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Hudson Valley RustFest II
(Albany area, NY, May 23, 1998)

Your Host - Marilyn Neesah Miller

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Marilyn Neesah Miller....

It is spring time!!!! Time for Rusties to get together and Rusticate.

I would like to invite any interested parties to my place for a RustFest on May 23rd. I live in New York state, about one hour south of Albany, three hours north of NYC, on the Hudson River. I am hoping that more of the people who I met at HORDE last year will make it here!!! A HORDE Rustie reunion!!!

Let me know if you are or maybe interested, and I will keep you informed.

peace, neesah (marilyn)

Hippy Girl's Fest Report

Hi all
Hippy Girl here. Festing began last night with Neesah, Unfufilled Moon, and myself... Pretty soon we hear a Lonesome Whistle in the distance thru the hillls and valleys..

Today the festing continued with much fun for all. Kaleidoscope Neil was here with us. Some words come to mind from this fest

  1. Nike
  2. Dutch
  3. Cracklin' Rosie
  4. Stickers
  5. 16 miles
  6. Bent fork looking like a rake
  7. No Ketchup
  8. Half a bun
  9. Jim "cookie mensch" Beller
  10. Dylan, Frosty, Chancey, and Bear
  11. Benedryl OD
  12. Double dips
  13. Happy birthday
  14. New Moons on Uranus
  15. Frisbee Locator
  16. "Continue thru the light and take a left at....."
  17. Canadian refreshments
  18. Milan
  19. On The Beach poster!!!!!!!!!
  20. Uh-oh, uh-oh!!!!!!!!
    ribbet!!!!!!!! Cuuukoo
  21. Oh my God, they fixed Kenny
  22. Disgruntled postal workers
  23. The "big " salad fork/spoon
  24. Jamie's Jam
  25. Jammin'
Have a good one all
Hippy Girl's Smile
"In a trance" -- ny

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