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Frequently Asked Questions
about the
1997 International RustFest

compiled by Gary Computer Cowboy Wilson
Last update: Tuesday, 14-Aug-2018 17:55:59 AEST

Q. What is an IRF?  Is it pronounced erph?

A. Starting this year, the Neil Young Online Community is holding a
RustFest to end all RustFests - an international gathering of Rusticates
known as the International Rust Fest (IRF).  This year it is being held
near San Francisco on the weekend of October 18 & 19, to correspond with
this year's Bridge Benefit shows.

It is pronounced "eye-arrr-eff". 

Q. What's the situation with the bridge tickets (and how much do
   they cost)?

A. Rusties attending the IRF will attempt to get tickets together.
See: http://expert.cc.purdue.edu/~jberk/pages/ticket.html  

Q. I know that people were talking about the need for a place where
people could show that they have/need campsites, tents, etc.  Can you
guys help us out?

A. The loner went ahead and put together an IRf Barter Board at

Q. Regarding camping, do we have to reserve our own sites...or whether
the committee has already reserved a block and, if so, how we sign-up for

A. Our buddy fontainebleau has volunteered to take reservations for the
campsites!  You can reserve your campsite by e-mailing him at
ciaran@itsa.ucsf.edu. He'll tell you what you need to do from there.

The log for IRF'97 campsites is being maintained at:


If you have made a reservation and need to update fountainebleau with
regard to number of nights you require, number of people, how many tents
etc please email him ASAP.

Note: Saratoga will allow up to seven campers per campsite. You have to
do your own match-making:)  Two, maybe three tents will fit on each site.

Q. is tie-dye encouraged?

A. It is not specifically discouraged. Seriously, dress as you'd like. 
Lookout Mama thinks you should wear flannel, tho (don't piss her off -
it's her birthday that weekend).

Q. Sorry to bother you, but just how many people are you expecting at the
campground, anyway?  It sounds to me as though we're going to overwhelm
the place!  (I can't wait!)

A. Looks like close to 150 attendees at the IRF, perhaps more when the
lineup for the Bridge is announced. Overwhelming - no, this place handles
much larger crowds. Then again, they've never tried to handle us before:)

Q:  Will there be any attempt to identify a quasi-group activity for
Wednesday/Thursday night for those of us who are crazy enough to come a
few days early?  OPL on Thursday seems like a particularly good idea (but
remember to watch out for the guy with a beard hanging around the dart

A. OPL on Thursday sounds good, how about Catalyst on Wednesday?  Lost
Dog is buying the first round... (Hey that bearded guy is ok, just don't
play him for beer:))  (Cowboy hint - ask that bearded guy to take you out
back and show you Neil's door at the OPL)

Q:  At what time will the festivities commence on Friday?  If we will
have to tone the noise down by 10 PM, an early start would seem

A. The festivities start when you arrive. People will be rolling in all
day, starting in the late morning - campers will want to set up, hotel
stayers will want to drop off their stuff first...then the fun begins! 
In any event, an early start is ALWAYS appropriate.

Q:  What was that somebody said about NO BEER at the campground?  NO BARN
is totally understandable, but we must have beer!

A. Bring your own beer, buy theirs, make it on the spot. The campground
officially doesn't care as long as there are a bunch of rusted campers. 

Q:  What time will the concerts end on Saturday and Sunday?  Will there
be a happening at the campground after the concert on either day?

A. The shows go late, and we're sure there will be folks gathering around
the campfire afterwards for a little music, reminiscing about the show,
settling down from the excitement...nothing formal is planned, however.

Q:  Is there a rule that nobody is allowed to make noise before noon at
the campground (in respect of the hung over)?

A. Actually the rule is that Nobody is allowed to make noise before noon.
A completely ambiguous statement, just as Jimbo would want it. Seriously,
some respect should be shown before 10am and noon seems a reasonable time
for really loud noise.

Q. Do you folks think there's any possibility that we could get a
"private" showing of YOTH while the group is in the bay area?

A. Possible, yes!  Need a volunteer to set it up, tho.

Q. I was looking through the Saratoga Springs pages and noticed that 
they are holding an Oktoberfest on the 18th. Do you anticipate that 
this will interfere with our activities or perhaps add to it?

A. Yes.

Q. Am i the only rustie coming from a distance on a budget? It will
be very hard for me to afford to eat out every meal, and i don't
see how i can manage on the plane with a tent, sleeping bag,
clothing, lighting, plus cook ware, cook stove, cooler ... my
complete camp fills the rear of my hatchback!! Is there a place
to cook and cook ware ("dining facilities")? 

A. No. Everyone that I know of is pushing the bounds of their wallet in
order to attend.  And yes, everyone who is flying is wondering how to
pack a bunch of equipment along the way.  So it is a very relevant
question!  We've tried to offer a maximum of flexibility: communal meals,
for instance, are not tremendously flexible. People have all sorts of
dietary needs and preferences, and forcing everyone to pay for meals they
may not want seems unreasonable (as I said before tho - the food
committee has not made ANY final decisions).  But, there is hope: you
have an endless array of options - one of which is the buddy system. 
Post to the list for someone to bunk with, so only one tent is required,
half the cookware needs to be carried by each, etc. You can rent camping
equipment as well, I rented a tent this summer for $25 (Friday to Monday)
much cheaper than a hotel and I didn't have to lug it with me (in other
words, rent one in SF).  I'd also like to encourage suggestions from the
list - there are some smart people out there, and it's time to get

Q. I was surprised to hear there were only 40 campsites available. I
guess I pictured us filling 100 or more sites. I assume the
questionnaires sent in a while ago indicate 40 sites are enough, eh?

A. You are partially correct. Also - we anticipate that people will wish
to share campsites, to cut down on expenses, share equipment (so you
don't have to pack so much with you), for companionship, etc.

Q. You mention (only??) acoustic music at the new campsite ...I'll be
dearly dearly and seriously disappointed if unable to jam electrically.

A. The conductor checked with the campground regarding electrical
jamming...and reports that there *is* a stage...*and* a dance floor...and
that loudness and electricalness (forgive me, Daniel) will be smiled

Q. Would it be possible for someone to post a list of suitable hotels
(Motel 6, Red Roof, etc) nearby?

A. Mary Maguire got tired of waiting on us and compiled said list.
Christopher Horn also provided some info.  It now appears elsewhere
on this site.

Q. It would be nice if we could organize one reasonable and decent hotel
to be the "rust" hotel, so people who are planning that kind of
accommodation could stay there.

A. Might I suggest that once the hotel list is available, those wishing
such civility chat online, or over the list to pick the Rust hotel.
Appreciate feedback on this one.

Q. Will there still be electric music/ jamming/  etc??

A. oui. In the immortal words of some writer at MTV: "Too much is never

Q. Still planning campfires, communal meals, sing-a-longs, etc??

A. Not sure about communal meals - I think the team is leaning toward
just one.  But there are dining facilities and a general store on site,
so no one should go hungry.  Again - keep an eye on the web site - the
food folks are trying to finalize their plans now, and will post the info
as soon as they can.

Q. I have an old bass guitar. Should I bring it???

A. Yeah, if you got room.  Seriously - music is what matters (hmmm, heard
that somewhere before) so bring what you like...just remember that what
ever you bring is your own responsibility - don't bring anything you
can't secure. The IRF team and the site are not responsible for personal

Q. How do I get information about the IRF, such as where it is being
held, how to get there, etc?

A. There are a number of web sites that can answer many of your

     (Full list provided within these web pages.)

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