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Stuttgart RustFest II
(February 7, 1998)

Your Host - Peter Hard To Handle Weber

Hartmut's Fest Report

Everybody is asking me to wipe that silly grin off my face on this grey Monday morning. But what to do? Claudia and Peter Hard To Handle have done it again: they hosted a Hardcore Motherf*!#ers Reunion meeting in Stuttgart. What a joy to see those guys again:

  1. Joerg The Gambler
  2. Tina and...
  3. .. Uli The Bass Player
  4. Janusch The Janusch
  5. Matt Chemical ++
  6. Not to forget non-human drummer Charly Kicked In The Ass
    I was especially happy to finally meet...
  7. Nobby, who had shown me the way into the Rust community, and, Man, it seemed to me like we had known each other for years!.
    (Also count
  8. Peter...
  9. ...and Claudia,
  10. plus Juergen,
  11. and Me!)
Enjoyed the Neil talk and the gems out of Peter's tape & video treasury. Hey! Hasn't there been a "Neil's All Time Greatest Performance" poll? The winner MUST have been the acoustic Change Your Mind from Bridge '94!! Nothing compares to that one!

On Saturday, Juergen joined the crew and brought 2 self-made guitars. Then the HCMF "Unplugged and More Reunion" session was launched. My personal highlight: a thrashCore version of Out On The Weekend with Peter and Janush swinging their axes plus Uli bombing the bass. Also the never-ending CYM jam. Chills!

Oh yeah, the Ordinary People Banner was also there. What a feeling to have it around! Fun to find the signatures of long distance trade partners and those mainstay Rust celebrities well-known even in the most remote lurking fields. And, of course, the signatures of The Neiler himself, the Horse, Larry and all the others.. yeah, signed the Banner with a shakey shakey hand..!

Late night, or make that: early in the morning, Peter and me had our by now traditional closing session, talking about what music meant to us and our lives. Again, you can't go wrong with people who are that deeply into music in general, and into Dylan and Neil especially.

Thank you, Peter and Claudia, for making this weekend happen! Thank you, Neil. Your Music brought us Ordinary People closer to each other.

Peace and Love

Prehistoric Bird

Here are some pictures in Matt's pages.

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