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Tel Aviv RustFest II
(June 17, 1998)

Your Host - Michal Standing at the edge of you Zionov

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Michal Standing at the edge of you Zionov....

Hello there!
This is to announce the 2nd Isreali-rustfest which will take place at my home tomorrow evening.   :)   It's small, we're only 5 as of yet (the mood code, who is a guest at my house for the week, spoonful, his friend Sagi and another friend of mine), but they are definitely all Neil lovers as they are all willing to miss a soccer game and come listen to Neil. :)

Now for the babbling part:
A year ago tomorrow (my birthday :) my husband bought me the video Rust Never Sleeps. A few days later I subscribed to Rust (so I guess I'm on Rust for almost a year now!)... My husband says that RNS was the most expensive gift he ever gave me, cause he's still paying for it (blanks & postage. ;) Therefore, he's not getting me a birthday gift this year. "HUH!" I said, and called my dad to tell him he should get me Decade for my birthday...

Anyhow, I am hosting the second Israeli-rustfest tomorrow, on my birthday. I hope this year will be as filled with Neil's music as the past year was... Maybe this will be the year I'll see Neil live...

And to all the rusties out there, I just wanted to say that this year on Rust has been great. And I have made so many great great friends and I love them all with all my heart....

So anyway, any Rustie happening to pass by the holy land tomorrow evening is welcome to join our modest RustFest, and the rest of you who aren't lucky enough to actually be here, raise a glass (or smoke a joint ;) for my next Neil filled year. :)

Thank you and good night,
....'cause I found mine...

Fest Report

(Didn't see one. Anybody have one?)

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