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The 1997 International RustFest
Bridge School Donation Raffle

Last update: Tuesday, 14-Aug-2018 17:55:59 AEST

All Rusties are encouraged to join in! The drawing will be held at the 1997 International RustFest, on Saturday, October 18, just before the Rusties depart for the Bridge Benefit show. We hope that you'll be there with us -- but if you can't, maybe you can get a piece of the Fest as a winner of one of the prizes from this raffle!

Peter Conductor VanBeckum has donated the top prize in this raffle. Here's his story...

30 years ago, San Francisco was in the midst of the Summer of Love. The music, attitudes, and even children that came forth from that season have inspired generations. Today, the RUST community is gearing up for the first ever International RustFest, Neil and Pegi Young are putting together what appears a FANTASTIC 11th Annual Bridge Benefit, and the magical Crosby Stills and Nash have been performing on a Bill Graham stage ! All of this is because it just feels right?


Mr. Graham Nash, of MORE BARN! fame, took time out on September 17th, to show his support of the Bridge School and, maybe, even the e-community. He autographed a MORE BARN! bandana. The reason: create a raffle prize to be raffled to RUST with the proceeds going to the Bridge School. The fellow was quite insistant that “This is a true story!” His laughter retelling it.

This wasn’t just any ordinary MORE BARN! bandana. This was the replacement bandana. The original bandana's whereabouts are unknown. It has been said that the last time seen, it was in a Kodak box being given to Pegi Young, with “You may never see the contents of this box again” as her supposed words!

This item is irreplaceable, an incredible item in Rock'n'Roll history -- certainly a museum piece. It's The Graham Prize of the IRF raffle.

In addition to the Graham Prize, there will be six other nice consolation prizes awarded in this raffle, to increase your odds of winning:
  1. A Somewhere On A Desert Highway poster. This 19"by 24" poster of Neil on his Harley features a reproduced Neil signature acknowledging Rust.
  2. A Dead Man Soundtrack poster courtesy of Vapor Records. This 2' by 3' poster features a sepia-tone picture of Neil (like the serious picture from the animation on HyperRust's front page) in a "Wanted" motif.
  3. Another Dead Man Soundtrack poster. Thanx again, Vapor!
  4. A Mirror Ball album store poster, compliments of Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple.
  5. An 8 x 10 Photo of Neil and Jerry, compliments of Janice Lady Jane Blanchard.
  6. A 5 x7 Photo of Neil at Farm Aid, compliments of Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple.
Here's how to get in on the raffle:
  • Each $1 contributed will give you one chance at the prizes.
    A $10 donation will get you 12 chances.

  • Send your contribution, along with your email address and your postal mail address to Hippy Girl's Smile, who's collecting the contributions, at this address:
      Kathy Popple
      13 Gardner St.
      Whitesboro, NY   13492
  • Deadline: Tuesday, October 14. The entries must arrive in Hippy Girl's mailbox by that date! Any that arrive afterward (which won't be seen until she returns from the IRF) will be returned, unless you include a note with your entry permitting us to go ahead and contribute your too-late entry money to the Bridge School.

  • The drawing will be held at the IRF. You do not need to be present to win.

  • 100% of the proceeds will go to The Bridge School, in the name of all Rusties.
So get your contributions in quickly -- on the day this page is activated there are less than 3 weeks for the contribution to get to Hippy Girl! You snooze, you lose...

Epilogue: Here are the winners...

The Graham Prize : Marilyn Neesah Miller
Consolation Prizes:

  1. Somewhere On A Desert Highway poster : Bruce Haemmerle
  2. Dead Man Soundtrack poster 1 : Steve Soldier Swatsworth
  3. Dead Man Soundtrack poster 2 : Linda Little Wing Saccomanno
  4. Mirror Ball album store poster : Steve Rogers
  5. 8 x 10 Photo of Neil and Jerry : Jeana Dangergirl Paulson
  6. 5 x7 Photo of Neil at Farm Aid : Uli Schaelzle-Beckman
Total money raised for the Bridge School by the IRF Raffles: $342.00
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