A kind and generous rustie to be sure!!!

Yes, Peter and I will be in NYC for a few days and hope to catch up with a few of the rust friends we've made over the years -- so many of you in the New York area...hope a few of you can come on out.

The fest will be Saturday night - January 10th - I don't know what time...I get into JFK at about 5...my bags should show up around 6...I should find an english-speaking cabbie by 7...he should run the fare up enough by 8...so we'll start the fest about 8:01. Sound good?

Well, good!

Hmmm. Maybe this note is too nice. Should I say things like "Don't be a wuss....only a jerk would miss it...buncha pansy-asses gonna stay home on Saturday night...."? Or does that sound like an old cowboy trying too hard to sound like a New Yorker???

<gonna get flames on this one   :)   >

duckin behind his horse,

(HyperRust Editor's Note: Cowboy & Conductor had planned to be in NYC to do taped public-access television coverage of the RockHall induction ceremonies on the Monday following this fest. However at the last minute, due to an exclusive agreement with VH1, the RockHall folks withdrew access for Peter. Thus neither Peter nor Gary ended up coming to New York for this fest.)

Hippy Girl's Smile's Fest Report

NYC was as busy as I remember. Biker and I arrived in Brooklyn to pick up Doriann and Shakey. After Jack and Mike played some Neil songs such as Harvest Moon, Heart of Gold, and Change Your Mind (minus 1500 verses), we were off to the big apple. Afterall we had to make a RustFest out of this.

We arrived uneventfully at the Waldorf Astoria, I checked in, and we all went up to the room. Let me tell you people something. You have never lived until you have amused yourself in one of their gushy rooms. We had various contests including trampoline bed jumping to see who could touch the ceiling and the BIG pillow fight. No fair, Jack. YOU are tall and could touch the ceiling without jumping. BTW catapulting offa one bed to the other was a great time too.

We also had a modeling of the drapes with the tie back for accent. Off to a neighborhood deli for dinner beneath a red "mirrorball". Also the intrigue with the word "Conciere " prompts me to call this person. The Conciere treats me to a five minute explanation of the origin of the word (which is just what I didn't expect). The Conciere dude was cool and handled his questioning quite professionally without giving in to his urges to become silly.

We visited the third floor ballroom where the RockHall inductions are to be and discover that the RockHall folks are building the stage for the next evening. The ballroom was rather small. Don't know where they are fitting everyone. We were allowed to go onstage and get pics etc. We go on to explore their elegantly mirrored hallways and lobby. Hey, there's a lounge, let's go in for a drink.

Right away we see Jeff Beck at the bar. No big whoop really . He is chillin' out like everyone else. I recognize a couple of folks from Cleveland, and we exchange nicities and intros for a few. Pretty soon, it is time for Jack to go home. We all walk down with him and pass the lounge again. This time we see Carlos Santana standing by the doorway signing autographs. We were almost by the lounge when my feet suddenly do a turn about. Walked up to him and said "I saw you at Woodstock when I was a young girl. That drum solo was the coolest ever." His whole face broke into a smile as he said "That was fun wasn't it?". For being 50 yrs old this guy looks maybe 35. Time has been good to him. He was checking in and had to go. Perfectly understandable. Wonder if he did trampoline jumping on his bed?

Every one else retired. Not Hippy. I went back down to the lounge to find that John McVie is standing there but on his way out also. There is one seat at the bar, I grabbed it. Not paying any attention I noticed there were suitcases that needed to be moved over before I could sit. Excusing myself I discover that I am moving Jeff Beck's luggage.

The barmaid is an extremely warm and friendly person and she brought up the subject of dogs. She has no pics with her but I have pics of my pups and show her. Pretty soon I hear a British voice exclaiming "what beautiful animals you have" Yep, none other than Jeff Beck. We got into a great discussion about animals and their rights. He is an animal lover. This is a good thing. He said he was there for the rock hall inductions to perform. A little preview FYI. Before too long it is 2 AM and time to go. I wish him good luck for the inductions and retire.

Opting not to attend this year's ceremonies, an early checkout is planned. We still had a good time, New York was great, and I didn't spend $12.00 on a miniature mason jar full of jelly beans. Compared to Cleveland, there were not so many star folk around. Of course within blocks of the Waldorf there are both Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. Maybe some went there----I don't know. It was much fun to go for the pre induction evening. Biker even thought of a new bumper sticker which should read, "Neil-affected Driver".

That's all folks. Just thought that I would share a little happiness with the list.

Keep Rockin'
Hippy Girl"s Smile

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