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Coconut Tree

Evening Coconut
"It's no secret, what everybody knows..."
(Archive 14: 1/8/98 - 2/20/98)

(Rumors, Sightings, Eavesdroppings)

The newest report comes first. Scrolling down takes you backward through time... Note that this report is a log of stuff posted to the Rust List, so some of it may not make a lot of sense when taken out of that context. Subscribe to the Rust List to get ALL of the info...

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From: mike clifford <mcliffor@NMSU.Edu>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 10:50:02 -0700
Subject: Hombre Muerto

I've got some info that may be of interest to BorderRusters. Diario de Juárez has carried an advertisement for "Hombre Muerto" con Música de Neil Young. It's playing tonight, Friday Feb. 20, at 3:40, 5:50, 8:00 and 10:00 (presumably Juárez time) at the Multicinemas in the Rio Grande Mall. I don't know if it's dubbed or subtitled into Espanol or in English, and I'm not sure where the Rio Grande Mall is, but it could be worth checking out.

Busca ellos cartelera en internet http://www.cinepolis.com.mx for more info, I guess. My daughter's got a basketball game tonight, so I'll miss it, but any Juárez, El Paso, Las Cruces or other nearby Rusties might want to check it out.

the one who's weak in the knees

From: JMarr43106@aol.com
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 19:41:21 EST
Subject: New Album not enough?

This is the latest from my contact:

"Heard Neil Young submitted an all acoustic record to WB and WB said they wanted more. Still no work on a box set or re-issuing those missing titles on CD."
Sort of a confirmation of the unknown...


From: Ray <pat.dc@hol.fr>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 17:56:44 +0100
Subject: Neil in a French magazine!

Yes, right!!

For my "Little Grenouilles out there" :-) (French Rusties out there) Hurry up and get the French Guitar Collectors de mars 1998, spécial Unplugged!!!!!

Neil is on the cover with Kurt Cobain, Clapton & Oasis -- yeah.....really great pix!!!!

....you'll find The Needle and the Damage Done lyrics & tab à la page 53..... MoMo, this Tab's For You!!!! :-)

....plus a CD explicatif and plus another pix (sure from the HORDE Festival!!!)

.... et always plus, a short "article" about NEIL!!!

Anyway , For all the Rusties out there,
Ciao & Bisous& Nice Week-end
Ray"HectiqueGirl" Moon

From: Erik Gislason >sp96ergi@Katedral.SE>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 19:12:55 +0100
Subject: Valentine's Day Performance

Tomorrow, me myself and three other friends of mine are playing Neil songs at my school, Katedralskolan in Uppsala, Sweden. The SETLIST:

Take care//Eric Gislason

From: Groundcat@webtv.net (Dan Theman)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:04:41 -0500
Subject: Tribute Band Performing

I'm going to be playing pedal steel guitar in a Neil tribute band called Ragged Glory. I'm really excited about my first public gig with these guys. Hope anyone in the area can make it. I'll be wearing my Rust list t-shirt. The link below will give details (not much though). Anyone interested, email me.

-Dan (http://www.clevescene.com/980212/make0212.htm)

From: A Gill <andyg@baesema2.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 08:50:28 +0000
Subject: Neil in "Total Guitar"

In the latest copy of Total Guitar here in the UK, there is a Neil Interview -- not a new one though. There's also tab for Cinnamon Girl and a couple of others. Even a CD with it for those who haven't heard the songs before. (;|)

But at 5 quid, the copy I looked at stays on the rack...

Andy Gill
Spirit Talking

Date: Tue 10 Feb 1998 0:05:02 EST
Subject: "Make A Wish" corrections

A Rustie sent me the following corrections to the Cleveland Scene article decribed down below...

that's not exactly how it happened but it is close. neil went to the guy's house and he did play needle on the kid's 12 string. it wasn't until the middle of the song that the kid breaks down crying. when he finishes playing he tells the kid "Music's like that there, pal. Music gets to the soul, doesn't it?"

neil also played dylan's blowin in the wind (no words)and he played cowgirl in the sand on the kid's strat. oh yeah, he also played what would later be known as war of man. no lyrics at the time -- so i figure this occurred in nov or dec of 91.

From: David36798@aol.com
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 22:34:00 EST
Subject: Rust in the News

Saw this on Rocktropolis Allstar News today... thought it might be of interest. It's in the "Gossip" section on the the right-hand side of their news page:

It seems that Lookout Management, who represents Neil Young, is so upset at a few Young newsgroups and fan Web sites that they've decided to have nothing to do with them anymore. HyperRust, Rust, and Human Highway are all getting the cold shoulder now because HyperRust printed that Young is slated to appear at the Nicolette Larson tribute show, which was supposed to be a surprise. Speaking of the show, which is scheduled for Feb. 20-21 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Bonnie Raitt, Dan Fogelberg, Little Feat, and Joe Walsh have just been added to the list of performers, which already included Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and the Section.

HyperRust Editor's note: The story above isn't entirely accurate, and the situation between Rust and Lookout has been resolved.

Rust is everywhere...

prisoner of rock 'n' roll

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 10:50:08 -0500
Subject: Neil and "Make A Wish"

The current Cleveland Scene weekly has a short article about Jeff Varga doing a Make A Wish Foundation benefit. In it, he describes how he was inspired to do so:

"... I ran into Denise Dufala one night with Tommy Rich, and Tommy started to relate the story that Denise had told him about Neil Young and a kid from Westlake.

"To make a long story short, the kid from 5 to 18 was normal and active in sports, and then one morning he woke up and he had some humongous brain tumor. It was inoperable -- the whole nine yards.

"So they asked him who he would like to meet most in his life, and he said, 'Well, Neil Young's my favorite. I've always loved all of his music.' So they wanted to set up a video tele- conferencing thing between him and Neil Young, but when Neil Young heard about it, he said, 'No, this is too important.'

"So he got on a plane and flew to Cleveland. He went to this kid's house and played for him in his living room. The kid was crying, and Neil asked him, 'What's your favorite song?' The kid goes, 'The Needle And The Damage Done.' Neil Young plays it and says, 'Every time I play that song from now on, it's for you.'

"After Tommy told me that story, I thought, What a cool organization," Varga explains. "I'd heard of Make-A-Wish, but I never really knew what they did."

From: jel@topsoe.dk
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:33:37 +0100
Subject: "Neil Young Jam" in Copenhagen

For those interested and/or living close by: the Danish band Neil Young Jam - will be playing at Lades Kaelder at 21.00 on the 12th and 13th of February...

They do great versions of all the classics - I saw them last year and had a great time.... I will go there myself with some non-Rustie friends on Friday. It could be fun to meet lurking Danish rusties - if there are any ???

It would be OK to meet swedish rusties also.... !!

Rust in peace....

Jens ..the Damage Done

From: Richard Shearer <A055894@MDCPO102.HB.MDC.COM>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 98 07:48:00 PST
Subject: Neil on LA radio

Jim Ladd has the 6 - 10 PM show weeknights on KLOS in LA. Recently one Friday night he played a block of Neil that included Powderfinger, Throw Your Hatred Down, Comes A Time, and Old Man. I've reported a couple of other times on him. He played a great block on Neil's birthday. If you can get KLOS, support Jim Ladd. Besides being a Neil guy, his show is all around good.

Rick 'Proto-rustie'

From: Macromic@aol.com
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 15:16:39 EST
Subject: Neil to be honored at Bammies

Today's SF Chronicle reports that Neil will be honored at this year's Bammies and be given the prestigous Arthur M. Sohcot Award for public service as a result of his Bridge School shows.

Here's the complete article.

Wonder if he'll show...


From: Sixvolt@aol.com
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 21:53:54 EST
Subject: midwest neil tribute details

greetings from sandoval central,

the mid west neil young tribute will be held on april the 4th 1998. the show is in kansas city at ... THE DIRT GALLERY ... it's at 1323 union ave. in kansas city, missouri. which is in the west bottoms.

the show starts at 9:00 and goes till it's over. the procedes will most likely go to benefit the SWEET RELIEF MUSICIANS FUND. once again the line up is as follows:

tickets will be at the door and will be a low low price of $5.

email me if you need more info and there will be many more updates closer to the date of the show

anthony (of sandoval)

From: Heikki Kyllästinen <heikki.kyllastinen@kolumbus.fi>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 12:52:00 -0800
Subject: Win the Bridge School Concerts CD!

Finnish nationwide FM station Radiomafia had today their weekly quiz. They asked who sings Yes It Is on The Bridge School Concerts CD. To enter the contest, just e-mail the answer "Don Henley" (and say hello from me!!!) to the following address: onnenpaiva.radiomafia@yle.fi.

Make sure the subject is just: "Bridge School".

Also remember to include your address + your country!!!

***** Special Thanks To Pegi *****

From: Sixvolt@aol.com
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 13:58:04 EST
Subject: Midwest Neil Tribute

For anyone in or around Kansas City in early-to-mid April: there will be a tribute to Neil Young. It is going to be held at the Dirt Gallery in KC. Three bands and two solo performers will be playing:

Sandoval will perform American Stars 'n' Bars, Trouble In Mind will be playing Re-ac-tor, and Hadocal will play Zuma. The procedes of the night will got to the Sweet Relief musicians fund. More details at a later date & time etc..... Let me know what you all think about such an event.

Anthony Ladesich

From: Peter <peterf@howling.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:33:35 -0700
Subject: Neil writes a letter of reference

Play the Bridge Benefit and get a Get out of Jail free card, personally written by Neil. From JAM! news.

Blues Traveler member pleads guilty to cocaine possession

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) -- A Canadian court sentenced the bass player of the rock band Blues Traveler to probation Friday for possessing cocaine.

Robert Sheehan, 29, pleaded guilty. In return for the plea, the court declined to prosecute him on the more serious charge of importation of drugs.

Customs officers found nearly a gram of cocaine in Sheehan's wallet in September after he and other band members arrived at Winnipeg Airport to perform as the warm-up act for the Rolling Stones.

Sheehan was released on $5,000 bond and later performed the scheduled concert.

Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd and musician Neil Young both wrote letters of reference for Sheehan, citing his band's charity work.

From: David36798@aol.com
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:27:50 EST
Subject: Oasis and Neil

Yesterday, on Q101 in Chicago, Noel Gallagher of Oasis mentioned Neil as "one of the three good living legends that hasn't lost it yet." The other two were Paul Weller and Iggy Pop. Then, later that night before the concert began, they played Mr. Soul over the PA at the Rosemont Horizon. Anyway, it was a fun concert. Not Neil though.

prisoner of rock 'n' roll

From: JWartenber@aol.com
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 18:42:24 EST
Subject: Neil Tops German Music Poll

Hi Rusters,
German music magazine Musik-Express asked their readers for the most important person in rock, and our man Neil was voted in first position, leaving people like John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan behind.

Neil often shows up in good positions in such pollls. Wonder why he doesn't sell more records.

Regards, The Gambler.

From: AWGRAYAREA@aol.com
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:51:21 EST
Subject: Worst Movie of 1997

I just watched ``Siskel & Ebert,'' and Roger's pick for the year's worst movie was ... YEAR OF THE HORSE.

Out on the Main Line

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 09:44:40 -0500
Subject: Dead Man special price

At the Sun Coast Video chain (in lots of malls) Dead Man is featured among those at a "$14.95" sale price (normally $19.95) right now. They have both regular and wide-screen versions.
. . . RE*AC*TOR

From: Clements <sprstar@pacbell.net>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 17:42:56 -0800
Subject: Info on next Neil release

Checked with Reprise, and they now have posted on their website that new Neil tentatively set for 06/23/98. Thi is not "Archives" or "Missing 6", it's something "new".

Been saving this for the right time (guess that time is now): I happened to be in the Lookout Mgmt offices on some personal business a few weeks ago. As I was leaving, Elliot Roberts happened to come into the room I was leaving. After I got my tongue untied, said hi and passed along how much Neil's online fans loved Neil's new acoustic material. Elliot just smiled. Then I asked if we could expect a new acoustic album in the Spring. Elliot's smile just about doubled. :-)) So my vote goes for a mostly acoustic, or at least "softer" album to be released on or about 06/23/98.

Rust on!!

Horseshoe Man

From: kstuart@jps.net (Ken Stuart)
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 00:17:50 GMT
Subject: B.S. Last Time Around reissue

ICE Magazine is reporting that Buffalo Springfield - Last Time Around is being reissued on January 20th, on "EastWest" records.

Anyone know any details about this? The previous two reissues (HDCD remastered) were on ATCO, just like all previous CDs and LPs of Buffalo Springfield. Any idea who "EastWest" records is?


From: Matt@Butterweck.ha.eunet.de (Matthias Butterweck)
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 17:56:10 +0100
Subject: Dead Man on German TV

To anybody who is in Germany on Sunday, Jan 18: Dead Man is scheduled for this date on German TV channel ARD (with no commercial breaks).

I wonder if I'm allowed to tape this? ;-)


From: Randy_J._Watt@FirstEnergyCorp.com
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 06:54:52 -0500
Subject: Neil on Real TV

Last night's (1-7-98) Real TV (a syndicated "real" video show) featured Neil and his trains on the HORDE tour. The link was the video camera installed on the locomotive. Neil and Beck, Neil and plants, Neil and funny hat, etc, etc. One scene showed Neil and son Ben playing with trains as Long May You Run played in the background (Unplugged version). Closing, the narrator sent special thanks to (no, not Pegi) Neil and "the folks at Lionel trains" for providing the tape.

i take MY orders from fools

From: Brian Giffen <bg_giffen@email.msn.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 06:46:43 -0800
Subject: Tape Trading

I'd urge any Rusties interested in this area to take a look at this Wired News article for an excellent overview of the RIAA initiative. Here's the intro (it's a lengthy article)...

Trade a Tape, Go to Jail?
by Steve Silberman

6:47pm 7.Jan.98.PST
Compared to the March super-bust of 13 individuals in 12 countries on 40 counts of conspiring to manufacture and distribute bootleg CDs, the shutting down of a single Web site by the administration of a small East Coast university may seem insignificant.

The implications, however - following a series of letters to the university by the Recording Industry Association of America - are causing ripples in the online world of tape traders, fans for whom a trickle of studio albums by their favorite artists isn't enough.

Why did the RIAA single out this site - not much different from thousands of others on the Net, where traders post their "lists" in hopes of expanding their collections - threatening the site's owner with a five-year jail sentence and a US$250,000 fine for copyright infringement?


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