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RustJam RustFest (San Jose, CA)
(March 14, 1998)

Your Host - Bruce Haemmerle

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Bruce Haemmerle....

Hello Rusties,

There will be a jam session much like the IRF jam we had at Saratoga Springs last year. It will be in San Jose, on Saturday March 14th. The main differences are:

  • It will be in a back yard.
  • An un-named band who is providing the space will play a set
The RustJam should be in the same spirit as the IRF jam, meaning anyone who shows up can get a chance to play. There is enough equipment for a complete band but you may feel inclined to bring your own. So far Richard Hand, Paul Stevens and myself are confirmed to play so there is plenty of space for Bay Area rusties. I am trying to get a rough idea of how many will show and how many will play. Please email me and specify if you wish to play, and what you'd like me to barbecue. I will send directions and give updates privately as things develop.


Bruce Haemmerle           bruce@ocean.com
(408)948-0153 pgr+email   4084289729.1116069@Pagenet.net
(408)497-6468             cell phone

Chris Horn's Fest Report

Greeting Rust, I'll offer a few memories.

The Attendance List:

  1. Bruce Haemmerle
  2. Paul Stevens with...
  3. ... wife Robin and...
  4. ... son Aaron
  5. Rich XFMRman Hand
  6. fontainebleau Ciaran
  7. Run Around Bab Devon
  8. Chris CW Cannoneer Horn and...
  9. ... Paula Paff
  10. The Rockin' Bellers - Jim and...
  11. ... Elsbeth
  12. Bob and...
  13. ...Lisa Gunn
  14. Farmer Rob (sorry some of us missed meeting you)
We all had a great time - from what I could observe anyway.

The guys who played put their all into it and everyone was grooving throughout the night. Bruce (and Paul?) did a great job with the setup - everything sounded fantastic. Paula and I were a little too late to hear Jim 'the bass player' Beller's performance.

The audience may have been a bit sparse but we really appreciated the bands efforts!!!!!!!!!

I can't remember all the songs but some highlights for me were:

  • Down By The River - Bruce got into the solos
  • Act Of Love - this one cooked!
  • Out On The Weekend
  • Albuquerque - very soothing
  • Cowgirl In The Sand
  • Cortez
  • I'm The Ocean
Oh well, there were others - all were great.

The setting was the back yard of a borrowed house (Thank You Frankie) which consisted mostly of patio and decking. The band was set up under some lattice among ferns, hanging plants and even a trickling fountain. It would make the cover of a Rusted Sunset Magazine.

Apparently some of the people living at the house didn't know that a Fest was going to happen there. In the end they were more than hospitable. Frankie was very impressed with the music and I believe his mom(?) offered to host another Fest during the summer.

It was great meeting Rusties. We truly are a great bunch of folks. Where else can you meet people for the first time (in some cases the second time) and feel completely comfortable.

Paul's son Aaron tried to climb into the drum while it was being played. Talk about seeking the beat..!

At one point we were speculating if it was an official Rustfest - to which Lisa yelled out to the band "Ordinary People" as a request. That made it official.

CW Cannoneer

Paul Steven's Epilog

Just a quick to note to say thanks for setting up the RustFest on Saturday, and be sure to thank (again) Frankie and his family for hosting it. It was great to get to play a little and Aaron and Robin enjoyed meeting you all.

Once we're safely past El Nino time, I'd like to do another one down at my place in Ben Lomond, if you're all up for the trip. (I know getting Richie again may be tough.) Anyway, keep in touch and we'll figure out something.


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