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Springfield RustFest (Mass.)
(March 14, 1998)

Your Host - Robin Bikeralane

Fest Attendees...

  1. Jack Shakey Mullins (tied up to a tree)
  2. Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple (finger in the dike)
  3. Doriann Unfulfilled "Giggles" Moon
  4. Marilyn Neesah Miller (saw the Northern Lights...in the southern sky)
  5. Paul Double Drop D Rask
  6. Judy Sail Away Rask
    bh (the sax player) in spirit
    Pierre (the spirit) in spirit
    Danny Shea (the whammy master) in spirit
    Pocahontas (wearing moccasins in the snow, doing the moon dance)
    Neil Young: those wonderful ~lips~mmmmmm....
  7. Urban Guerilla
  8. Robin Bikeralane

The RustFester Awards

  • Funniest Swallow - Bikeralane

  • Honorary Horny Rustie Award for best horn solo - bh

  • Rustie who dethroned Unfulfilled Moon as worst all-time direction-giver - Neesah

  • Rustie who gave Neesah a run for her money on this one - Bikeralane

  • Funniest Faces Falling Asleep - Hippy Girl's Smile

  • Theatrics Award for re-enacting a scene from a movie once seen for $10 in a hotel room - Neesah and Doriann

  • Rustie most there in spirit - Pierre

  • Busted Gut Award - Neesah, for causing much laughter at her place (and her expense).

  • Best Driveway Award - Bikeralane

  • Golden Skate Award - Shakey, for sliding down Biker's damned driveway

  • Fire Marshall's Award - Bikeralane, for mentioning she was going to "Fire up the grill" 600 times

  • Pyromanianc Award - Paul, for "firing up the car"

  • The Mulder Award - Neesah ...thanks a lot. The alien landing site was keen.

  • The Whammy Award - Danny Shea (don't ask)

  • Pilsbury Rustie Award - Judy, for the great cookies

  • Best Housewarming Gift - Hippy Girl Smile, for a hilarious South Park poster! :-)

  • Best Laugh - Unfulfilled Moon, for simulating throw-up

  • Best Whine - Unfulfilled Moon, upon reading the above

  • Worst Guitar Solo of the Night - Neil Young (Bloomfield Tribute Video)

  • The Finger in the Dyke Award - Hippy Girl's Smile, for Dutch translation of Neil's lyrics

  • M.C. Hammer Pants Award - Urban Gorilla

  • Best (and only) brownies - Shakey, for the KILLER SHIT! (No, not *that* shit...)

  • Reigning Cookie Champion - Jim Beller

  • Reigning Cookie Eater - 5-way tie (read: Neesah)

  • Golden Needle Award - Bikeralane, for the wonderful curtains...now I can stroll nude through the house, playing air guitar to Ragged Glory at full volume! As if.

  • Most Attentive Rustie - Neesah

  • Golden Pond Life Award - Neesah, for sticking her head into her shell every five minutes

  • Most Philosophical Rustie - Bikeralane. You are such a rebel.

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